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20:52, 12th April 2024 (GMT+0)

OLD: OOC - chatter and such :)

Posted by The TorgFor group archive O
The Torg
GM, 25 posts
Thu 23 Aug 2018
at 18:58
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OOC - chatter and such :)

I just realized I never set up an OOC thread, so here it is. :)

I’ll be moving things along this afternoon or tonight if everyone is ok with it. Seems like everyone had their way at least :)
Kimiko Shimizu
player, 15 posts
Thu 23 Aug 2018
at 19:47
  • msg #2

OOC - chatter and such :)

I hadn't really noticed, either... I guess we've just been using the Character and Game Discussion thread for it. grin  Thanks!
The Torg
GM, 26 posts
Fri 31 Aug 2018
at 03:20
  • msg #3

OOC - chatter and such :)

My apologies. There have been some family and work issues that have delayed things. :(

I’ll have things moving in the morning
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