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The Torg
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Mon 7 Oct 2019
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Deck and Hands
Here is where will keep track of deck and hand-related info.

Drama Deck -

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The Torg
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Tue 22 Oct 2019
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Eosaph MacCallum
  Destiny Cards: Second Chance, Flurry, Adrenaline, Nemesis
  Cosm Cards: Sold Out!

Jean Le Roux
  Destiny Cards: Willpower, Drama, Alertness, Hero
  Cosm Card: Hardboiled

Jordain Perrault III
  Destiny Cards: Drama, Inspire, Supporter, Opponent Fails
  Cosm Card: Blood Bath

Randall Flynn
  Destiny Cards: Action, Hero, Action, Willpower
  Cosm Card: Feud

  Destiny Cards: Willpower, Adrenaline, Master Plan, Rally
  Cosm Card: Is That A Bite?

Sophie Walsman
  Destiny Cards: Connection, Attuned, Drama, Opponent Fails
  Cosm Card: Fists of Fury

Isabella Moore
  Destiny Cards: Action, Glory, Supporter, Willpower
  Cosm Card: Outbreak

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