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In Province on the Borderlands each player will control a faction, one voice of many in the Privy Council of Eldoran Province.

You will be nobles, for the most part, barons and landowners with the rights and responsibilities that pertain to them. Some few of you may hold power and influence of a different coin - wealth, faith, might, cantrips or secrets. Regardless you represent the collective will of your faction. You have perfect control over that voice in the Council, but not over the results of those decisions nor the response of the citizenry and other polities to them. Be prepared for revolution, civil war or annihilation if you choose a path of chaos or cruelty - but that choice, that path, is yours

It is three hundred years since the first ruler put on the Antler Crown in the Riverrun Keep at Ors, pulling together the warring petty kingdoms of Bysdek, Rael and Morek under one rule. Iron rule followed, by spear and axe - and where that failed, by marriage knife and guilder's coin, by sacred vow and hidden tryst. Iron rule and blood feud, religious strife and banditry. Every manner of test...

It is thirty years since the first settlers travelled westwards, seeking respite from the turmoil of the Orsian Kings, though it had settled by then into a subtle dance. Thirty years since the first foundation stone of the walled city of Eld was laid down, now the heart of this province. Thirty years and the heart is failing. Time and grief have stolen too much from the Earl of Eldshire - taking his vigour, his sons and his wife. Now he leans upon his Privy Council - too much some say - and upon their shoulders weights the future.

Others have ventured further, frontiersmen and trackers and bandits who see the same patterns here as in the heart of the kingdom, but few beyond the foreboding Western Range and it's stormy peaks. Rumours abound of fell creatures and veins of precious metals, in the peaks or past them, but they are but rumours. None who have ventured into the mountains have returned in the past decade.

Within the campaign you will steer to course of the Eldoran Province with other Privy Council members, spending money, influence and manpower to mould it how you will. But your responsibilities will not end there. You are a landowner, responsible for your own manse and the pressures of your people as well. You must choose how you stand together, or how you fall divided.

If this interests you, please submit a request to join
  • Due to early attrition we're seeking one player to take on the Barony of the Value; I may, however, also accept RTJs from interest non-baronial characters, i.e. bards, knights, fosterlings to the Earl and so on

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