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Tue 11 Dec 2018
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Sector Tarterus Tau - Information for new players
Here you'll find information about Sector Tarterus Tau.
There won't be any game mechanics information here, just setting information.

Tarterus Tau
Tarterus Tau is a Sector in Space.
A Secor is a collection of Solar Systems vaguely grouped together, or at the vary least accessible by Spike Drive routes.

A Solar System generally consists of various planetary objects and possibly other phenomena orbiting around it.

There are MANY Solar Systems, or just "Systems" in Tarterus Tau.  Most of them will not be described in this thread, but WILL be revealed as the Characters taking part in the campaign discover them.

The starting System is INGIRID and there are 2 planets in INGIRID as follows:

IBone - A terraformed planet owned by a faction called "The Flower Federation", which during the Terran Mandate (A sort of Galactic empire, now collapsed) was a corporation that specialised in Terraforming planets.
IBone is a Rocky planet that has been fully Terraformed and has a breathable atmosphere suitable for Humans.
It has large Land masses and oceans, forests and one City with surrounding townships.
Suitable areas are used for farming, production etc, which is largely robotically managed.
The population of Ibone is estimated around 30,000+.
There is one large Space station that orbits IBone that houses mostly Nobility and Military.

Zarikos - This was originally a lush Rocky planet that also has Large Landmasses and oceans.
That was until a Faction called "The Spiker Syndicate" arrived.
The Spiker Syndicate is a sort of piracy based faction that was originally a corporation during the "Terran Mandate" that specialised in Alien Artifacts.
After the scream, the remnants of this corporation formed a pirate fleet that ultimately settled down on Zarikos and exploited the resources of Zarikos irresponsibly.
Now the atmosphere is barely breathable due to the environmental damage done via Exploitation of resources, experimentation with Alien artifacts, weapons testing etc etc...

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Wed 15 Apr 2020
at 04:45
Sector Tarterus Tau - Information for new players
In reply to GM (msg # 1):

Hi all.
Sorry for being away for so long.
I was very ill and in hospital with surgery etc, plus a long recovery.

Much better now.

Anyway. I guess seeing as it's been so long, everyone has moved on. So I'll probably close down this campaign.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
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Thu 16 Apr 2020
at 06:25
Sector Tarterus Tau - Information for new players
I've had a reply from most players that they'd be up for continuing despite the huge delay.
I think that could be fun, so please confirm in this thread if you want to continue.

I'll leave it open for a few days to give everyone a chance to opt in.

 Saera, 1 post
Thu 16 Apr 2020
at 06:52
Sector Tarterus Tau - Information for new players
I confirm.
 Taggart, 1 post
Thu 16 Apr 2020
at 07:38
Sector Tarterus Tau - Information for new players
If only the three of us who have logged in this month are going to play we will need to do some recruitment as well, may as well get anyone in at the start of the story, or near enough to not matter.
Ali ul-Issqar
 Ali, 1 post
Thu 16 Apr 2020
at 10:15
Sector Tarterus Tau - Information for new players
I'm in.