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Game mechanics, Guidelines and RP rules
Combat is going to be narrative only. So I won't be keeping a battlegrid record of everyone's position.

If a personal combat situation arises, I will give a general layout and give everyone a chance to state their intentions from there.

Posting guidelines
In RP threads, please stay in character. If you must post something out of character (such as asking an in game question), please precede the post with "OOC:" and posted in yellow.

No sexualised violence.
I don't mind guts and gore and stuff like that but withing limits please.
For example Saying something like "Yeah I pull out his guts and drape them over my body and dance around the room!!" is unnecessary.
I'm not running a game to fulfill any psychopathic fantasies.

When your character is actually saying something, post the words in green
Normal stuff like "my character does this or that", just post in black.
Talk over comms units in Orange

If you know you're not going to be able to post for a while, please let me know and give me a general idea how your character will react, such as aggression level etc.
That way I can NPC the character.

Dropping out
If you no longer want to take part, please don't just stop posting, just let me know and I'll take over your character and pass it on or phase it out.
I won't get offended, everyone's different and this might not be to your tastes.

If a combat arises, please just say in real terms what you intend to do like.
" I sneak behind a table, take aim and shoot anyone I don't know who appears"
Or whatever it is you intend.
You can roll dice yourselves most of the time unless there's some RP reason why I don't want you to see dice results.
Once something in a combat that really changes things (new forces, environment change etc), I'll stop the combat and post for actions before proceeding.

Out of combat
For other out of combat stuff like skill rolls, Psi checks etc, you will often be able to roll yourself when I ask for it.
although often I'll roll myself as well when it's something you are passively taking part in.

For the most part I will try to minimise dice rolls.
If you have Zero in a skill, you can do basic stuff without rolling dice at all, so you can just assume you succeed.
This means difficulty 6 rolls are usually an auto success.
I will probably ask for a roll for DC6 checks if it's under pressure or time constraints.

Usage of skills
Rank 1 in a skill means you are professional in using the skill.
Simple piloting rolls for example are an auto success (does not include drill, you still need to roll for that).
Rank 1 in tech skills are often auto successes , such as repairing stuff that not exotic and so on.
Other skills have a similar system applied to them.
Just state what you're doing and how you character actually gets on with it, and I'll arbitrate it.
For example, "I grab the hull plating kit and repair the hull damage."

The idea behind all of this is to keep the flow of the game going with as little interruptions of game system as possible.
Really, it's about Knowing what your character CAN and CAN'T do and working within those limits.

If something's not covered by these PbP rules or the SWN rules, don't assume you can't do it, I want the game to be as open and enjoyable as possible.

Please ask any questions here about gameplay if any of this in unclear or there's something that's not covered (I'm sure there is).

Posting frequency
Once the game starts, I'll be pretty much checking things every day.

I would hope that people commit to posting around 6 times a week or better.
If you know that won't happen (and you haven't already told me), I will need a more detailed layout of your character's behaviour and how they will react to various circumstances, so I can take over to keep the story moving.

Saves are rolled on a D20, you need to roll equal to or greater than  your save value.

I have changed the rule slightly with saves.
You don't just get the basic save value with saves.
Usually you will be able to add a stat bonus as well.
For example, Mental will often add the WIS stat bonus.

Creative use of skills prompted by players
This means if you WANT to use a skill and assign a dice roll to it and possible results based on that roll, feel free to do so.
I noticed some Players are already doing this and I encourage it.

Anything to flesh out the game more is good.
If I disagree with what you put I'll correct it on the GM reply post in the associated thread.

Training for skills
Regarding training in general for skills, I also just want this Roleplayed, I don't really see the need for a "system" to handle this.
Meaning a table with costs associated with it and so on.
Basically, if you can justify increasing via experience or learning a new skill via someone who knows it or some sort of reference material, that's fine with me.
It may well mean there's a cost associated with it, but I'm not using a hard and fast system for determining it.

If you want to learn a skill that currently no-one knows to teach you (such as a specific Psionic list for example), let me know your intention to learn it (via PM) way ahead of when you want to learn it so I can fit it into the story somehow.

Drill space
For those who haven't read the rules in detail, the method for covering the vast many light years between star systems is as follows:

Basically before the Scream (read the core rules if you don't know what the Scream is), powerful jumpgates, manned by powerful Psychics transported ships across vast distances to a destination Jumpgate.
This was pretty much instantaneous.

Once the Scream happened and nearly all the Psychics died or went mad, all the Jumpgates no longer worked as there were no Psychics to operate them.

Now previous to this a much older technology "Spike drives" was used, that was a lot much slower than Jump gates.
However it was pure technology, it didn't require a Psychic to operate it.
Basically how a Spike drive works is it opens up metadimensional space in a localised area and someone with a right "Map" of Metadimensional space can travel through the various dimensions, finding a quicker way to get from A to B without having to use our "home" dimension alone.
This is a pretty taxing thing to do, especially for the pilot, who has to be awake and present at the helm for the whole trip, which can run into days.
This is because the Metadimensional "maps" are not 100% reliable, as the metadimensional pathways change over time, so someone needs to be there to make course adjustments at any time.

On a hex map, a system 2 hexes away isn't necessarily the same physical distance from your starting  hex as another System 2 hexes away.
The number of hexes is how long it takes to get there via drill space and how efficient your map is.

The mechanics of skill usage:
ALL NON_COMBAT skill rolls are determined by rolling 2D6 and adding a stat bonus and a skill bonus.
Rank zero means you add only the stat bonus. But no skill at all means you take a -1 on the 2D6 roll.

Often just having a skill rank is enough and you won't actually have to roll dice.

If I do ask for a roll, here's some examples of difficulties.
Difficulty 6 is a fairly easy task.
Difficulty 8, sort of medium difficulty and so on.

The mechanics of Combat
Initiative is determined by rolling 1D8 and adding your DEX bonus.

Combat skills use a D20 roll instead, usually adding your skill rank, stat bonus  and possibly other modifiers.
If you have no ranks at all you take a -2 on the D20 roll.

If you match or beat the target Armor class, you hit.

If you hit, you roll damage which is the damage of the weapon and often plus a stat bonus as well.

There's more to combat than that, but that's a very basic overview.

for detailed information , just download SWN and read the rules, it's completely free.

Dying and death
If you reach zero Hit points, you are dying and have 6 rounds for someone to heal or stabilise you.

If you die, it's pretty much over for that character, for the most part there's no resurrection in SWN.
You CAN make a new character though which we can write back into the story.
you'll start at 80% experience points of the person with the lowest XP (who is still alive) with a new character and kitted out as appropriate to your new character's level.

Granting/gaining Experience.
In general I have in mind how much experience points everyone will get at the end of a Chapter.
If someone does something exceptional, I might grant XP in game as well.

You can set up to 3 personal goals at any one time,  which I will assign an XP reward if you achieve it.
So for example it can be something as simple as:
Meet an Alien race
You should have a roleplaying reason for this goal.

Once you achieve a goal, you can assign a new one if you like as long as your total amount of goals don't exceed 3 goals at a time.

I highly advise people to assign goals, as it helps me develop content for the campaign.

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