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Facts about Kozakura.
* The starting point of the campaign is an archipelago called Kozakura, western of Kara-Tur. The archipelago is composed by four bigger islands Shinkoku (the largest one), Tenmei, Mikedon and Hinomoto.
* The history of this archipelago can be traced from several millennia ago.
* The archipelago of Kozakura is divided into 57 provinces, the province called Miyama is the focus of the starting adventure.
* There are three main sources of food production in the archipelago, three main plains which are subject of struggling.
* Forest covers most of the islands of Kozakura. Those who have the resources and money gradually work on reclaiming farmland from the woods. It is difficult and expensive work.
* Bandits and escaped prisoners hide in the mountains. Korobokuru and hengeyokai live in remote valleys, safely away from intruders.
* The korobokuru were the first settlers of the islands and their stories tell how the islands were given to Poinpeyuan, a great hero of their race, as a gift from the gods. The korobokuru could keep the islands so long as they paid proper reverence to the gods and obeyed special taboos. Later stories tell how the korobokuru people broke these taboos and the humans came to take the islands away.
* The government form is through en emperor. The normal practice of the emperor to amass power is marrying his daughters with the heads of other clans so they little by little consolidate power through the lands. However once a new inheritor emperor is born he must govern once he is old enough (generally being still a kid) so the work must be done by a regent (sessho), almost always the childemperorís grandfather from his motherís side.
The retired emperor became a force to be dealt with. Usually retiring in their twenties or thirties, retired emperors controlled many of the functions of the court. Indeed, at times there were two retired emperors, the father and grandfather of the current emperor. In such cases, the senior retired emperor held the greater power of the two. Thus there were sometimes three main factions in the imperial courtóthe regent (sessho), the retired emperor, and the emperor. Each held some degree of power and influence, the regent having the most and the actual emperor the least. At the same time, other groups and families were also striving to gather power.
* The government was totally centralist, the farthest the province is from the capital the most abandoned it is (regarding culture, education, technology and such).
* The province families those not attended by the government grouped together and grew in power not only by taking large amount of lands under their dominion but for amassing military power, these feudal lords are known by the name of daimyo. Some daimyo could request the title of shogun, this title means military power, but only families related (even distantly) to the emperor can gain that privilege.
* Shogun is the military leader, the equivalent to the general of the army, they are subject to the emperor, however his rising power made the imperial families tried to take control of the Shogun via marriages which ended in shogun children forced to govern under the title of Shikken.
* The current titles in the imperial goverment are next:
By Power: 1) Shikken 2) Retired Emperor 3) Shogun 4) Emperor.
By Perstige: 1) Emperor 2) Retired Emperor 3) Shogun  4) Shikken
* Currently the Takenaka family is the most powerful family in Kozakura.

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Facts about Kozakura.
These are the current rulers of the archipelago of Kozakura:

Shogun: Hojo Kawakubo, male, 17.
Retired Emperor: Gokammu, male, 36.
Emperor: Gonijo, male, 15.