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23:53, 27th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Masters of Creation and Beyond: To-Do.

Posted by The NotebookFor group 0
The Notebook
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Wed 8 Aug 2018
at 08:47
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Masters of Creation and Beyond: To-Do

Ophris Sahai; Gardener of Men
Shining Spear Wunlu; Chosen of Battles and "Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer"
Lord Commander Cathak Garel Mahari
Winglord Cathak Decus
Dragonlord Cathak Koless

Interesting Complications for Stone Square. Map? See Ranney Collector for ideas about a half-sunken Manse.

Fiddle with The Traveller's Key, Bramble-Bound Heart and Aurum Zephyr
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The Notebook
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Thu 23 Sep 2021
at 02:00
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Masters of Creation and Beyond: To-Do

The Dark Circle:

The Carmine Waif in Ivory (Moonshadow; Socialize)
The Pyre-Flame Revenant (Midnight; War)
Bailpur the Black (Dayreak; Occult)
The Seven-Degreed Physician (Daybreak; Medicine)
Pale Ashes Arsenal (Dusk; Melee)
Whispers in Agony (Day; Stealth)
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