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Fri 6 Jul 2018
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Things to do in Denver when you're Damned
This will be a game that will deal with personal horror, loss, and evil on a level that I have not yet explored as a GM, and none of you have explored as players in my games. This is a game in which your character stands a very high chance of dying. In fact, you will be required to go to extremes to survive. Don't grow too attached is all I'm saying.

This game will begin in a low-rent motel on Colfax in 1991 where the dregs of humanity reside. It is not to say that bad, stupid, or unhealthy people live there, or stay there. Maybe a high profile lawyer is meeting a client, or a prostitute, there. A minister is administering assistance to a member of the church...or meeting a prostitute. Perhaps a well-to-do housewife is staying there in the midst of a divorce...or maybe...she's meeting a prostitute. Of course, extremely low-income families, homeless who can afford one night, drug addicts, old folks living on their last dime, and yes, prostitutes, all also stay here. In any case, your character is one of these souls, staying at the motel.

Which is unfortunate.

As tonight is the night they die.

(This is also where out of character discussion occurs)

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Tue 10 Jul 2018
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Things to do in Denver when you're Damned
[[If you need to ask or stat something out of character (OOC) please put it into Double Brackets, and try to place it at the end of what you're typing, like this. Also, please do not assume what another character is going to do, and wait for someone to respond. If you don't respond within 1 week, I will try to have your character react in character in a defensive, non-self-destructive manner, and try to remove them from the scene as quickly as possible. Please also try to narrate in the third person, if you really want to narrate in the first person, I can lie with that, but please no stream of consciousness narration]]

[[To roll dice, you'll need to click on the dice roller in the menu above, 3rd option from the left. You'll want to open it in a new tab probably. Anyways, you'll want to select the number of dice and type, and under the game system/special dice option you'll want to select World of Darkness nWoD. Just copy and paste your result to your post; I'll see how many times you rolled and what the result was, so, please don't cheat]]

[[You'll start with describing what your character is doing at the Motel, even if that is just sleeping.]]

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Tue 10 Jul 2018
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Things to do in Denver when you're Damned
Oh, and since this thread is for out-of-character descriptions, you don't need to bracket conversations here.