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Facts about the campaign.
These are the names for the different classes in an oriental setting:
Barbarian = Yaban Hito
Bard = Griot
Cleric = Sohei
Druid = Shukenja
Fighter = Samurai
Monk = Kensai
Paladin = Kodai
Ranger = Renja
Rogue = Ninja
Sorcerer = Wu Jen
Wizard = Wu Jen Hon
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Wed 24 Jul 2019
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Facts about the campaign.
These are the races available for players:

Human (PHB) (They speak common)
Korobokuru (same stats than dwarf PHB) (They speak common and Korobokuru)
Hengeyokai https://www.dndbeyond.com/race...ara-turan-hengeyokai (They speak common and Hengeyokai)
Spirit Folk https://66.media.tumblr.com/84...9j1ukgbqco2_1280.png (They speak common and sylvan).
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Facts about the campaign.
Player characters' social class.

When creating your background and story you must also have a social class, follow this guidelines to give your character an appropriate social class. The class you choose will impact in the way how people look at you and your position into society.

Barbarian = Yaban Hito (Peasant, [Outcasts] social class/Urchin background)
Bard = Griot (Entertainers social class/Charlatan background)
Cleric = Sohei (Clergy social class/Acolyte background)
Druid = Shukenja (Clergy social class/Outlander background)
Fighter = Samurai (Samurai social class/Folk Hero, Sailor or Soldier background)
Monk = Kensai (Clergy social class/Hermit background)
Paladin = Kodai (Clergy social class/Acolyte or Soldier background, you belong to the armed branch of temples and shrines)
Ranger = Renja (Peasant [Farmer, Craftmen or Merchant] social class/Outlander, Guild Artisan or Guild Merchant variant [respectively] background)
Rogue = Ninja (Peasant, [Outcasts] social class/Criminal background)
Sorcerer = Wu Jen (Member of one of the four dominant families/Noble background)
Wizard = Wu Jen Hon (Member of one of the four dominant families/Noble background)

Alternatively if you want to belong to any of the four dominant families but not to be a spell caster, you can go  for the route of the Noble (Noburu) class, it is a requisite to be at least level 1 of this class to be part of any of the four families. You can change class (multiclassing) after achieving at least 5 levels on this class.


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Facts about the campaign.
The calendar and festivities.

The year is divided in 12 months, each month has 30 days (for the sake of simplicity). The three first months is spring, three next months is summer, three next months are autumn and the last three months are winter. The campaign starts exactly on day one, month one, spring.
Winter though cold, it is not accompanied by snow or hail and temperature will not go below 41o F in the coldest night or over 59o F in the hottest day.


1 New year's festival

15 Feast of lanterns

25 Fertility festival

1 Cherry blossom festival

Kao II

18 Dragon boat festival

9 Purification festival


12 Emperor's birthday

28 Moon fest festival


30 End of the year festival

These festivities are in addition to the local festivals and rites organized by specific temples and shrines all over Kozakura.

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Facts about the campaign.
Cultural customs and daily life.

* Clothing not only keep people covered and warm but also allows people to identify the rank or status of the wearer.
* Hair drawn back and fix it in a topknot is a privilege of warriors, nobles and those of the ruling class. In Kozakura, cutting the topknot is a punishment for minor offenses.
* The food basically is rice and every meal contains rice in one form or the other.
* The average person does not attend regularly to a temple, nevertheless many people dispite not having a religious life are very pious and respectful of religion.
* As a common practice, people attend to several temples and take active part in different festivals with offerings and prayings.
* The legal system is managed by the law court, generally one to every province and major city. The head of the court is the magistrate, this position is earned by merit being a scholar or by having a ruling position inside the province. The cases are treated in the court in a fashion similar to our world, the evidence is gathered by the assistants to the magistrate, the witness are ordered to appear at the time of the trial. There are no lawyers and the magistrate asks all the questions, the accused is mistreated if does not cooperate with the process and even the witnesses could eventually be forced to testify. Many people prefer setting things outside the courts.
* People is extraordinarily polite as a general rule and they bow to others as a signal of respect. The people with lower rank will also bow lower than the person with higher rank.
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Facts about the campaign.
The Family.

If you do not belong to any of the four dominant families of Miyama you can create your own family, your family will represent your close social unit and the one that will bear the honor of your name.

To create your family you must consider five things: 1)The generation above you (your parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents if any) 2)The generation below you (sons, nephews, nieces, grandchildren if you have any) 3)Your own generation (your siblings and cousins) 4)Who is the head of the family and who is the next in the line of sucession 5)What are the family properties (land, building).

If you have one generation above you can only have one generation below, if you have two generations above you, it is ok, but you cannot have then any generation below you and viceversa. There is no limit to the members of your family as long as you comply with these guidelines.
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Facts about the campaign.
The Weapons