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Tue 19 Jun 2018
at 14:55
Public Service Messages
Hey everyone, I'm glad to start a game with y'all.  This thread will serve as a way for you all to receive public notices from me on matters.  If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

First of all, please remember it is NOTt my job to keep your character alive.  Not every enemy is someone or something you can defeat.  If you get into a fight, blindly set off the wrong Rune Trap, or go thinking you can fight Dragons at level 1 because you are an adventurer, beware!  That may blow up in your face!

Please pick a color for your speech.  Take advantage of some of the cool formatting features RPoL offers.  You can click and drag to highlight text that you type, and then play with some of the features below.  You may italicize your thoughts, and some speech for emphasis.  Or you can use bold text for speech to convey stronger points.  For example:

 "Hello?" Henry squeaked out, trying to not let his voice quiver.  What was that sound? he wondered.

I have a minor tweak to the 2d10 weapons so they aren't OP, but that won't be an issue until we reach multiple AtR.  I will implement a few more house rules that I think will improve the game, but I try to remain an HL:LE purist as much as possible, so I won't be tweaking them very much.  The economy in this game is broken, so I'll bring in some elements from the other versions of HL (yes, there is a 1E and a 3E) to improve that.  So some prices may change.

Please be courteous and check the game often.  Everyone understands if you get behind on posting, and we will accommodate each other as much as we can, but don't forget about the game and go 2 weeks without checking in!  If you go on vacation or anything, let us know.

Post in OOC Chat to get to know one another!  I will be posting the setting soon, so you can talk about how your characters may know each other, so not everyone is a stranger before embarking on a quest together.

All characters are expected to by Christians, and live accordingly.  We are here to have fun and to glorify God!