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Setting Information
A quick history and founding of the Magimon Guild.

It has happened before that people have vanished in groups from one place and awoke somewhere else, or so say the ancient myths. About 800 years ago, such happened again, leaving a number of people stranded here on an unknown world.

The world is infused with more magic than people have been used to, and as such, much of the local wildlife has instinctive magical power. The local magical creatures have been dubbed Magimon by the settlers.

At first the magimon were a curiosity or a threat, but a random group of people suddenly thrust into a new world with limited supplies and no support will naturally suffer turmoil.

A warlord tried to conquer all peoples and make a single kingdom under his rule.

The first empress, Empress Cristhion, at the time only a wizard studying the new environment gathered a handful of warriors from all the various peoples, but instead of facing the warlord directly, she had each train a team of magimon to fight. Thus, despite having fewer warriors, she had raised a very powerful army and defeated the warlord.

After the warlord was defeated, many of the groups had lost their leaders and been thrown in disarray. Cristhion turned her army of trained magimon and used them to help rebuild the many damages of the warlord.

Thus, they accepted her as their leader, but with different ideas about what the new governance should be like, so Cristhion formed an empire with different provinces having great autonomy and being able to establish themselves in a variety of ways.

Given the role Magimon and their trainers played in making it all possible, Cristhion formed the Magimon Guild to study Magimon and to use them to aid the people.

As people have been in this world for only 800 years, the world is not widely explored. Much of that time was spent establishing themselves.

Only in the past century or so has there really been a significant amount of exploration now that society is established enough to support such exploration.

The recent discovery of ruins in the Copperwall mountains has led to a surge in the number of explorers and expeditions.

The Magimon Guild

The Magimon Guild, analogous to Pokemon's Pokemon League, covers all the empire, which is most of the settled lands in this world.

At the top is the Guild Council which oversees the guild as a whole.

Underneath them are the Elites. In each province, four elites oversee operations in their province.

Beneath them are Lords, who run gyms. Gyms serve as local guild support centers, often helping train guild members, have research centers, and dispatch guild members on missions. Gyms often deal mostly with guild members and official guild activities.

Magimon centers are similar to gyms, but focus on support activities, like healing, and supporting the public. Anyone can find food, rest, and aid, but unless one is an official member of the Magimon guild, one must often pay. Magimon centers also host events, like tournaments and contests. The magimon centers are the primary source of income for the guild, and as such, the guild does a great deal to support them.

Magimon researchers are generally found at gyms or dedicated labs doing their research, sometimes in conjunction with other types of research.

Rangers are guild members who generally focus on gathering samples and field research for the researchers as well as handling issues akin to real world park rangers.

Trainers are the folks that find, tame, and train magimon.

Trainers have various ranks and privileges. The Magimon guild has accepted trainers as having no specific job focus, and are often seen as a reserve force for dealing with emergencies and unexpected threats. Though such members are often encouraged to train for and participate in contests and tournaments and to train and pass on magimon for sale to the public (both are major sources of income for the guild), thus they have the most freedom to go about their way and do what they want to do, only rarely being called upon to do something specific for the guild.
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Setting Information
Known Races,
Human, Elves, Drow
Dwarves, Orcs, Minotuars (Flavor-wise, I need to check the mechanics)
Halflings, gnomes, goblins

The history of many of these are rather unusual. Halflings for example are half dwarf and half human, but have been around so long they now are their own race.

Humans, dwarves, and halflings had been heavily affected by one of the ancient places they dwelt for a while and had been altered, giving rise to the other humanoids.

Thus all of these varieties can have children and mix, though it is not always wise.

Kobalds, lamias, zyphers (a race of my own creation, think intelligent winged tigers) are also known races.

Lycanthropes, shifters, and kitsune are primarily human, but a rare few can be found with heritage of other humanoids, with most non-human versions being among the elves and drow. The lycanthropes are the originals but shifters came about from mixing with others and their shifting powers faded somewhat. Kitsune (and non-fox versions exist but rarely and less powerful) were shifters but gained much power of other sorts.

All the races are pretty well intermixed socially and culturally, with culture being divided mainly by history and geography, though kobalds and lamias are recent enough that they still have some cultural heritage specific to them.

Humans, Dwarves, and Zyphers are the most numerous, with lamias, goblins, and minotaurs being the rarest.

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Setting Information

The world itself is a torus, though believed to be artificial, as the day night cycle is too long, being about 17 hours long (which, for the residents learned in history would know, is quite different from their previous world). As a torus, the polar regions are noticeably heavier in gravity, though not enough to cause to any major problems.

There is no moon and no tides nor other moon-caused effects. A moon is still found in some myths from ancient history of times before this world however.

In general, seas are shallow and mostly on the rimward side of the world, while land is higher and rougher towards towards the hubward side.

The polar regions tend to be broken and difficult terrain with most of the world's volcanic activity.

The currently inhabited lands are on a ridge of higher land running roughly north to south, with a sea to the east and lowlands to west which are broken up by lakes, marshes, and rivers.

To the south and north are drier lands. The southern lands are more temperate in climate and have wide areas good for farming and ranching. The northern lands are rougher and more rocky, and a bit more arid, but rich in mineral wealth.


There are twelve provinces in the empire and three nations beyond it.

The empire, named the New World Empire, sits on the western side of a large sea stretching from the northern polar region to the southern polar region on the outer side of the torus, with a few provinces inland.

The empire is rather diverse, though generally egalitarian, with a variety of social structures and differing cultures.

And though they are referred to as provinces, each province is more akin to a nation, and even have heads of state.

Two of the other nations are to the northwest, and the third is south.

The southern nation, Asterion, is on fairly friendly terms with the empire and deals quite a bit of trade.

The northern nations, Turion and Sazhi, are not so friendly. They are constantly fighting each other and are rather bitter at the empire not stepping in to help their own side against the other.

Turion is the larger and further of the two, and is also the lesser in terms of technical ability and knowledge, being formed from more tribal groups. Turion also has a much more fluid and ever-changing political atmosphere as it is built on a feudal system for a society of spread out groups. They have far looser social norms and it is often said they are trying to populate all of the new world all on their own.

Sazhi is more advanced in terms of technology, but smaller and less populated. Sazhi is a more rigid state and built by several racist groups that see the human varieties as superior in a variety of degrees, some exclusively human and dwarf on top, with the kobalds, lamias, and zyphers basically being property or outright banned, to a few counties where the difference is far less severe being more of a social standing issue.

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