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Day 1 - Intro
Area Background

The Realm of mankind is narrow and constricted. Always
the forces of Chaos press upon its borders, seeking to enslave
its populace, rape its riches, and steal its treasures. If
it were not for a stout few, many in the Realm would indeed
fall prey to the evil which surrounds them. Yet, there are always
certain exceptional and brave members of humanity,
as well as similar individuals among its allies - dwarves,
elves, and halflings - who rise above the common level
and join battle to stave off the darkness which would otherwise
overwhelm the land. Bold adventurers from the Realm
set off for the Borderlands to seek their fortune. It is these adventurers
who, provided they survive the challenge, carry
the battle to the enemy. Such adventurers meet the forces
of Chaos in a testing ground where only the fittest will return
to relate the tale. Here, these individuals will become
skilled in their profession, be it fighter or magic-user, cleric
or thief. They will be tried in the fire of combat, those who return,
hardened and more fit. True, some few who do survive
the process will turn from Law and good and serve the
masters of Chaos, but most will remain faithful and ready to
fight chaos wherever it threatens to infect the Realm.

You are indeed members of that exceptional class, adventurers
who have journeyed to the Keep Lockpin
in search of fame and fortune. Of course you are inexperienced,
but you have your skills and a heart that cries
out for adventure. You have it in you to become great, but
you must gain experience and knowledge and greater
skill. There is much to learn, and you are willing and eager
to be about it! Each of you has come with everything which
could possibly be given you to help. Now you must fend for
yourselves; your fate is in your hands, for better or worse.

Ahead, up the winding road, atop a sheer-walled mount of
stone, looms the great Keep. Here, at one of civilizationís
strongholds between good lands and bad, you will base
yourselves and equip for forays against the wicked monsters
who lurk in the wilds. Somewhere nearby, amidst the
dark forests and tangled fens, is Stonehell Dungeon
where fell creatures lie in wait. All this you know, but before
you dare adventure into such regions you must become
acquainted with the other members of your group, for each
life will depend upon the ability of the others to cooperate
against the common foe. Now, before you enter the grim
fortress, is the time for introductions and an exchange of information,
for fate seems to have decreed that you are to
become an adventurous band who must pass through
many harrowing experiences together on the path which
leads towards greatness.


Mission Background

The magical-mechanical monstrosity known as the
Plated Mage began life as Xyn Mahrek, an aging human
magic-user who sought to prolong his life indefinitely.
To achieve this goal, Xyn and his apprentices established
an arcane laboratory within Stonehell Dungeon.

Untrusting of longevity potions or undead
existence, Xyn experimented with artificial life and
mind-transference before discovering the possibility of
organic-technological hybridization. Having achieved
success with this method on his baboon test subjects,
Xyn planned to use this magical technology, which he
called "arcanitech," to achieve immortality.

Before he was able to begin this process, the increasing
number of adventurers venturing into Stonehell forced
Xyn and his apprentices to abandon their upper
laboratory and move deeper into the dungeon. Below,
they hoped to find a more secure location to conduct this
transformation. For several years, nothing's been heard
from the mage or his students, and now you all have been tasked
to locate the old upper laboratory by an old elf by the name of
Rizilyn. You've been offered a hefty sum of 25,000 gold, split
between the lot of you if you manage to return with at least mediocre
directions and some sort of proof of the discovery of the lab.


You have travelled for many days, leaving the Realm and
entering into the wilder area of the Borderlands. Farms and
towns have become less frequent and travellers few. The
road has climbed higher as you enter the forested and
mountainous country.

You now move up a narrow, rocky track. A sheer wall of natural
stone is on your left, the path falling away to a steep
cliff on the right. There is a small widening ahead, where
the main gate to the Keep is. The blue-clad men-at-arms
who guard the entrance shout at you to give your names
and state your business. All along the wall you see curious
faces peering down at you - eager to welcome new
champions of Law, but ready with crossbow and pole arm
to give another sort of welcome to enemies.

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Kilvar Barrelchin
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Mon 23 Jul 2018
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Day 1 - Intro
Kilvar raises a hand in greeting, "Kilvar Barrelchin. I'm here for the reward of Stonehell. I brought ale." He raises one of the jugs hanging off the side of his backpack as far as it will go.
Keton Stonehammer
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Mon 23 Jul 2018
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Day 1 - Intro
Keton of Clan Stonehammer. I've come to test the Stonehell." Keton strokes his beard a bit as he waits to see if the guards will let them pass. He eyes the stone work with a practiced eye as if gauging its craftsmanship.
Syndrael Ordel
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Tue 24 Jul 2018
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Day 1 - Intro
Syndrael let out a soft sigh of relief as the narrow stone track that she had been ascending came to a end and the sight of the Keep that served as the entrance to Stonehell came into view with its battlements still manned blue clad men-at-arms. As she had traveled the lonely roads and poorly worn tracks to the Borderlands and to this Keep, part of her had half expected to arrive only to find the place overrun by monsters or mercenaries in the service to the forces of evil. It was hard for a women as experienced in the world as herself to imagine a Dark Mage as powerful as the Plated Mage and his army of fawning minions surrendering the upper levels of a place such as this so easily. But who could say why Mages did what they did, it had been thinking like that that had ensured that Syndrael would never be among the ranks of the great weavers of magic despite both her people's and her own families powerful magical heritage. Not that she minded, she had followed her heart and the natural gifts given to her by the Seldarine, thus she was happy.

With a second soft sigh as she forced her mind to the present and began to walk forward toward the gate, as she approached she pulled back the hood of her well worn forest green cloak to expose her face to the men-at-arms before they got jumpy. Once it was clear none of them would go for their crossbows she let the cloak which had severed her so well through days of travel both on the road and sneaking silently through the wilds fall open and back across her shoulders. So that both the men-at-arms and the small cluster of recently arrived adventurers could get a good look at her and recognize her as a friend, in these lawless lands one took ones life in their own hands trusted a stranger who hide inside the folds of her cloak.

Syndrael was like most of her kind, fair of skin, her face suggested a youth that belied her true age, her eyes had a almond shape about them and where of a bright forest green, her hair was silky golden blonde worn long, her ears sharp and pointed. A sheelf of the most noble of the elven lines stepped in the arcane arts, clad in fine but well worn tunic and breeches of white and gold stained with dirt and dust from hard travel, armoured in a fine light chainmail shirt that guarded the soft smell of her chest, around her waist hung a soft leather swordbelt with a masterfully forged elven longsword sheathed in a leather sheath, across her back under the folds of her cloak a well used leather pack and a tough wooden shield painted in the same white as her tunic with golden elvish scrip covering much of its face.

The young elven spell sword raised a gloved hand to her mouth and called out in a tone that filled the air despite not raising to the level of a shout, "Hello the Keep, Syndrael Ordel, Daughter of Merowin Ordel, of the Elves of the City of Towers, Spellsword and Adventuress, seeking entry into your halls." Those deep forest green eyes turn to her fellow adventurers gathering at the gate as they wait with a appraising look and a warm smile, "Merry meet."
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Thu 26 Jul 2018
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Day 1 - Intro
There's a brief moment of silence as Kilvar steps forward to introduce himself, only to be broken by the raising of the portcullis. Smiles light up a few faces on the wall as their eyes meet the sloshing jug of ale.

"Another wagon of hopefuls? Say no more, entry granted. Just keep your weapons sheathed while you're in these walls." The plate-clad guardsman smirks and turns his back to you.

"Follow me." He says, looking over his shoulder as he steps through the 10 foot passage and opens the huge wooden gates at the end.

The corporal of the watch is here in the narrow pathway behind the gate.  He is dressed in plate mail and carries a shield, with sword and dagger at his waist. Beside him is a man in robes (a scribe) who records the name of each person who enters or leaves, and flanking each man is another man-at-arms in plate with pole arms. Some lackeys emerge from the stables behind the corporal and lead your horses into the stables. The corporal steps forward, hands on his hips.

"Ah some more dead men." The corporal groans. "Yous better not cause a ruckus. We've got a carpenters' guild arriving tonight and we don't want some hooligans out free-jesting. Well, yous all look like some shit. HANSEL! Take the fine elf and her shitband to the Inn. It might be the last time they'll ever get some sleep again." He goes to walk away, but hesitates and looks to Syndrael. "And tell that bum Sergeant Evoe to get back on watch, I know he's been slacking in the tavern."

One of the lackeys finishes stabling a horse and leads Kilvar, Keton, and Syndrael through the Keep to the Traveller's Inn .
This long, 18' tall structure has five small private rooms and a large common sleeping room for a full dozen. Private rooms cost 1 g.p. per night, but sleeping in the common room is only 1 silver piece per night.

The green-robed scribe looks to the halfling and human of the party, waiting to record their names into the records.

Traveler's Inn

Keep Lockpin

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Kilvar Barrelchin
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Sun 29 Jul 2018
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Day 1 - Intro
Kilvar smiles and gives a pat to the dagger and darts at his belt, "No problem. I don't use them often anyway."

When he hears of the tavern, he perks up and gains a bit more swiftness to his step. As he enters the Traveller's Inn, he stops and takes a deep breath in through his nose. " we're talking. Barkeep! What's the best you got?"