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Kiris Dahn and the Nentir Vale
In Eberron, the Nentir Vale is to be found in northeast Breland, hard by the monstrous kingdom of Droaam.

The city of Ardev is known for its distinctive location near a waterfall that drains from Chalice Lake, which leads some histories of the region to refer to it as Fallcrest.

The King's Road, build and maintained by House Orien, runs past the winter haven (now the permanent home) of King Boranel ir'Wynarn, then on toward the foothills of the Greywall Mountains. These hills are sometimes known as the Ogrefist Hills and monstrous inhabitants from nearby Droaam have been known to wander there, but less so since the end of the Last War.

It is in these hills that the stronghold of Kiris Dahn was located. Now it is known as Gorizbadd and is still firmly held by a large mass of goblins. Given its proximity to Droaam, it is not considered prime real estate these days and so there has been no concerted effort to drive out the goblinoids and other monstrous inhabitants.