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Any Game: Custom Charms & Spells.

Posted by Reth ShannarFor group 0
Reth Shannar
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Sun 8 Sep 2019
at 06:30
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Any Game: Custom Charms & Spells

Throne of Vines

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery.

When the earth shakes or the wind scours the land, the oak endures. The willow, by contrast, bends. Wood is the element of adaptability, of struggle, of life. By drawing deeply on the tenacious and adaptable essence of wood, a sorcerer can call up an impressive living throne made entirely of living vines. A rare and odd spell, most sorcerers who know of it think it little more than a vain display of power- for the effects of the are subtle and easily missed. Rooted in the stable essence of earth, the throne gives the sorcerer's work an uncanny resilience, as the essence he shapes fights to maintain its integrity in the face of attack.

The Heptagram has no record of this spell, as it was expunged at the demands of the Immaculate Order. Some students who learn of this, especially Wood Aspects, wonder at that demand- for are the Princes of the Earth not allowed some vanity?

Main spell effect:
- Cost: 20sm, 1wp.
- Keywords: None
- Duration: 1 Scene, or until out of Close range of the Throne.
- Distortion Goal Number: 7.

- The spell summons an immobile throne rooted to a significant surface of earth, wood, metal, stone or magical material.
- +2 Difficulty for attempts to Distort the casters spells within Long Range of the Throne.
- Can see immaterial spirits while seated on the Throne.
- -1 to Defense & cannot apply Dodge to area attacks.
- Benefits of spell only apply while seated on the Throne.
- The user may waive all penalties and benefits of this spell by getting up from the throne for a round as a Movement Action.

Power 1:
(4m; Simple; Scene; None): The Throne can now also be on top of a significant surface of less flavorfully appropriate stuff (like the small puffy cloud summoned by the cirrus skiff spell or an ox by having the vines root themselves in some poor animal).

Power 2:
(5m; Simple; Instant; None): Countermagic or Distort action out to Medium range from the Throne with a +2 non-charm bonus dice.

Power 3:
(1m; Simple; One Sorcerous Working Interval; None): If sat on or within Close Range of the Throne for one Interval, the caster can count this spell as a Means for Sorcerous Workings, adding two rolls to the Terminus. This cannot benefit the same Sorcerous Working more than once.

Distortion: The Throne becomes more of a sarcophagus, trapping the sorcerer in its living confines. Both dodge and parry are dropped to one, and the sorcerer may not waive these penalties. The sorcerer can only escape the Throne with a feat of strength (Str 3 needed, 5 successes required) or by dismissing the Throne.

Control Spell:
Upon learning the spell, choose one Power. The chosen Power can be used while the spell is active at no mote cost. This explicitly allows mortals to use their chosen Power despite not having an Essence pool.
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Bessa, Queen of Horn
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Fri 5 Mar 2021
at 02:53
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Hungry Brushfire Style

As the flame flickers and leaps through the brush, so does the practitioner of this style defy flight and pursuit. The style emphasizes erratic, skipping footwork couple with weaving movements of weapons. While most common in the South and Southeast, Hungry Brushfire Style has been adopted by enough wandering Imperials that it has practitioners on the Blessed Isle, where it has become a favorite in certain circles for winning duels in especially showy fashion.

This style is compatible with light armor.
Form weapons are straight, slashing, and short swords as well as knives; these are typically used as mismatched pairs with the longer weapon in the dominant hand. Unarmed attacks generally consist of kicks and faux pommel strikes.

False Spark Feint
Cost: 2m, 1i; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1
Type: Simple
Keywords: Perilous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: none

The martial artist weaves their blade in a dazzling pattern, distracting their opponent. The practitioner makes a Charisma or Manipulation+Martial Arts roll versus the target’s Resolve. A successful roll reduces the target’s Parry and Evasion defenses by one until the martial artist’s next attack. This special action may not be flurried with an attack.

Leaping Ember Meditation
 Cost: 3m;  Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Mastery
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: none

Like the embers that spread wildfires, the moving martial artist is easy to miss. When moving at least one range band, performing a successful rush, or performing a successful disengage, the martial artist may raise their Evasion by 1 until their next turn.

Mastery: This charm reduces the initiative cost of a Disengage action to 1.

Hungry Brushfire Form
 Cost: 7m;  Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 1
Type: Simple
Keywords: Form
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: False Spark Feint, Leaping Ember Meditation

The martial artist becomes like unto a brushfire: an erratic but swift tide of destruction. They benefit from double 9s on rush and disengage actions and ignore difficult terrain penalties for such actions. Their parry increases by 1; against opponents they have successfully rushed or disengaged from, this is instead a general +1 Defense bonus.

Special activation rule: When the martial artist successfully rushes an opponent from whom they have previously successfully disengaged, they may reflexively activate this form.
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