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Lunar Characters: Talks-to-Sky.

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Lunar Characters: Talks-to-Sky

Alithea Talk-to-Sky

Name: Alithea Talk-to-Sky
Concept: Spirit Guide
Caste: No-Moon
Anima: Swooping Purple and silver magpies swirl around her.
Limit Trigger: When she is confounded by a puzzle or problem beyond her intelligence

[ ]Strength2[f]Charisma5[c]Perception4
[ ]Dexterity3[ ]Manipulation3[f]Intelligence4
[f]Stamina5[ ]Appearance2[f]Wits5
Archery4Lore (Icewalker Shaman)3Stealth3
Athletics Medicine Survival4
Bureaucracy Performance Craft (Tanning)2
Dodge Presence2Craft (Tattoo)2
Integrity3Resistance2Craft (Scrimshaw)1
Investigation3Ride Craft (Bowyer)1
InvestigationProfile Character

Essence2Limit[x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Peripheral6/36/42Temp. Willpower5
Join Battle7+3Hardness0
Nat. Soak5Total Soak8

PenHealth Levels
-0[ ]
-1[ ] [ ]
-2[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-4[ ] [ ] [ ]
Inc[ ]

Long Powerbow-1/+5/+3/+1/-114-45Lethal, Archery (Long)
Fists+49+01-Bashing, Brawl, Grappling, Natural
Ivory Dragon's Claw+512+03-Brawl, Grappling, Lethal, Natural
Knife+49+01-Lethal, Melee, Thrown (Short)
Hatchet+211+11-Lethal, Melee, Thrown (Short), Chopping

* For shaped forms all attack dice pools over 10 count as charm dice

ArmorSoakHardMob. PenAttuneTags
Buff Jacket+3-+0- 

Notable ItemsResourcesAcquired via?
Pocket watch5Magpie's Nest (Larceny)
Exceptional Lockpicks2Magpie's Nest (Larceny)
Exceptional Magpie Scrimshaw2Magpie's Nest (Craft)

Heart's Blood21-2 dozen small animals, Wolf, Mountain Goat, Horse, Snow Leopard, Seal, Eagle, Mammoth
Stolen Faces16 normal people of no note. 1 from the easternmost town of Soren's home valley.
Backing (Silver Pact)2 
Languages2Ice Walker (Native), Airtongue, Old Realm
Familiar3Amarok Ghost Wolf (Starvation)
Hearthstone4Wilderness Stone: +2 Successes on Survival rolls, and may engage in supernatural tracking
Hearthstone2Ghost stone (No bonus other than mote regeneration)

DefiningPrincipleClear thought and considered action are the path to survival
MajorTieLuna (Reverent Devotion)
MajorTieThe Silver Pact (Gratitude)
MajorTieSollian of Heisten (Respect)
MinorTieSamea of Blackwater (Disgusted anger)
MinorTieThe Ice-Hearted King (Intrigued Curiosity)
MinorPrincipleIt is better to stand alone than to blindly follow
MinorTieKreigar (Respect)
MinorTieKreigar (Desire)

Favored/Caste Charms
  • Intelligence Excellency (1m die; Reflexive; None; Instant) Add up to (Intelligence) dice to a roll
  • Protean Creator Discipline (-; Permanent; None; Permanent) Gain a dot in a craft ability every time you buy one with XP, must be equal or lower.
  • Wonder-Weaving Art (6m; Supplemental; None; Instant) Double 9s when adding a full Excellency on a craft roll.
  • Penumbra Witch Mastery (3m; Supplemental; None; Instant) Add higher of (Essence or 3) bonus dice, and reroll 1s until they cease to appear on a Sorcery or Thaumaturgy Roll, to understand or introduce a fact about a supernatural being, artifact, read intentions, profile a character, or case scene opposing a spirit or fae.

  • Perception Excellency (1m die; Reflexive; None; Instant) Add up to (Perception) dice to a roll
  • Understanding the Prey (4m; Supplemental; Mute; Instant) Double 9s to read intentions, profile a character, or contest a disguise.
  • Perceiving the Hidden World (4m; Reflexive; Protean; One Scene) Perceive dematerialized spirits.

  • Stamina Excellency (1m die; Reflexive; None; Instant) Add up to (Stamina) dice to a roll
  • Hero's Heart Challenge (-; Permanent; None; Permanent) Challenge a human to a physical contest, if I win claim my opponent's form by accepting a major tie of respect towards them.
  • Impenetrable Beast-Armor (3m; Reflexive; Dual; Instant) Add (higher of Essence or 3) natural soak against withering, or Hardness (Stamina) against a decisive attack.
  • Ox-Body Technique*2 (Extra Health Levels)

  • Wits Excellency (1m die; Reflexive; None; Instant) Add up to (Wits) dice to a roll
  • Moonlit Path Guide (-; Permanent; None; Permanent) Lead another on a journey of self-discovery and change, journey with a human on a trip with some peril, and if the person has a major change or character development claim their form.
  • Lodestone Reckoning Manner*2 (1m, 1wp; Simple; Totemic (Perception); Indefinite) Roll Wits+Survival plus essence or 3 bonus dice and double 9's, banking all successes. Add Essence banked successes as non-Charm Successes on survival rolls during the journey.
  • Dauntless Yeddim Caravan (-(3m); Permanent; Totemic (Perception); Permanent) Spend successes to resist environmental hazards, poisons, traps, and diseases.
  • Moon-Cloaked Wanderer (-(3m); Permanent; Totemic (Perception); Permanent) Lodestone Successes can also be spent on rolls to cover tracks, Stealth rolls to evade guards or enemies, or Larceny rolls to circumvent manned obstacles.
  • Desert Basilisc Diadem (-; Permanent; None; Permanent) Socket up to (Essence or 3, whichever is higher) hearthstones into her flesh.
  • Radiant Basilisc Jewel (-; Permanent; None; Permanent) Create a greater hearthstone from your soul. (Wilderness Gem) socketed in your flesh.
  • Squirrel's Cunning Technique (3m; Simple; None; Indefinite) Conceal Evidence roll with Int or Wits+Larceny, concealment can only be opposed by magically enhanced senses.
  • Magpie's Nest Resourcefulness (3m, 1wp; Simple; None; Instant) Make a Wits+Ability Roll for an item that could be concealed on her person, difficulty (Resources) Ability depends on how it was acquired. If Craft is used, count as a basic project.

Non-Favored/Caste Charms
  • Charisma Excellency (1m die; Reflexive; None; Instant) Add up to (Charisma) dice to a roll
  • Argent Songbird Voice (2m; Reflexive; None; One Scene) Influence Rolls ignore multiple target penalties, and can use Excellencies to buy successes for 2m each
  • Beast-God Idolatry (1m, 1wp; Reflexive; None; Indefinite) Imbue an image of the Lunar with a (Charisma+[Craft or Linguistics]) roll to influence any who see it.
  • Boundary-Marking Meditation (20m, 2wp; Simple; None; Instant) Claim a territory of up to (Essencex10) Square Miles. See Lunars 176 for more details
  • Moon-and-Earth Blessing (15m, 1wp; Simple; None; Instant) Imbue land to make it more fertile. See Lunars 177 for more details.

  • Dexterity Excellency (1m die; Reflexive; None; Instant) Add up to (Dexterity) dice to a roll
  • Nest-Raiding Slyness (-; Permanent; None; Permanent) Steal a person or animal's shape by sneaking into their home or den while they are present.
  • Finding the Needle's Eye (3m; Supplemental; Uniform, Protean; Instant) Reroll (Higher of Essence or 3) 1s on an attack roll and impose a -1 penalty on her target's Defense
  • Agile Beast Defense (1m; Reflexive; Protean, Uniform; Instant) Successfully defending against an attack grants 1 initiative, and parry lethal damage barehanded. If the attackers initiative is lower than hers or he rolls any 1s, she gains +1 Defense.

Shaping Ritual: Root-Lore (Thousand Blossom Arts) Harvest a reagent with (Int+Survival) diff 2 that adds (Int, Lore, or Survival) motes to a spell once per scene.
  • Ivory Bone Claws [Control] (5n, 1wp; None; Until Dismissed) Transform her hands into Light artifact weapons equivalent to an unarmed attack with the Lethal Tag.
  • Stones Worn Smooth (15n, 1wp; None, Indefinite) Target a ghost within medium range with (Charisma+Occult) vs. resolve, if successful turn the ghost into a hearthstone with no powers.
  • White Bone Emissary. (5n, 1wp; None; One Scene) Cast the necromancers senses and voice through a previously carved skull to speak at a distance.
  • Dusk Eyes (1n, 1wp; Blood Magic; One hour or until released) See into the analogous location Underworld from Creation and vice versa. While looking the character is blind.
  • Door of the Dead (15n, 1wp; Reflection; Instant) Use a reflection to pass between Creation and the Underworld.
  • Seat of Deadly Splendors (10n, 1wp; None; Indefinite) Summon a throne that provides social benefits as long as I remain seated.
  • Call Ghost (Ritual, 2 wp; None; Instant) Summon one of the lesser dead from the underworld and bind it to your will for a year and a day or a single task.
  • Piercing the Shroud (Ritual, 1wp; None; Instant) After a ten minute ritual at night, create a staircase leading to the Labyrinth.

Hearts Blood Forms
Powerful Forms
Wolf             Seal               Armored Kraken
Mountain Goat    Polar Bear         Octupus
Horse            Eagle
Snow Leopard     Snowy Owl
Mammoth          Salmon Shark

Small Forms
Fox                    Raccoon               Lemming
Trout                  Salmon                Seagull
Badger                 Lynx                  Wharf Rat
House cat              Arctic Hare
House cat 2            Chicken
Mutt dog 1             Non-poisonous Snake
Mutt dog 2             Squirrel
Mutt dog 3             Bat
Ermine                 Skunk
Blackbird              Gyrfalcon
Rat                    Cod

Stolen faces
C'ted Ranos: The Dragon Blooded Son of the ruler of Raon Catha (Fire Aspect)
Lerone: Gethamian Merchant
Sollian: A no-body from the easternmost village of Soren's home valley.
4 other nondescript forms.

Current XPCurrent lXPXP spent towards Essence
XP spentlXP spent 

Silver XPGold XPWhite XP

Projects: Time's Inevitable March: 7n 1wp: Over the course of an hour cause a single corpse to decompose completely, rendering it useless for necromantic purposes. This also lays to rest any hungry ghost rising from the corpse. (Distortion 10: Distorting the spell leaves behind the skeleton as a usable component but cannot prevent the decay of the soft tissues.)

Raon-Catha: Thresholds, Defensible, Duality
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Lunar Characters: Talks-to-Sky

Starvation (Amarok Ghost Wolf)

Essence: 3; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 9 dice Personal Motes: 40
Health Levels: −0x5/−1x6/−2x6/−4x3/Incap.
Actions: Feats of Strength: 6 dice (may attempt Strength 3 feats); Threaten: 8 dice; Senses: 9 dice (see Keen Nose, Spirit Hunter); Stealth: 6 dice; Tracking: 10 dice (see Dread Omens Augury, Ghost Tracking)
Appearance 3 (Hideous), Resolve 3, Guile 1

Attack (Bite): 10 dice (Damage 14)
Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (10 to control)
Combat Movement: 10 dice
Evasion 4, Parry 2
Soak/Hardness: 4/0

Special Abilities:
Harry: If a hound moves into close range with an enemy and deals 5+ damage to them with a withering attack on the same turn, that enemy cannot disengage or withdraw on their next turn.
Infectious Bite: The hounds’ saliva carries the tinge of the grave. If its bite deals damage with a decisive attack to a living target, they suffer an infected wound (Exalted, p. 235) with virulence 3, morbidity 1, and interval one day. Even the Exalted suffer this infection.

Ghost Tracking: Add three successes to any Senses or Tracking roll to notice or find ghosts. Double 7s on these rolls if the hound marked the ghost for death with Malignant Portent Pose.
Keen Nose: Double 9s on scent-based Senses rolls.

Offensive Charms:
Chilling Barghest Howl (5m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 2): A hound bays to alert its allies and warn its prey. The sound is terrifying, starting from a bass rumble in the bones and climbing to a high, clear note that evokes the wind whistling over a burial ground. Roll Threaten (Eclipse Castes use [Charisma + Presence]) against each enemy who hears it. It spooks those who succumb; they suffer a −4 penalty on all rolls except combat actions or actions to flee the barrow hound for one scene. Victims may pay one Willpower to become immune for the scene.
Ghost Hunter (1m, 1wp; Reflexive; One scene; Essence 1): A barrow hound can sense and attack immaterial ghosts.

Defenseive Charms:
Malignant Portent Pose (15m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse, Psyche, Stackable; Essence 3): The hound creates a baleful, incorporeal copy of itself, manifested from its doom-laden Essence, within long range of its current position. Each activation of the Charm creates a new copy. Copies can move independently of the hound, and persist for the duration regardless of how far from it they roam. The copy seems like the original to anyone who fails a (Perception + Integrity) roll, opposed by the hound’s Threaten, when they first see it. Characters who fail suffer a premonition of doom upon seeing the malevolent harbinger the hound has sent, losing one temporary Willpower, and are marked for death until a year has passed.

In combat, a victim also loses three Initiative upon failing her roll (which the hound doesn’t gain). Any attack she makes on the hound or a copy for the Charm’s duration increases its target number by one (Exalted, p. 184), as she can’t tell reality from illusion. No combination of effects can raise target numbers above 9. If this Charm crashes a victim, she suffers a Major Paranoia Derangement (Exalted, p. 169) for one full session.

Mobility Charms
Labyrinth-Striding Step (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 3): Once per scene, a hound can step into the Underworld from Creation or vice versa as long as it’s nighttime. It can use the restrain/drag action during a grapple to pull a victim along with it. This Charm resets if the hound (or its master) discorporates a non-trivial ghost. Characters who travel between realms this way end up anywhere the Storyteller desires, whether it’s a place that resonates thematically with the situation or a place the hound feels comfortable. Those who don’t return via hound must find a shadowland to get back, and may end up miles — or hundreds of miles — from where they began.

Miscellaneous Charms:
Dread Omens Augury (8m; Simple; Indefinite; Essence 2): The hound spends an hour in the Underworld gazing at the sky, sitting with one ear cocked to the Neverborn’s murmurings, or consuming the corpse of someone it (or its master) killed. Afterward, it gains the scent of a living target likely to die soon, and can track them unerringly unless they use perfect concealment magic.
Scent of Dead Memories (4m, 1wp; Simple; One night; Essence 1): By pulling an unearthly scent from something that belonged to a ghostly target when they were alive, such as a scrap of clothing, the hound can track that ghost without scenting it directly.
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Lunar Characters: Talks-to-Sky

Sacred Hunt: Polar Bear

The powdery surface beneath her foot crunched softly as Alithea with meticulous slowness took the next step in her hunt. Hunched low, the huntress couldn't see the red smeared across the icy terrain over the jutting floes, but she could hear the crunches and growls of their cause. She had filled her mouth with snow, the better to keep her breath from fogging the winter air as she stalked closer, angling for a shot on the deadly predator she had declared as Luna's. Scents came to her nose around the ice, the coppery scent of blood and the corpulent aroma of blubber from the seal the big boar had pulled from under the ice pack.

Edging with care around the nearest towering boulder of ice shoved up out of the pack, the Lunar huntress froze at a snort from the direction of the kill site. Her dark eyes swiveled to find the polar bear's head up and looking in her direction, blood smeared across its narrow pointed muzzle and head from where it had been dining. Gouts of steam puffed from the animal's nostrils as it sniffed for her and growled menacingly, not yet certain if its dinner was threatened but taking no chances. Bear and human stared into each other's eyes for long minutes, neither one moving until finally, the animal was satisfied it was safe to eat once more, head dropping back to its feast.

"Yes brother, eat and ignore the noise. No one wants your meal." Two days now she had been stalking this particular bear, watching him hunt across the ice from afar, staying distant, watching the great beast hunt and travel, learning its every motion. Building respect for the form she hoped to wear. This, she decided was close enough so she took one more step, twisting to face towards the bear. The bear reacted, sharp ears hearing the crunch of snow and motion, great head coming back up and spotting the slender woman instantly.

Several things happened at once in that moment. The bear rose onto its hind legs above its kill like one of the towering floes of jagged ice and roared, a bowel-loosening scream of rage that anything would dare intrude on the bear's domain and Sky drew back an arrow with a whispered prayer. "Thank you Luna," With a whistling twang the first shaft leapt across the distance between the paired hunters, burying itself fletching deep in the shoulder of the bear. Falling back to all fours the enormous animal began charging across the ice, plowing through a low wall of snow and ice like it was not there at all. "For the gift of sharp eyes," Another arrow sprouted from the beasts forequarters as it continued to build up speed. "And sharper fangs," A third arrow, more rushed than the two previous struck a leg but only left a red line through the thick fur as the charge continued to eat the distance between them. Sky's eyes widened, but her deep voice remained calm as she drew back again, knowing this would be the last arrow one way or the other. "Take this animal into your heart as I take its heart into me." The bear was nearly upon her, rising up to tackle the much smaller woman when she released...
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Lunar Characters: Talks-to-Sky

Sacred Hunt: Snowy Owl

Hunting a bird was a daunting challenge. Oh, not hunting birds, that was a simple enough matter of patience and skill. Talk-to-Sky had all the tools, blunted arrows designed specifically for hunting birds and she'd lived for weeks on ptarmigan alone in her wanderings before. No hunting birds wasn't particularly difficult, but hunting 'a' bird? A specific individual that could fly away to anywhere and left no tracks of its passage when flying? That was an entirely different level of difficulty. Even a hunter of Sky's skill couldn't track a bird on the wing, and she'd picked a particularly elusive prey for her sacred hunt. One of the great white owls of the tundra, a glossy, beautiful specimen. It had been a challenge every step of the way even though Sky herself could fly as well, which might have been the only reason three days into her hunt she was still following the same bird successfully. Now though, now that she knew the bird's pattern, could feel its soul in her pulse, now she could conclude her hunt.

As night fell, Sky's tiny fire crackled merrily while she made her preparations for the morrow. She'd watched Uppik return to his nest before flying upwind to her tiny camp. It was time for meditation and contemplation of her prey, of its strength and beauty, to explain in prayer to Luna why she was worthy to claim the form of the snow-white owl she had chosen. To catalog what she had learned during her sacred hunt. Closing her eyes, Sky knelt facing the eastern horizon where Luna was just beginning to brighten the night sky with her presence. "Sacred Luna, White Bone Shaman, Queen of Hunters, hear my prayer."  Talk-to-Sky was no priest and it showed in her efforts, a simple conversation with an intangible deity rather than a carefully crafted entreaty full of respect for the god's station. No, Sky talked to Luna like she would have her father, simple straightforward words. Perhaps they were heard, perhaps not, but she explained all that she had learned of Uppik in her hunt, of his territory, diet, habits, and quirks. A sense of calm came over her, the same sort of calm that came with a drawn bow, the stillness of sighting down the arrow at her target as she finished her prayers and meditated the night away on the secrets of the Snowy Owl, waiting for dawn and the finale of her hunt. Hunger and thirst gnawed at her, but she remained steadfast, ignoring the pangs of mortality as she sought communion with her next meal.

Uppik rose early to begin his hunt and so too did Sky, taking wing in the form of a glossy black-brown eagle, soaring upward until even her supernaturally sharp eyes were having trouble picking out details on the ground below. High enough that the biting cold of the morning air seeped through her feathers as she soared over the landscape, eyes looking for motion on the tundra below. Hours passed, her muscles growing stiff from the cold before she first saw the shadow of the owl below her, sweeping across the landscape on his own hunt. Adrenaline warmed her, sharpening her vision and sending a fresh ripple of motion through the long pinions that bore her aloft. Changing course Alithea began her stalk in earnest, broad wings pumping as she got into position. It would have to come once the hunter himself found prey, when he was on the ground. Wings tucked in and the eagle descended, close enough now to see the tundra, to follow the owl's hunt as it continued until finally, Uppik stooped down on something, probably one of the lemmings that hid in the short grass. That was her moment, and the eagle's broad wings tucked in as she stooped into a steep dive, the wind rushing past her with a building roar as she fell from the sky, claws extended to strike...

Owl, she decided as another chunk of tissue disappeared into her beak, tasted awful. Still, as Uppik's heart was swallowed and with it his form, a little awfulness was worth it to gain the form of the majestic hunter of the white wastes.
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Lunar Characters: Talks-to-Sky

Prince Kikigur, Shattered be the Fracture

Sky settles in against her pack, sighing a touch wistfully as the fire crackles away. Digging into a myriad pockets she produces a meerschaum pipe, decorated in a distinctly draconic motif and a pouch of finely shredded tobacco, loading and lighting the pipe before she begins to try to explain the crown.

"Where to begin... At the beginning, of course, I suppose."

"I had not been Chosen long when Oakenos began sending me into the courts of the gods and elementals. I'd visited the Shrine of the Winter Kings, the Summer Conclave, and the Howlers in the North Parliament before I entered the Onyx Ohokotok, one of the deep courts beneath Creation where the elementals of earth decide the shape of the land, and how the depths shall evolve."

"The Onyx is not the greatest court of the North, but they are fantastically wealthy by surface dweller standards. I spent some months among them, learning to hear the breath of the Earth, the song of granite and gneiss, and the hymnals of the court. Their history, their legends. I was supposed to be learning how elementals think and work and interact so I could travel among them in the future."

"Prince Kikigur had other ideas of why I was there I suppose."

"I... Well you all know I am not good at understanding people's motives. I didn't understand until it was far too late that the invitations to court events were more meaningful than just good diplomacy, the delicate gemstone wineglasses, and jewelry were not just him showing his wealth and power."

Sky snorts and takes a couple of long pulls at the pipe, sending blue smoke spiraling up into the night sky. There is color in her cheeks, a flush of old emotion and embarrassment.

"I didn't realize until I already had let my feelings become involved that the Prince was courting me. That he was showing me his power and wealth as a way of winning my favor."

"It... worked."

Sky turns her head to the heavens, smoking on her pipe for long minutes, thinking, remembering. When she speaks again, it is barely a whisper.

"Shaitain are not mortal, never were. They are... Fragments of the earth soul, embodied. Not alive." Talk-to-Sky pauses meaningfully. "I'd been alone for so long."

"The Prince's crown is significant, and the day I place it on his brow as I recite our vows he will become King. Once I am ready. Once I am worthy."

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