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Thu 12 Jul 2018
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[GLOBAL] Important Information - Read Me!
Keep these in mind and you'll do fine:

  1. When in doubt ask
    If you're stuck in-game or out-of-game, not sure how to react or feel like there is anything preventing you from posting, either drop a line in any OOC chat or send a PM to your Dungeon Master or Jeeves.

  2. It is your character
    This rule is important for a couple of reasons. First, the Dungeon Masters are trying to keep the story going so it is understandable if they forget things like if your character has low-light vision. It is important to try to make sure you understand your character so that if something gets overlooked, you can be the one to bring it up. Secondly, if you don't understand your character it is up to you to ask the questions to clear things up. We won't be able to know that you're not doing X or using Y because you don't understand it. Jeeves will try to point stuff out if he thinks you're missing things but you are mostly free to play your character as you wish and we will try not to tell you how to play. Finally, this rule means that you control your character, not the other way around. Derailing the game or causing massive inter-party drama just because "that's what my character would do" is not an acceptable answer. You need to be willing to meet other players and the Dungeon Master part way on things and ultimately work so that everyone can enjoy the game.

  3. If you have to leave, drop your DM a line!
    If you're going to be absent for longer then a week, or your RL schedule means you're going to be busier then normal, or school is starting and RL has to be adjusted...whatever the case, drop your DM a PM before you disappear for longer then a week. If you haven't posted in a week we will view you as an AFK player. Jeeves or another DM will then begin to NPC your character if they are vital to the plot, finding a replacement player, or working them out of the story. If you disappear for two weeks without prior warning, don't be surprised to find that you no longer have a character. This doesn't mean we can't work you back in, but it would ALL be resolved much better with a bit of forewarning. Even if you don't know but just think you might have difficulty posting, see Rule #1: When in doubt, send a PM.

  4. You cannot control another player's character without permission
    You cannot make skill checks or attacks against other players without their permission. This is game about working together and while having a character who picks his friends pockets or bullies them into submission might be "interesting" that doesn't mean it is fun. If you want to pick someone's pocket or lie to their face or even attack them you must first ask for permission via PM. If they say no, that's the end of it. Find a different way to react that doesn't involve imposing your will on another player's character. If you continue to harass them or complain about their decision that will be considered grounds for censure or even removal. If they agree, you two can decide how to proceed. If you want to let the dice handle it that's fine, just make sure you're not overstepping things in your posts. You can post your action, they can post their reaction. Some players might be willing to give up control of their characters for the purpose of pursuing fun and drama but that control can only be given, not taken.

  5. If you feel a rule is being violating, PM YOUR DM
    If you think someone isn't playing nice or is taking too many liberties with other characters then it is imperative that you contact the DM first. Do not take serious complaints to the OOC threads and turn it into a public spectacle. This also goes if you feel that Pathfinder mechanical rules are being mangled or mishandled again settle those things first and foremost privately with the DM.