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Thu 12 Jul 2018
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RTJ Process
If you wish to apply to this game please indicate first and foremost clearly whether you want to become a Dungeon Master and run a game or you wish to be a player and play in a game.

The RTJ process for DMs are listed below and specific Dungeon Masters will specify what they are looking for in their games.

RTJ for DMs

Please detail the following:

  1. Your experience level as a DM. Let us know if you are completely new to DMing or if you've done it before mainly on table-top or virtual tabletops or if you have attempted to DM on Play-by-Post forums before.
    • If you are used to tabletop games, please be aware that play-by-post operates on a much slower timeframe. We can provide tips and tricks on how to keep things moving along but know that a good rule of thumb is that a single four hour tabletop session is equivalent to about two to four weeks play-by-post time depending on everyone's activity levels. It is a slower pace however for some that is nice because they can take the time to really craft things the way they want.

    • If you have run play-by-post games before please let us know whether these have been successful or not and if not, feel free to go into details about what happened. The goal of this is to help provide new DMs with a support structure to get them through the rough patches. so let us know where you might need help.

  2. How experienced with Pathfinder are you? DMs of all levels are welcome but knowing this will help us keep an eye out for different things. Again we're here to support you, not step on your toes.

  3. How comfortable are you with the infrastructure requirements for a game. Are you familiar enough with rPoL to create and upload your own tactical maps or set up character sheets or find evocative images on the internet to help set the scene.

  4. What kind of game do you want to run? My recommendation is to look at shorter modules like those used for PFS (Pathfinder Society) games or the "1-shot" adventures. The goal is to keep overall time commitments shorter. If you find that you really like things and have a party that's working out great then you can think about rolling off of this site and starting up your own full fledged gaming thread so you have all the room you need to grow. Otherwise if you find that your schedule doesn't really work well or the work isn't very fun then having only a 4-6 month commitment means that you can wrap things up and give your players a satisfying ending.

    If you have a specific module in mind let us know. Otherwise if you can articulate the general type of adventure (e.g. Pirates or goblins or classic dungeon crawl or murder mystery etc.) the DMs can try and find something that you can use. Homebrew campaigns are great but we would prefer the setting to either be from Pathfinder or generic "fantasy setting that can be dropped in anywhere" for ease of character creation and support. If your game is set in Golarion then it is very easy for the other DMs to help out with ideas. If the world exists only in your head then that limits the support that we can provide.

  5. What level of advice/feedback are you looking for? A a scale of 1 to 10, with a 1 being "only contact me when I ask for help" and a 10 being "omg! look over my shoulder and tell me everything!" what kind of support level are you looking for. Do you want help selecting your players? Coming up with adventure hooks and NPCs? If you want help with an NPC are you just looking for a name or do you want us to put our heads together and give you a fully fleshed out creation to run with? Again this is to help us work with you because we want to support you, not suffocate you or abandon you.

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Thu 12 Jul 2018
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RTJ Process
RTJs for Players

Below is where DMs will put up ads for their specific games and detail what they are looking for in a request to join.

Please specify which game you are applying for

You can apply for multiple games however note that different DMs might have different information so make sure you satisfy all those requirements.
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Fri 27 Jul 2018
at 07:26
The Godsmouth Heresy
Edit: Two players have dropped out.  PM me if you would like to be considered to replace them.

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Tue 11 Sep 2018
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Sargavan Serpents
Edit: This game has begun and is no longer accepting players.

Sargava, where lost treasure, lost cities, lost lore, and lost lives go hand in hand. A place so difficult that even the Pathfinder Society is trying to convince its people to get out for safer realms, suspecting that civil war could break out at any time.

The Society is looking for messengers to get word to the last Pathfinders that they know of in Sargava, or to get reports out if the Pathfinders themselves refuse to come.

I would prefer if at least one character has connections to the Pathfinder Society, or is possibly even a new initiate on their confirmation mission.  Another alternative would be a personal connection to one of the Pathfinders currently in Sargava.

Characters will start at 4th level, stats will be generated with a 20 point buy.

For your RTJ, try to hit at least most of the areas below.

1.Character concept
A brief summary of your character. It can be as specific as "Elven Rogue from the Darklands" to generic like "I want to cast spells" or "I want to stab things a lot"

When coming up with details about your character I would like to know more than just what date and time did this or that happen. I like to see successes and failures, strengths and flaws, twists and turns to really make this character jump off the page and feel like someone I have eight thousand ideas on how to guide them, twist them, reward them or punish them. This can be as long or as short as you want as long as it is an example of the type of writing you plan to bring to the game. Basically, I'm looking for what story potential they have.

3.Why do YOU want to play Pathfinder?
Are you in it for the thrilling combat? The maidens and maesters in distress? Do you love to swindle the Big Bad into ruining his own plots? What brings you to the table? What brings you the most joy in a roleplaying game like Pathfinder? This is very broad and can be as simple as "I like fighting orcs" to an elaborate tale about how this fantasy world has captured your imagination and dreams.

4.Flexibility Score
Some people come in with a character already built in their heads and that is what they want to play. Some players donít care what they play amd could have fun with a commoner. Most lie somewhere in betweem. As we look to assemble parties it is important to know how much wiggle room you have in your submission(s)

Please give a 1-10 score based on this guideline:
1.I will not play if I have to change anything about them. My character is perfect.

2. Minor cosmetic or backstory changes only. A different parentage or country of origin but overall the character concept is set.

3. Minor mechanical tweaks. Swapping out an archetype or switching to different styles within the same class (i.e. going from two-handed ranger to two-weapon fighting)

4. Minor core changes. Switching from ranged to melee within the same martial class or upgrading backstory from a peasant to nobility or vice versa.

5.Moderate Changes - Willing to switch classes within the same branch (arcane caster, divine caster, martial). Willing to shift race slightly but the final results would still be fairly recognizable.

6. Major-ish change. Starting to look like a new character but still preserves about 2/3rds of the original character.

7. Major Changes - Different race, different gender, different class branch, different backstory but still keeping something from the original concept. If you squint it's still kind of sort of the same character.

8. New Character with caveats - Basically a brand new character however there are significant restrictions and caveats like "must be an arcane caster" or "no spellcaster class"

9. New Character with minor caveats - You're willing to make a new character to fit a role but there are just some minor points that you would rather not. You've played 5 rogues so you don't really want to play a rogue-y character but could be persuaded to given a new take on it.

10. Whatever you want - I don't care what I play. If you want to just make a character and hand it over, go for it!

5.Setting Knowledge
How well do you know the Golarion setting?  Please note that this has zero bearing on if I accept an RTJ.  It is simply curiosity and a way for me to gauge how much I may need to explain various things.

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Fri 18 Jan 2019
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At the moment we are not looking for players, though we will still accept gm applications.  If this changes I will edit this message.