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Mon 2 Jul 2018
at 07:43
Part 1: RTJ
As i said in "Part 0" all kinds of Matrix-related characters are wellcomed, but:
I will take only one Technomancer and only one rogue Ai, so for guys that want to play that kind of characters - be sure to make your concept exceptionally good. Fore these concepts i will choose the better ones, instead of first-come first-serve.
Otherwise, deckers, black-hackers, white-hackers, Media, and no-concept concepts are allowed without limitations.

We will be using standard point-buy generation rules for the character creation, with these limits:

No Magic users (Magic and Tech do not work well together)

No Purely combat Characters (Those skill won't be used inside Matrix)

No Dragons, HMHVV and other too supernatural and inherently magical variants.

I will allow base building, but it won't play much role, aside from modifiers to the matrix-connection.

All "rivals", "enemies" e.t.c. must be inside Matrix, although exceptions could be made.

I will take as little as 3 Players, and as much as 5.

That being said, if i have an abudance of applications - i will think about creating second group. >_>