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Character Creation for Damned
You will notice that Roll20 now has a new character for you to complete. Please open it and access the character sheet.

Step 0: This is a game about fucking surviving. Do not make a character who will go down easily. This doesn't mean a character who has a high stamina or a high strength necessarily. You could play a child, or someone quite old. What it means is that a character who's very will won't allow them to give up. Maybe they think they're weak, but when the shit hits the fan, when things get real, they are capable of things they would have never thought possible...(also, you'll be making a normal human, who has no idea that the supernatural exists at all)

Step 1: Select your attributes. Prioritize the three categories (5/4/3). Your character begins with one dot in each Attribute automatically. Dots spent now are in addition to these starting ones. The fifth dot in any Attribute NO LONGER costs two dots to purchase.

Step 2: Select your skills. Prioritize the three categories (11/7/4). The fifth dot in any Skill NO LONGER costs two dots to purchase.

Step 3: Select Skill Specialties, your character’s focused areas of expertise: Take three Skill Specialties of your choice. You can assign each how you like, whether each to a separate Skill or all three to a single Skill. You may even stack all three together into one specialty. There is no limit to how many Specialties can be assigned to a single Skill.

Step 4: Select Merits, representing character enhancements and background elements: Spend 7 dots on Merits. The fifth dot in any Merit NO LONGER costs two dots to purchase. Note that many Merits have prerequisites. You can also select up to 3 Flaws at this time as well.

Step 5: Determine advantages, traits derived from your character’s Attributes: Defense (the lowest of Dexterity or Wits), Health (Stamina + Size), Initiative (Dexterity + Composure), Morality (7 for starting characters), Size (5 for most humans), Speed (Strength + Dexterity + Size), Willpower (Resolve + Composure), and Virtue/Vice (choose one of each).

Final Step: Name your character, and give them an age.

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