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Get more XP
Explaining XP Rewards:
For the most part, these XP rewards are granted by developing your character. It is possible to rack up quite a few, so spending XP, as always, must be done through roleplaying. Remember to record how and on what you spent XP. How, as in, “When my character went to the firing range,” if you level up Marksmanship. Once you’ve used a method of spending XP, you cannot use it again to spend XP. You are more than welcome to record incidents as being possible methods of spending XP before you have the XP to spend them.

CHARACTER’S DESCRIPTION: 5 XP to the character in question. Add about a paragraph worth of description to your character, which would tell anyone reading it enough to get a general impression of who your character is. This is not a physical description.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 1 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph describing your character’s physical appearance, like physical characteristics, what they wear commonly and maybe even why, and how they hold themselves.

PORTRAIT: 1 XP to the character in question. Give your character a portrait that fits with how you imagine your character. I ask that portraits are of real people, not drawings.

BACKGROUND: 3 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph or so detailing your character’s background. Since this can encompass a long period of time for some characters, you should know, I’m looking for anything that helps flesh out the setting, and how it effects your character, with these details including people, places, or setting specific historical events, all of which you can create. If I disagree with your background details, we can discuss those. And of course, you may add whatever details you feel are pertinent, or fun, or whatever!


Throughout the game, Aspirations and certain other criteria allow you to “take a Beat.” A Beat, in dramatic terms, is time enough for the audience to recognize a plot point or a change for a character. For our purposes, think of it as a unit of drama. Once you’ve taken five Beats, you gain an Experience.

ASPIRATIONS: 1 Beat for the character in question for each Aspiration you create (Maximum of three).  Aspirations are goals for your character. The nature of an aspiration should be intensely personal to the character, rather than a catchall. Quality aspirations should be building blocks for characters that serve as insight to their story, and they’re also statements to your Storyteller that show the types of stories you want to play through.

Aspirations are simple statements of intent; things that can be accomplished within the scope of the game you’re playing. Don’t choose more than one very long-term goal. Ideally you should be able to accomplish at least one of these Aspirations per game session. It’s important to phrase Aspirations as active achievements or accomplishments. Do not phrase them as avoidances. “Do not betray my friends” isn’t really an appropriate Aspiration. Instead, consider “Prove my loyalty to my friends.” Phrasing as an action as opposed to a lack of action helps to determine when the Aspiration is met and when it should be rewarded.

If your character fulfills an Aspiration, you earn 1 Beat. Once you've earned five Beats,
you gain an Experience. At the end of the game session, replace the fulfilled Aspiration. Choosing a new Aspiration is an excellent activity between games or to handle before the next game session.

VIRTUE AND VICE: Once per game session (for each), when you regain Willpower from your Virtue or Vice, you gain 1 Beat. Remember, 5 Beats equal 1 XP.

DRAMATIC FAILURE: Once per scene, if you fail a roll, you may opt to take a Dramatic Failure instead. If you do so, take a Beat.

ON THE RIGHT TRACK: The Storyteller can choose to award a Beat for any exceptional moment in the game, good tactics, the player or character says something very funny, or a time when the player or character realizes something very important about the story. If this involves more than one character/player, all of them should receive the Beat.