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The World As It Is.
What follows is the world in my version of the Fallout Universe. You will find information on communities, gangs and many other important things here.
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Apocalyptic Montana
Due to the geographic location and isolation of much of Montana, it wasn't hit nearly as bad as other places by the more nuclear of fallout. It was however devastated pretty well by the fall of bombs themselves on some of the more major cities. There are some areas that do 'glow' due to radiation but this is from smaller nuclear bombs unlike the bigger ones that devastated other parts of the US.

A few cities still stand in a bit of their former glory but there are clear signs of the Great War that happened. Many building are half or smaller bits of buildings, barely hanging together and others are intact with only minor damage...mainly neglect. Water sources are contaminated though with radiation, making them risky to drink without first being purified as best they can...leaving them less radiated. It is the same with most still growing food sources though there is no way to really purify them. Flora and fauna has also found the touch of mutation to them as well, leaving aberrations in one form or another...from enlarged species to unusual traits.
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North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Canada
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New Butte:

Vault 190:



Montana Complex:

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Gangs and Enemies

Montana Brotherhood:

Old Vikings:

The Sisters:




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