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Hemophage: Characters.

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Hemophage: Characters

Name: Khaine The Silver Wrought Reaver
Concept: Righteous Adjudicator of Veneration
Lunar Caste: Full Moon
Spirit Animal: Drake/Strix
Anima: A winged dragotaur roaring and charging into battle.
Limit Trigger: An adversary exploits the Lunar’s mercy or compassion.
Tell: He has a reptilian tail

* Caste or favored attribute
** 4 BP Manip 5

Archery Integrity3Bureaucracy 
Athletics2Larceny Investigation1
Brawl1Medicine Occult1
Dodge2Performance Craft (                 ) 
Melee Presence3Craft (                 ) 
Resistance1Sail Craft (                 ) 
Ride Socialize1Martial Arts (Falcon )2
Thrown1Stealth2Martial Arts (          ) 
War2Survival1Martial Arts (          ) 
Specialties: Athletics (Chasing) Martial Arts(Ruthlessly Efficient) Presence(Impassioned)

Essence1Limit[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Peripheral33/33//33Temp. Willpower5
Join Battle6Hardness4
Nat. Soak5+5Total Soak10

Indefinite Committed Motes: 4m

PenHealth Levels
-0[ ]
-1[ ] [ ] [ ]
-2[ ] [ ] [ ]
-4[ ] [ ] [ ]
Inc[ ]

Unarmed9+51003Lethal, Brawl, Grappling, Natural
Pestletail9+117+305Lethal, Smashing

ArmorSoakHardMob. PenAttuneTags
Soul Shard54-05mSilent

Command3The Horde (Beastmen offpsring)
Command3The Unbroken
Manse3Stronghold of the Unbroken
Demesne2Surrounding forests and hills
Hearthstone2Gem of Exceptional Virility
Artifact Armour3Soul Shard
Language1Riverspeak (native); Old Realm;
Hearts Blood2Has acquired the shape of a variety of animals
Stolen Faces1Has acquired 5 people with insignificant social standing or 1 or a single human shape whose social, economic, or political status is a valuable asset per dot.
Allies1Rhatar / Naheia - Rhatar - Male half of the twin gods. Represents industry, war, and change. Naheia - Female half of the twin gods. Represents fertility, peace, and security.
Constrictor3Has a reptilian tail
Martial Arts4Falcon Style
*11 BP on hearts blood, stolen faces, allies, constrictor, Martial arts

DefiningPrincipalCreations current power structures must be torn down.
MajorPrincipalStrength demands respect, weakness demands tolerance.
MajorPrincipalSuccess requires sacrifice.
MajorTieThe Unbroken (Admiration)
MajorTieThe Horde (Pride)
MajorTieCathak Koles (Rage)
MinorTieDragon-blooded (Anger)
MinorTieThe Silver Pack (Gratitude)

Known Animals
  • Pestletail
  • Hippopotamus
  • Boar Tusked Crocodile
  • Strix
  • Raiton
  • Owl
  • Claw Strider
  • Rat
  • Cat
  • Viper
  • Horse

Hybrid Form 12pts
Extra Limbs3When the character performs a flurry, one of her actions (of the player’s choice) suffers only a -1 rather than a -3 penalty.
Centaur2The mutant has a horse-like lower body or similar anatomy. She always enjoys the attack and Defense bonuses for fighting mounted, and can make impaling attacks with lances (Exalted, p. 203). If ridden by another character, she provides a +2 Speed Bonus. Drawback: The character’s Extra Limbs can only benefit movement actions.
Wings5This Merit grants powerful wings and true, functional flight. A flying character in combat moves no faster than other characters; her advantages are in her ability to pass over most forms of difficult terrain with ease, and in the severe trouble many close-ranged fighters experience in reaching her to attack her. Drawback: The character suffers a -4 penalty to attempts to disguise herself as a non-winged individual. Actions taken in the air which require any degree of finesse or precision (including attacks in combat) suffer a -3 penalty
Night Vision2The mutant’s eyes are adapted to darkness, halving any penalties or increased difficulty, rounded down, due to darkness or low-light environments.
Constrictor-A strangling tail. She doesn’t lose rounds of control over a grapple when her victim attacks her, though she still does if he damages her. She can spend a round of control to drag her victim with her move actions even if she doesn’t restrain him that round.

  • Chimera-Soul Expression
    Cost: —; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    The Lunar’s true self transcends definition, manifesting itself as a chimerical combination of beasts. She permanently alters her spirit shape by granting it aspects of a second animal, applying six dots of mutations based on that animal. These mutations also automatically apply when she uses Hybrid Body Transformation. The Lunar treats both animals as her spirit shape for Totemic Charms.

    Mutations are Innate or Purchased Merits (Exalted, p. 158), mundane or
    supernatural, that alter or improve a character’s physical body, such as
    Ambidextrous, Giant, or Wings.

  • Hybrid Body Transformation
    Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Indefinite
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    The Lunar shifts into hybrid form, combining her human self and her spirit shape. Upon purchasing this Charm, her player chooses six dots of mutations reflecting her spirit shape. While in her true human form, she may use this Charm to gain all the chosen mutations. This doesn’t count as being in an animal form for Protean Charms.
    Players can freely describe the visual appearance of their Lunars’ hybrid forms — their features might be purely animalistic, such as a tiger’s head or dragonfly wings, or indirect reflections of a spirit shape, like multiple arms for a spider or a prehensile neck for a giraffe . Players can include purely cosmetic traits, like changed skin color or animal ears, that aren’t included in the mechanical benefits of their selected mutations.

  • Quicksilver Second Face
    Cost: 2i; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Perilous
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    Reveling in protean grace, the Lunar dances between shapes. She shapeshifts reflexively on her turn, without the usual miscellaneous action Defense penalty. She may do so multiple times in one turn, but not in the middle of an action — e.g., she can’t make an attack roll in one shape, then shift into another before rolling damage. This isn’t compatible with Charms that let her shapeshift into certain forms, like Towering Beast Form or Emerald Grasshopper Form.

    An Essence 2 repurchase lets the Lunar reflexively shapeshift outside her turn. Among other things, this can help defend against attacks.

  • Excellency

  • Terrifying Predator Consumption
    Cost: —; Mins: Strength 3, Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    Feeding on fear, the Lunar rips away her prey’s form. When she performs a sacred hunt against an animal or human with a Tie of fear toward her (or her current shape), she may claim his shape by non-lethally incapacitating him or accepting his surrender in combat.

  • Deadly Claw Blow
    Cost: —; Mins: Strength 2, Essence 1
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Uniform
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    Thews surging with savage might, the Lunar deals a telling blow. She uses Strength instead of Dexterity to roll a nonranged attack with a heavy weapon, unarmed attack, or natural weapon. This Charm doesn’t benefit from effects that grant bonus Strength dots or that replace the Lunar’s Strength with a higher value. She always uses her unmodified Strength to attack, and doesn’t add dice from bonus Strength dots on attack rolls.

  • Ferocious Biting Tooth
    Cost: 2m; Mins: Strength 2, Essence 1
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Dual
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    The Lunar lashes out with strength born of fury. She adds +(Essence) Overwhelming on a withering attack, or adds (lower of Essence or Strength) attack roll extra successes on a decisive attack as damage dice. She can deal lethal damage bare-handed.

  • Divine Predator Strike
    Cost: 2m; Mins: Strength 3, Essence 1
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Dual
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Ferocious Biting Tooth
    Reveling in bestial supremacy, the Lunar lays low her prey. She adds (1 + attack roll 10s) dice to the post-soak damage of a withering attack, maximum Strength, or the damage of a decisive attack, maximum (lower of Essence or Strength) dice. Against crashed foes, she counts 9s as well as 10s.

  • Claws of the Silver Moon
    Cost: 5m, 1wp (3m); Mins: Strength 3, Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Divine Predator Strike
    The Lunar’s rage cannot be constrained, erupting as a silver nimbus that forms deadly claws of Essence. In human shapes, her unarmed attacks or another natural weapon gain artifact weapon traits (Exalted, p. 594) and deal lethal damage; in animal shapes, she enhances a single natural attack with +1 Accuracy, +3 damage, and Overwhelming (Strength) on withering attacks. She may pay three motes to add (Brawl) non-Charm dice on feats of demolition using the enhanced attack. Upon changing shapes, she chooses a new natural weapon to enhance. Unarmed attacks enhanced with this Charm generally aren’t compatible with Martial Arts, although specific attacks may be compatible with individual styles at the Storyteller’s discretion — e.g., punches enhanced with rending Essence talons might be used with styles that use tiger claws.

    This Charm may be repurchased any number of times, each repurchase adding an Evocation to the Lunar’s claws. These Evocations draw their themes and function from the Lunar’s personality, spirit shape, and Caste.

    Special activation rules: When the Lunar uses Deadly Beastman Transformation, she may reflexively activate this Charm.


  • Excellency

  • Steel Paw Style
    Cost: —; Mins: Stamina 2, Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    Standing firm as she interposes her weapon between herself and the world, the Lunar becomes an unshakable aegis. When she blocks with a medium or heavy weapon, unarmed attack, or natural weapon, she may use Stamina instead of Dexterity to calculate Parry.

  • Ox-Body Technique
    Cost: —; Mins: Stamina 1, Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    The Lunar is endowed with superhuman vitality. She gains additional health levels based on her Stamina rating:
    Stamina 1-2: Two -2 levels.
    Stamina 3-4: Two -2 levels and one -4 level.
    Stamina 5: One -1 level, one -2 level, and two -4 levels.
    This Charm may be purchased (Stamina) times. If the Lunar’s Stamina increases, her health levels change to reflect her new rating.

  • Bear Sleep Technique
    Cost: 10m; Mins: Stamina 2, Essence 1
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Indefinite
    Prerequisite Charms: Ox-Body Technique
    Withdrawing into herself, the Lunar enters a rejuvenating hibernation. The rate at which she heals naturally (Exalted, p. 173) is multiplied by (Essence + Stamina). Time spent hibernating doesn’t count towards the maximum she can go without food or water (Exalted, p. 232).

    The Lunar may choose to hibernate until she’s fully healed from all damage, or for a set period of time. She isn’t completely unaware of her surroundings while hibernating, and can roll to detect external stimuli with (Perception + Awareness) at a −4 penalty, which can’t be enhanced by non-Excellency magic. Some stimuli, like being slapped across the face or stabbed, are obvious enough to detect without rolling. Detecting external stimuli lets the Lunar end this Charm prematurely.
    With Stamina 5, the Lunar doesn’t age while hibernating.

  • Halting the Scarlet Flow
    Cost: 6m, 1wp; Mins: Stamina 3, Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Perilous
    Duration: (Stamina) turns
    Prerequisite Charms: Bear Sleep Technique
    The Lunar shapeshifts wounds away, closing cuts and healing bruises. She heals one level of non-aggravated damage at the start of each of her turns. This Charm ends if she’s crashed, and can’t be used outside combat.

    This Charm can only be used once per day. It doesn’t reset if the Lunar still has damage in her health track at the beginning of the new day, or doesn’t receive adequate sleep.


  • Excellency

  • Sublime Façade Art
    Cost: —(1m); Mins: Manipulation 2, Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    A natural at deception, the Lunar employs many methodologies to conceal her emotions. She may use Integrity, Larceny, or Performance instead of Socialize when calculating Guile. For one mote, she ignores a point of penalty to her Guile, though this can’t reduce the penalty for being unaware of an observer.



  • Excellency

  • Excellency

  • Desert Basilisc Diadem
    Cost: —; Mins: Wits 2, Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    The Lunar can half-absorb hearthstones, socketing them in her flesh. She gains absorbed hearthstones’ benefits as though they were socketed in an attuned artifact. Hearthstones that enhance weapons apply their benefit to her unarmed attacks and natural weapons, if appropriate, while hearthstones that enhance armor apply to her natural soak. Such effects are compatible with any magic that transform parts of the Lunar’s body into weapons or armor.

    Absorbing or removing a hearthstone is a miscellaneous action, and the Lunar may socket (higher of Essence or 3) hearthstones at a time. If she conceals an embedded hearthstone with clothing or the like, it can only be noticed by characters who’ve spotted her Tell this scene (p.

  • Radiant Basilisc Jewel
    Cost: —; Mins: Wits 3, Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Desert Basilisc Diadem
    Sculpting her chakras and Essence meridians into a geomantic pattern, the Lunar draws forth a pearl that embodies her soul. Upon purchasing this Charm, she manifests a greater hearthstone that expresses her nature: her Caste, spirit shape, a Defining Intimacy, etc. It counts as being socketed with Desert Basilisc Diadem, although it doesn’t count towards that Charm’s maximum and can’t be removed from her body. She always enjoys the increased mote recovery for being in an attuned greater demesne (Exalted, p. 160). The Storyteller may veto hearthstone choices that are overpowered if made permanent in this fashion, such as the Gem of Incomparable Wellness.

Martial Arts - Falcon Style
[*]Swift Talon Strike
Cost: 2m; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Mastery, Uniform
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None
Launching herself at a foe, the stylist sharpens her talons with momentum and Essence. To use this Charm, the she must move into close range with an enemy and attack him on the same turn, adding an automatic success on the attack roll. She rerolls 1s until they cease to appear on the damage roll or on the control roll of a grapple gambit. If the stylist moved downward to reach close range, such as leaping off elevated terrain or swooping down on wings, she rerolls 2s as well as 1s.

Mastery: If the stylist moved downward to reach close range, the success added to the attack roll is non-Charm

Soul Shard
(Moonsilver Buff Jacket Artifact •••)
Soul Shard is black leather from the tough hide of a wyld touched beast layered with ornately carved moonsilver of a dark, silver-gray alloy that glimmers subtly in the light. As the wearer unlocks its true power, Soul Shard transforms first itself and then its Exalt in a growing synchronization that culminates in perfect harmony of form. After having been attuned to it for a long time, its master starts to think of herself and the armor as literally one being, even when not wearing it.

Attunement: 4m
Type: Light (+5 Soak, Hardness 4, Mobility Penalty -0)
Tags: Silent
Hearthstone slot(s): 1

Evocations of Soul Shard
  • Soul Shard enables three stages of transformation, called miens, that draw it increasingly closer to its master. When the wearer shifts from one mien to another, all motes committed to the old mien count towards the new mien’s cost. All miens terminate at end of scene.

    Argent Handshake Mien (3m): Like two strangers dancing the tango for the first time, Soul Shard and its wearer take the first step in becoming partners as ordinary clothing transforms into battle armor. Upon rolling Join Battle, the wearer may enter this mien to give Soul Shard +2 soak and +1 Hardness. In Argent Handshake Mien, Soul Shard becomes familiar with its wearer, and sends its protective Essence coursing through her chakras to mingle with her own.

    Quicksilver Host Mien (5m, 2i): Asserting its identity, Soul Shard supplements the Exalt’s power with its own wild, adaptable character. While in Argent Handshake Mien, the wearer may shift into this mien as a miscellaneous action. The armor becomes a skintight weave of compact rings like tiny scales — conforming flawlessly to the Exalt’s body — increasing her defense by +1. She may revert to Argent Handshake Mien as a miscellaneous action.

    Final Unity Mien (7m, 3i): The Exalt merges completely with the armor. Her armored body, made head-to-toe of Soul Shard’s distinctive moonsilver alloy, may show cosmetic characteristics of her anima banner or spirit shape. While in Quicksilver Host Mien, the wearer may shift into this mien as a miscellaneous action. The armor’s Hardness increases by (Essence), and she adds (Essence) to her unarmed attacks’ raw decisive damage. She cannot be knocked prone or knocked back by smash attacks. She may revert to Quicksilver Host Mien as a miscellaneous action. Characters dissonant with moon-silver cannot enter this mien.

  • Gem of Exceptional Virility (Greater) - (Linked, Steady)
    This stone of deep jungle green pulses with a slow steady thrum that only its owner can hear. When its bearer sockets it in an attuned artifact and commits one mote, it helps shrug off minor injuries. She adds +3 to her soak, +2 hardness, halves healing times for bashing and lethal damage, and adds +2 to resist toxins, poisons, disease, or fatigue.

  • Stone of Resilient Bamboo (Wood, Standard)
    Keywords: None
    This stone gleams the pale green of young bamboo leaves. When its bearer sockets it in an attuned artifact and commits one mote, it helps shrug off minor injuries. She adds two to her soak, can parry lethal attacks unarmed without a stunt, and halves healing times for bashing damage.
  • Ego Pearl of Glory (Glory Sphere) (Greater) - (Dependent, Linked)
    This brilliant pearl adds +1 to the owner’s Essence rating for the purpose of learning the next Charm or Evocation for which they qualify, so long as it remains socketed into an attuned artifact. Charms which unlock Sorcery are not applicable. Once the bearer’s Essence rating increases, he may use this hearthstone to learn a new Charm or Evocation

  • Charm - Cost (Keywords) - Summary

Shaping Rituals
  • Name - Effect
  • Name - Effect
Terrestrial Spells
  • Name (Control) - xsm, xwp - Effects
  • Name - xsm, xwp - Effects
Celestial Spells
  • Name (Control) - xsm, xwp - Effects
  • Name - xsm, xwp - Effects
Solar Spells
  • Name (Control) - xsm, xwp - Effects
  • Name - xsm, xwp - Effects
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Hemophage: Characters

He had a different name once Marion Ren.  The moment he gave up his name feels like lifetimes ago even though it has not even been a decade.  Growing up in Nexus he was forced to fight for everything he ever had.  He was the youngest son in a line of children from barely noble parents.  They had the bare necessities of life with the ambition for political power and clout, but any morsels of extra they had were given to the eldest first, and nothing was ever left to the youngest of the family.  Fortunately, he was a blessed mortal.  Tall, strong, handsome, exceptionally perceptive and more.  Even with all these natural gifts he saw the lazy, entitled, weak, pathetic children of those in power be rewarded.  The best jobs, the beautiful wives, the money, the power and the favors.  Time and time again he watched himself get passed over despite being stronger, smarter, faster… better than his peers.

His one flaw, the biggest a man can have some say, was ignorance.  Never having had initial success with the opposite sex when he was shown some attention, he found himself smitten and overwhelmed.  She was beautiful, funny, smart, and most important of all, she liked him.  Their love was deep and pure, a tale for the ages.  Until he found out she was just using him, she was a jilted lover.  The man she was seeking to get revenge on was a member of a powerful local family and when he confronted her about it she confessed.  Faced with suffering a rather fatal accident in a back-alley or running away, he chose to run away.  There was a legion military push for irregulars, and he shipped out that very same night.

Never having been in the wilderness before, he didn’t have near the skills of some of the men.  Intelligence, a little dedication coupled with some natural talent saw him quickly rise in rank to one of the advanced scouting parties.  It was a position of authority for the irregulars, and the men respected him. They were attached to a realm force under a powerful Dragon-blooded, Cathak Koles.  Marion felt pride and for the first time realized that he was being acknowledged for what he could do instead of who his parents were.  He trained with the legion for more almost 6 months before he was shipped out. The Empress’ Tear they called it, that was their forward operating base east of the scavenger lands.  The barbarians were spitting in the eye of the Empress and her kindness, going against the natural order, and they were here to bring them the salvation of the immaculate philosophy.  He had never been to the fort before, and it was a staging ground for all their assaults.  There was Cathak Koles, and four other dragon-blooded leaders.  They were impressive and magnanimous, and he began to read the immaculate philosophy with earnestness after hearing them preach it.

He never realized how much he had hated the city until his first scouting mission into the jungles.  The openness, the vibrancy, the clean air and water.  Yes, it had its dangers, but you could forge your own destiny, gather your own food, hunt your own game live your own life out here.  He was attached to a scale of forces led by Cathak Koles, and his fang was the forward scouting party.  They located these heathens, reported back to the rest of the scale and moved on.  He never did see what happened to the people he found, that wasn’t his job.  His duty was to find them and move on.  It was four months of this before they were ordered back to the Empress’ Tear, and he was ready to see all the people he had made friends with and regroup. Meeting up with the rest of his scale, he saw the wagonloads of peoples caged, dozens of them.  He didnt care as much about the men, but all the women and children gave him pause.

The intervening weeks of travel required feeding and taking care of the prisoners.  This necessitated talking and interacting with them.  There was a younger girl named Ho-mei, no more than 14, who reminded him of his sister.  He became hopeful that they would be converted to the truth of the immaculate philosophy once they made it back to the fort.  Once they made it back to camp everything went wrong.  The fort was filled with hundreds of prisoners in various states of filth and emaciation.  Worse yet, were the Fae who came to buy them.  They were nothing more than slave traders. It had only been a few weeks, but his worldview had been irrevocably altered.  He had seen women go into the command post of Cathak Koles and never come out.  So when he went to the cages and pointed for Ho-mei to come with him he could stand by no longer. Interposing himself between the two he lectured the prince of the earth on immaculate philosophy, and as he began to talk he implored the rest of the men, the other Dragon-blooded to say something, to do something. A snide remark from a fire aspect and the laughter of the gathered men sealed his fate. Through chortled laugher he sniped at Cathak Koles, “Sounds like this man has more balls than you, and from the sound of it knows more about the faith too.”

He didn’t know how long he had been a prisoner of the Dragon-blooded, but his fury and desire for vengeance ran deep.  First, he took his eyes, using a toxic combination of chemicals that burned slowly for hours. “So perceptive little mortal, reading the texts, thinking you know so much.  Let’s see you read the text now.” He couldn’t see the mans smile, but he could hear it in his voice.  Second, he came for his tongue.  “Think you can lecture me? You are nothing to any of, pathetic and worthless.  Like a dog.” His contempt was palpable.  Third, he came for his body, using fire to burn and scar.  “Quite the handsome man aren’t you, think your little slave girl will want you now?” The joy of his laughter haunted his dreams.

Through it all the Dragon-blooded kept him breathing making sure he would live another day. Marion tried to beg for death, but his mumblings were mocked.  “I cant understand you, if you want something you will have to show me.” And that was when he tossed him the knife.  Quite certain Marion was no threat to the man, he offered to him.  “Use it, end your pathetic suffering, cause I wont do you even that favor.” Every day for weeks he taunted the man, he had already broken his body and his mind, but he wouldn’t be satisfied until he shattered his spirit as well.  He used Ho-mei and her suffering to torment Marion further.  One night, when he could bear her whimpering no longer, the beaten man picked up the knife and used it on one of his wrists.  Cathak Koles had been watching.  “You pathetic wretch, this beaten, broken savage girl is too much for you handle?  You are…AAAAHHH” His speech was interrupted by a tiny little beaten girl launching herself at her tormenter. “We may be beaten, but we are never broken!” she screamed as she stabbed him over and over again with the tiny little cheese knife from the table.

In that moment time seemed to slow, and his vision, though blurry was partially restored, he watched the man turn and beat the girl, his back a bloody mess from the numerous stab wounds. She appeared to him in the body of Ho-mei, but he knew she represented more than just one little girl, she represented everyone, pointing at his wrist spoke to him.  “I suppose it is about time, this girl showed more courage than you.  At least she fought back.  But fine, let me help you then if this is what you want. Maybe its best that you should just lay down and give up, let them win.” And with that she plucked the knife from his hand and laid it against his other wrist. “Shall I?”  Suddenly his tongue was restored, he could speak but he uttered only one word. “No.”

His escape was like a lurid dream where the details disappear if you try to focus on any one part. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the jungle, a free man, a new man, kissed by the moon goddess. The silver pack found him shortly after that and he spent time living and learning under Raksi the queen of fangs. She was a callous and cruel creature but could be reasoned with.  He did what she asked and return she used her magic to help guide his quest to find his people, Ho-mei’s people.  They were descended from a people who lived in a great city of the jungle thousands of years before, and the people had spread all over the east both north and south since they abandoned it.  Slowly he gathered them together over years of planning and hunting.  He became Khaine The Silver Wrought Reaver, their god. They became his people The Unbroken.
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Hemophage: Characters

1) Attributes: I'd say, make the Attributes fit the 9-7-5 scheme, there's nothing in the BG that really warrants let alone demands a deviantion.

2) Abilities: Up Melee to 1+, Ride to 1 and optionally maybe Investigation to 1 to reflecting that he had some military training and went scouting.

3) Specialties:
Athletics (Giving Chase) --> Athletics (Chasing),
Brawl(Ruthlessly Efficient) --> Brawl (unclear what you mean?),
Presence (Impassioned) --> Presence (Inspiring? It's not clear what this would and wouldn't apply to yet)

4) Merits: you're a bit heavy on the supernatural stuff, so this'll have to change to be more in line with the rest of starting characters.
Command 3 (Horde) --> Size 3, Might 0 with Elite Drill  or a Size 4-5, Might 0 group with Average Drill?
Command 3 (Unbroken) --> Size 3, Might 0 with Elite Drill  or a Size 4-5, Might 0 group with Average Drill?
Manse 5 --> Manse 3 (If you want to get a bigger Manse, that's worth a short story or thread in its own right with how rare they are in game)
|- Demesne 4 --> Demesne 2
|- Heartstone 4 --> Heartstone 2
Artifact 3 --> No Artifacts on character creation. (We don't have characters that start out with Artifacts at all, they are always acquired in-game and I don't want to be seen favoring you.)
Hearts blood 2 + known animals (Away from Lunar book right now but I'll assume this is okay)
Constrictor 3 (Away from Lunar book right now but I'll assume this is okay)
*I'm missing the Backing/Influence/Resources/whatever that would make sense with the armies at your back and to claim the manse.

5) Intimacies
Seem short and sweet with a lot of potential and applicability. Love 'em.
Strength demands respect, weakness demands tolerance. --> Can you explain what 'demands tolerance' means in this context?

6) Charms
Will have to wait a bit until I get to the Lunar book.

7) Hearthstones
Could you give me page numbers on these babies? Also, it looks like you have 2 instead of 1?

also not mentioned, but i planned on having this character and his people be of the same lineage of SK, and so he will be settling in the same City as SK's people, so some of the backgrounds like manse, were to represent some of the conflicts that the characters could get into, like this Lunar character holding a powerful manse in what was effectively SK's city.  Having a large population of people that will be pushing their cultural view on SK's people, some of which he most certainly will not like.

1.) Fine.

2.)I tried to write the background such that he wasnt a regular military person, but a specialist (also, from a crunch perspective it hurts my heart to put points in an ability that i cant ever see my character using. I would rather re-write the backstory such that you felt it warranted the current allocation.

3.)Brawl, (ruthlessly efficient)i imagine he learned his specialty from his training under Raksi-queen of fangs.  Since she is (or pretends to be) cold and cruel he learned to fight that way, and uses the most direct, efficient, or brutal methods to finish a fight as soon as possible.  Hence, the specialty would apply whenever that type of situation would apply.  (didnt want to take something like Brawl-grappling/punching etc.  i tried to make it flavorful) if you have any suggestions i would be happy to hear them.

Presence, (impassioned) whenever he is arguing for (or speaking about) something he deeply cares about, maybe a major+ intimacy type of subject?

4.)command 3 (horde)- represents a command 2 group of beastmen at size 2. they cost +1 due to having a might rating of 1.  So around 36-40

command 3(unbroken) - size 4-5 to represent all the tribes he has united under his banner.

Manse 3- will adjust - would it be appropriate to have his current area be a manse 3 due to the degradation of time, with it possible to upgrade it to a manse 5 with sufficient work/story about rebuilding it to its former glory?

Artifact 0 - will adjust

-Backing- Has none in any organization, not sure what organization it would make sense for him to have standing in, in order to justify him spending years traveling around gathering up tribes of jungle folk.
-Influence- same as backing above
-Resources - same as backing above

If i am going to have (at least 5) more BG points to work with, then i will want to take the MA merit and switch my abilities to reflect brawl 1 and MA 4.

5.) demands tolerance - i wanted to represent the virtues he is instilling in his people.  I imagine them being a huge meritocracy, the strong rise to the top and lead, but i didnt want to have a commensurate the weak get to be treated like trash and stomped over at your whim.  I also didnt want to put something like "the weak need our compassion, or something else similar that was all lovey dovey pity party"  So the demands tolerance is him not really liking or wanting to encourage weakness, but that you tolerate it in those around you/important to you for the sake of not having a bunch of callous cold cruel assholes like he saw from the Apemen of Raksi.  So you dont have to like it, or encourage it, but if someone is weak, you tolerate it.

6.) Charms- see 7.) might need to adjust  Claws of the silver pack is an essence 2 charm that he purchased by way of having sphere of glory hearthstone.

7.) Ego Pearl of glory - (Glory Sphere (Greater)) pg 610 exalted - per his wisdom charm (Radiant Basilisc Jewel) he creates his own greater hearthstone

Gem of Exceptional Virility (Greater) - this is a combination of parts of a few standard gems that i cobbled together.I have bolded the relevant parts of the charms below Aoc pg 135, Aoc 134, the remaining +1 soak, +2 hardness, halved lethal healing, +2 to resist fatigue, are what i felt was appropriate for a greater charm.

--Stone of Resilient Bamboo (Wood, Standard) Arms of Chosen (AoC) pg 135.
Keywords: None
This stone gleams the pale green of young bamboo leaves.
When its bearer sockets it in an attuned artifact and com-mits one mote, it helps shrug off minor injuries. She adds
two to her soak
, can parry lethal attacks unarmed without
a stunt, and halves healing times for bashing damage.

--Bloodstone (Water, Greater) AoC pf 134
Keywords: Dependent, Manse-Born
Socketed in an attuned artifact, this red-speckled green
gem protects and purifies its bearer’s blood. She gains
the Natural Immunity and Toxin Resistance merits
(Exalted, pp. 164-165), and doubles 7s against nonmagi-cal diseases and poisons. In addition, her wounds never
get infected, nor do they bleed — even severed limbs
won’t cause blood loss.
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Hemophage: Characters

Okay, will be posting a full review here eventually.

Starting with the sheet.

1) A former scout with Perception 1 and Perception favoured?

First off, I do understand this, and I can see a justification for it. But I'm curious what your justification for it is.

2) Manse + Demense.

Uhh... This isn't how Manses and Demense usually work. You put down a Manse, and the Demense effect goes away and becomes the manse effect. There's a reason the process is called 'capping'. If you want to run with this idea, though... It's probably an indication that something is very wrong with your Manse.

Makes a good story point though.

3) Tell

Namely, that I don't see it anywhere.
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