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Setting info
About Averland

This is a rural province in the south of the Empire, known mainly for its cattle farms and vineyards.  It is bordered by the Black Mountains to the south (including the Black Fire Pass), and the River Aver to the north and east, and the upper brach of the River Reik to the west.  Neighboring provinces are Wissenland, Stirland, and the Moot.

The people of Averland see themselves as dedicated and serious workers who still find humor where they can.  More sophisticated residents of the Empire see them as a bunch of superstitious bumpkins prone to odd changes of mood and flights of fancy.

The capital of the province is the town of Averheim.  The provincial government is in flux.  The last Elector Count, Marius Leitdorf, was killed in combat two years ago, and the line of succession since then has been unclear.  Various members of the Leitdorf family jockey for position, while the Alptraum family works in the background to consolidate their own power, hoping to retake the throne that was theirs only a generation ago.

Due to its proximity to the mountains, Averland has a larger dwarf population than other provinces of the Empire.  The dwarves and humans who live here generally get along quite well, having similar beliefs about hard work and straightforward speech.

About Streissen

This town of about 7000 sits on the bank of the Aver.  It is about 50 miles north of the provincial capital of Averheim, and about 50 miles south of the great city of Nuln.  It is currently governed by Reiner Zweimann, a bailiff who rules in the name of the late Count.

The middle and upper classes of Streissen consider themselves to be more forward-thinking than their neighbors, and even more so than their counterparts in the larger cities of the Empire.  In the past this led them to establish a small university, and eventually to demand a charter of independence.  They were eventually able to obtain this (grudgingly) from the Elector Countess at that time, Ludmilla Alptraum.  Their independence came to an end a few decades later when a poor harvest led to riots and eventually mob rule over the town.  The Countess sent troops to crush the rebellion, in exchange for the town council agreeing to give up their charter of independence.  To this day the citizens of Streissen bitterly remember the slaughter that ensued.  To make sure that something similar would not happen again, the Countess also purged the university of all radical faculty.

Today the town is a pleasant place of whitewashed houses and large parks.  Traders from around the Empire stop here as they sail up and down the river.  While vintners are technically required to sell their wares in Averheim only, many a bottle has been "lost" here as well.  But underneath this pleasant facade are the mutterings of fifty years of pent up discontent.
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Setting info
Established Locations

West Side - one of the two main slum areas, occupying the downstream portion of the river front
-The Wooden Tooth - a dingy tavern popular with the locals, run by Reinhard Metzger

Temple of Morr
Temple of Shallya
Temple of Sigmar
Temple of Verena - across from the University; the park in between them is called Sapienta Square

University of Streissen - students can learn natural and moral philosophy, law, and medicine