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The Storyteller
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Sab: Motel with a a kill
The Mountainview Motel, located at Jasper and Colfax, is an aging motel on the outskirts of the edge of nowhere. Even this far away from Denver, Colfax is a haven for drugs, gangs, and prostitution. As such, a chain link fence with a gate encircles the perimeter, keeping out some of the unwanted elements of the night. Still, this doesn't stop the pimps from bringing their girls to Mountainview, and dealers just sell out of their room, not on the street.

It is a cool autumn evening, just after 2 A.M. The sky is clear, but a dark sky means that no light other than that of the stars shines down.

It is on this night that our Chronicle begins.

It is on this night...

That you die.

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Allen Tuttle
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Tue 10 Jul 2018
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Sab: Motel with a a kill
"And that's why nobody can get an appointment with the Speaker of the House when the gypsum lobbyist is in town!"

The blonde woman (Janet? Jenny? It was something with a J...) snorted with laughter and continued giggling as she rubbed some more coke on her gums. She was hanging on his every word as Erin, the brunette, was snoring slightly on the other side of the bed. How long had it been since he'd slept? He was starting to come down and was at that stage where the jitters and the horniness and the gab were competing with the weariness and sore muscles and the craving for just one more line before calling it a night.

Meh. There'd be plenty of time to sleep later. Allen snorts another line and rolls onto the bed to spend some more time with the delightful young woman he'd picked met on the street corner the day before yesterday (Jane? No, he's almost certain it was Janet).

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Evelyn Briggs
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Tue 10 Jul 2018
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Sab: Motel with a a kill
After chasing relaxation at the bottom of a whiskey bottle and not really finding it, and finally getting so fed up with the news stories that she's hauled the TV around so that it faces the wall, Evelyn passes out still fully clothed on top of her bed. Tomorrow. She'd sort out how to fix her life tomorrow.