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The Torg
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Mon 7 Oct 2019
at 17:41
Character Discussion
Welcome all!

In an attempt to make the game enjoyable for all, and to help make it a game youíll be proud to be part of, this thread is where can discuss things like character concepts, type of adventures/subplots you might enjoy, stuff you donít want to see, etc.

The game is tagged as Mature to give us flexibility in Who and What we create. So, as I mentioned, I want to go PG-13 rated for the most part, but if you have ideas or concepts that might include up to R-rated please feel free to share as well. I would like to think we are mature individuals that can handle anything.

As the overall game title suggests, the primary plot line for the game will be the Reimagined version of the Relics Of Power trilogy which is being released in pieces through the various KS. As Parts 1 and 2 have already been released, and with the pace of PbP, Iím sure there will be no issue completing the saga. :)
The Torg
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Tue 8 Oct 2019
at 02:31
Character Discussion
Characters will begin with 20XP.

I would also love to know from you: If this were an HBO/Amazon/Netflix series, who would the actor/actress be for your character?

In addition, the following questions are intended to assist in fleshing out a character background. Answering the questions is not required, just recommended. :)

  • Where were you born (location and Home Cosm)?
  •   What is your current Cosm?
  •   Describe your life prior to your moment of crisis.
  •   Tell the story of your Moment of Crisis.
  •   Who are the most important people to you, living and dead?
  •   Tell me about a Delphi Council mission you went on. If possible include another Player Character Storm Knight in this description.
  •   Tell me about another mission, and involve a different Player Character Storm Knight.
  •   What are 2-3 personal things your character would like to accomplish in the near term, say one to three months of in game time? (these can be war adjacent, but should have more to do with you than with evicting the highlords).
  •   What are 1-2 personal things your character would like to accomplish in the medium term, say four to twelve months?
  •   What are 1-2 personal things your character would like to accomplish in the long term, say one to two years?

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