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Hi everyone,

Yup, I'm easily led. I bought the Infinity pack on bundle of holding and within 2 days I got hooked on the setting...three weeks later, I bought the wargame and probably spent more on the setting and pieces in a shorter time than I have in any other game in my collection.

Infinity started off as a CP2020 rpg, that developed into a wargame, that developed back into an RPG by Modiphius using the 2d20 system. It's not quite as gear heavy as CP2020, but gear can make a difference. It's set in an iota scarcity society. Everyone's basic needs are met if they wish them to be met. There are multiple factions all ostensibly at peace with one another, but their rivalry and contempt lead to significant amounts of covert action continuing behind the scenes to make it a cold war and it wouldn't take much for it to break out into a "hot" war. Combined with all of this...humanity has met an alien species which isn't friendly....and just as the cracks in unification are showing.

Conflicts happen using blades, guns, hacking devices and memetics. On every front and in every way there are hostilities. You will play a recently onboarded agent in Bureau Noir, an agency in O-12 (a UN equivalent) with the role of acting as its secret service. Your goal is to stop the fractures from erupting into open war between the factions. Something which humanity is unlikely to survive.
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Tue 7 Jan 2020
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What I would like to know in an RTJ

1) How much experience do you have in the Infinity universe?

Personally, I don't have much. I only learned about it a month ago and even then I was slow to start. So lack of experience here isn't a bar. Likewise if you know way more than me, you might be disappointed in my interpretation. I'll try to keep things close to the universe, but I might stray without knowing.

2) What kind of game would you prefer to play?

Story driven? Combat driven? Intrigue driven? The premise of the game is your an o-12 agent, but there's a lot of scope within that realm. O-12 while powerful as a faction, only ever really has power when people are willing to give it to them. As part of the bureau noir, you're unlikely to be supported by other bureaus except for when they need you, and other factions are more likely to do you harm as a noir agent. You'll have noir credentials, but using them may not be wise.

3) How willing are you to play as part of the group?

OK, in this game no matter what faction you're in, it's likely you'll have secret directives from your handler regarding your mission. Interpretation of those orders is up to you as a player. I absolutely do not want players that would consider PVP violence as an option. Even Lone Wolves might be undesirable.

4) Background is important!

No-one exists in a vaccuum. This includes your characters. I would like to see the bare bones of a character. Including some forms of background and interests and friends/family. eg do you sub to GoGo Marlene? or listen to DeepWaveGrind?

5) The 2d20 system
It has good points, it has bad points (the lifestyle and purchasing rules are a nightmare). However they're the ruleset we're using. It is broken in places and I have some house rules to try to mitigate the broken areas. The house rules may be altered depending on how they work out.
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Inside the Finger Snaps Maya Cafe and coffetorium, Consilium Prime

Control sat in the booth, paying only peripheral attention to the stories Jeeves, his geist was paging for his attention. His nose flared as he took in the rich scent of coffee from the pristine porcelain cup in front of him.

"Jeeves, stop the news. I have other things on my mind"

At once the news feed slowed and stopped. Jeeves voice sounding in Controls head in a precise clipped Neoterran accent "At once sir. If I may I could contact Miss Sonoda and find out what's keeping her."

"No need. She's always late." Control said as he sipped at the coffee, slowly, savouring the flavour of the rich drink.

" is no matter, sir. Her method of conveyance should be arriving within the minute." responded Jeeves after a moment, almost timing to perfection the moment of maximum annoyance for Control.

The screeching of tyres as a heavily augmented superbike slammed to a stop outside the cafe caused Control to wince, closing his eyes in weariness and resignation. The young woman ran into the building looking around rapidly before her eyes settled on Control.

"Hey! What's up? How is it?" she said, swamping the cafe with her voice. "I'll have what's he's having" she said to a passing waiter as she slid into the booth opposite Control.

"Katherine. In bureau noir we favour the discreet."

"Yeah, but're too discrete. Like your Maya profile ain't got nothing on it. It's like too clean. Like...look at mine. Dating sites and history and relationships and mayacast fansites and all . You're is like...I'm a creeper plain."

Control sighed heavily "You know why that is. In any case, it's not the reason why you're here. We're activating a new team... under you."

"Really?" Kat's voice sounded in amazement, surprise and joy. She took a double glance as the waiter arrived with her coffee, looking at the bill as it appeared in her filed of vision. "Just what in the hell are you drinking? I didn't order liquid gold to pour down my throat."

Control chuckled winking to Kat as he took her bill and waved the server away "But you did in many respects. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Terra. Worth its weight in Teseum. I'll get this one, provided you don't lose this team."

Kat looked offended at the suggestion by Control "It wasn't my fault. The committee also didn't think it was my fault. Mercenary life just pays better I guess. I still managed to keep them going rogue, just if we want to use them we need to pay contracting rates."

"No. That situation is over and we have new ground to cover. A situation is developing that we thought we could ignore, but Aleph has bumped it up the list. Our seasoned operatives are covering other incidents, so our only option for this issue is a new team and it needs to be moved on fast."

Kat looked at Control trying to discern what he wasn't saying "Go on."

"Laird of Glaschu has a daughter. Due to marry in the near future. Aleph says things are drawing to a focus. Aleph has tasked some Bureau Aegis resources. Ostensibly they are there to fly the flag, be visible and make sure no-one does anything too overt. We're sending an Alpha unit to oversee the Aegis side of the house. Our team's job is to take care of the things that aren't in the public eye. Losing the Laird or his daughter would be a significant problem to us. We're trying to increase teseum supply to provide our troops with better weapons than the combined army on paradiso and keeping the laird happy will go a long way to seeing us meet that goal. We have booked tickets on the next circular in 3 weeks time...."

"Excuse me sir. Priority communique from Aleph. Transport will be on the OTSS Cassiopeia, a minotaur drive equipped cruiser, as soon as the team is assembled."

Control gulped, almost choking on his coffee. "I..uh....I think things may be accelerating more quickly than we first feared. Start assembling your team."

"Well....who do you have?"

"Risa Karim, He's from Barouk. Used to be in business, before becoming a police officer, then he worked for Haqqislam intelligence services. His dossier is clean. Too clean perhaps, but he looks to be..." Kat cut in with a big grin on her face "Ideal the word you're looking for?" Controls eyes narrowed tolerating the jest in good humour. "well suited to deal with this situation."

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