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Character Creation
Level: Level 1
PHB 1-3,
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide,
Eberron Player's Guide,
The "Heroes of..." books
The "Power" books
Adventurer's Vault 1 and 2
Hybrid characters are acceptable.
Please either list the key details of the choices or list specifically where they can be found.
I'm open to options from Dungeon, but I'll need to know where they can be found.
Races: Any from the above sources, plus mul and thri-kreen. Feats, powers and other options that are race specific and don't pertain to a specific game world (besides Eberron) will generally be allowed, regardless of source.
Classes: Any from the above sources.
Ability scores: Standard 22 point buy (or the 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 array)
Equipment: Standard 100 gp starting money.
Alignment: Any, but cooperation with other party members is expected. "It's what a [alignment] character would do!" is not a valid excuse for frustrating the DM or the other players. Get buy-in first.
Backgrounds: Yes, any that grant a skill, a skill bonus, or a language and do not refer to a specific region in a specific game world, other than Eberron.
Themes: None.
Note: Please keep your highest permanent skill modifier (i.e. including training, racial bonus, feats, class features, background, and item properties) at or below the "Moderate" DC for 1st level, which is 12.
Character Background:
Pretty much anything is acceptable. Please focus on making your character someone who has an incentive to adventure, and to take on unusual tasks assigned by more-or-less complete strangers.