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Beware All Who Enter
These Benighted Halls of Stone
Within Lies No Solace
Nor Any Comforts of Home
Toiling For Our Crimes
We Must Dig Where We Dwell
With No Freedom or Mercy
In Our Vast Stony Hell.

                  -Inscription over the entrance of Stonehell Dungeon

More than a hundred years have passed since the liberation of Stonehell, but in that time the prison has not rested easily. Like a festering wound, Stonehell will not heal or grow quiescent. During these decades, the site has been used as a hideout for countless bands of bandits and brigands. It has served as the laboratory for wizards who needed solitude to conduct their bizarre experiments. Practitioners of grim religions have sought sanctuary within its night-haunted halls to avoid the prying eyes of the forces of light. Roving bands of orcs, goblins, and other fierce humanoids have found shelter and respite within Stonehell's chambers, their numbers swelling with the passage of time.

The years have done little to quell the rumors as to what lies within the crumbling prison. Tales of cannibal kingdoms inhabited by pale-skinned ghouls who've carved a fortune of jewels from the earth compete with yarns about obscene magical experiments that stalk the corridors below. Bands of fearless adventurers regularly plumb the depths of the former prison. Those who return do so laden with riches won from that which still malingers within, but many do not return at all.
OSR Style D&D using the 5e ruleset modified slightly, for more accessibility:

I'm looking for 3-5 players who enjoy writing and roleplaying in a gritty, realistic setting. Combat heavy with focus on survival (especially early on), but with plenty of room for roleplay.

I'm looking for more "traditional/typical" races and classes (i.e. human, elf, dwarf, fighter, rogue, cleric etc.) to create a rounded party. Characters will begin at level 1.

Barring unforeseen RL circumstances, the post rate of this game should be once every 24-48 hours.

Knowledge of DnD 5e is not required to join. In your request to join please include:

1) Desired character name/race/class. Do not submit a character sheet.
2) Tell me if you've played Stonehell before & your level of 5e experience
3) Most importantly, a writing sample, preferably from a game you have played in, to see if our writing styles fit. A few sentences is probably enough.

Looking forward to scouring the depths with you :)

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In reply to Jallopy (msg # 1):

Short summary of a few tidbits you all should know, I will add on if I forget anything.

The "dungeon turn" is 10 minutes. In this turn a player may do many things including, but not limited to, moving 12 squares or 120' feet unencumbered 8 squares or 80' encumbered, attempting to bash a door down, picking a lock, looking for a secret door, and short rest. Using a "dungeon turn" to accomplish an action that has no consequences will automatically succeed, similar to "taking a 10 or 20" from 3.5. If you want to do it faster, you can make the skill check and upon failure, the dungeon turn must be used.


No races except Mountain Dwarves, Rock Gnomes, and Dark Elves have darkvision.

1. Light is a 1st level spell, can now be cast on an opponent's eyeballs (dex save to avoid) giving them the "blinded" condition for 1 minute. It can also be used to counter magical darkness.
2. Dancing lights is a 1st level spell but no longer requires concentration and lasts 1 hour.
3. Produce Flame doesn't provide light of the caster.
4. Continual flame creates a globe of fire that has double the light range of a torch, but cannot be moved
5. A caster with cantrips can cast 6 of them, each, per day. The exception is the warlock who takes the agonizing blast invocation, then these come back on a short rest for eldritch blast.
6. Goodberry provides healing but no longer nourishes you for an entire day.
7. Leomund's tiny hut is not a ritual.

1. Long rest "slow natural healing" variant.
2. Short rests only last 10 minutes.
3. "Second-Wind" no longer refreshes once you are out of hit dice.
4. Remove the "only one long rest per 8 hours" restriction.

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