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Mon 2 Jul 2018
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Part 0: What is this game about.
This game (set in ShadwoRun universe at year 2072 as per SR Aniversary ed.) will be about things that happen inside a certain massive online multiplayer game that is set up within Matrix.

Players are a hired "specialists". Thier work consists of finding and fixing bugs, game-mechanics abuse, code errors e.t.c. for anything and everything that exist within "Matrix". And as such, there will be little to no interaction with real-space.

Thus, any kind of Matrix related character are welomed here: Technomacers, Deckers, Rogue AI and even Media and or Bloggers (i.e. purely social characters).

The "catch" of this particular game, is that aside from SR4th sheet there will be ingame-sheet (that is limited to the MMORPG where main events would gappen) and it will be a mix of using both of them.

That being said, if you are interested in that kind of complex things, welcome to the RTJ

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