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Wed 11 Jul 2018
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No character concept is strictly needed, though basic idea of what you want to play won't hurt. Familiarity with the system is nice, but I'm happy to teach anyone interested.
Keep in mind a few things:
  • Everyone, or at least all the PCs, has at least some cyberware. Eyes, limbs, recording implants, something. There's no penalty for loading up either, so go crazy if you want.
  • Amoral mega-corps are the main antagonists, and you'll likely get hired by every side at least once. They will also burn you if given half a chance, so be careful.
  • Being an Apocalypse World system, lots of the setting details are left up to the players at the outset. Bring some fun ideas, and be ready to springboard off everyone else's.

The playbooks for all the character classes are HERE

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