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[GLOBAL] Character Creation
What follows is a general guideline for character creation. Individual Dungeon Masters might choose to overrule any and all of these mechanics but barring any specific contradictions this is the default ruleset for character creation and progression:

Players will start at Level 1 unless the Dungeon Master opts for a higher starting level.

Players will have 15 points to spend on their characters. Ability scores work that for every 2 points above or below 10 you get a cumulative +1 or -1 to that stat.

Point costs for attributes are as follows:


Before racial modifiers (see below) no ability score can be raised higher than 18 or lower than 7.

By default only core races are allowed (Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-elves, Half-orcs, Halflings, Humans). It is up to Dungeon Masters to decide if they will allow non-Core races on a case by case scenario.

By default, only Core and most Base classes will be allowed. Summoners must be Unchained, Rogues, Barbarians, and Monks should be Unchained unless the player requests otherwise.

Hybrid, Alternate and Occult classes will be allowed on a case by case scenario. In addition Gunslingers, Vampire Hunters, and Vigilantes are also restricted and not allowed by default.

By default, only non-evil alignments are permitted.

Starting Gold
You will start with average starting gold for your class.
  • 1d6x10 (Monk) = 35gp
  • 2d6x10 (Druid, Sorcerer, Summoner, Wizard) = 70gp
  • 3d6x10 (Alchemist, Bard, Barbarian, Oracle, Shifter, Witch) = 105gp
  • 4d6x10 (Clerics, , Inquisitor, Magus, Rogue) = 140gp
  • 5d6x10 (Cavalier, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger) = 175gp

Rolling for HP
Whenever you have to roll for HP, whether for animal companions or when leveling up you will take the average for your die size:

  • d6 = 3.5
  • d8 = 4.5
  • d10 = 5.5
  • d12 = 6.5

You cannot have half a hit point but keep track of those because then every other level you get an extra hit point. E.g.
1st level = 6 (always start with max HP at 1st level)
2nd level = 9(.5)
3rd level = 13

By default Paizo published archetypes are allowed however a Dungeon Master can choose to veto this at there prerogative.

You will be able to select two traits to further modify your character. You will not be allowed to choose from Campaign traits (too wildly unbalanced) and please note that Religion and Regional traits are not accurate on d20pfsrd. Instead you should look at the Archives of Nethys for more details.

As traits (and feats) can be a daunting task to sort through feel free to reach out to Jeeves with a request like "I'd like Bluff to be a class skill" or "I want something that feels wizardy" and I can bring back a list of suggestions.

3rd Party Published Materials (3PP)
By default non-Paizo published materials will not be allowed. Again it is ultimately up to the decisions of the Dungeon Masters but know that even if get accepted into one game your 3PP resources might not be allowed into other games severely restricting your ability to play other games.

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