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Our cultivators begin play in the very large, heavily populated human refuge of Yin-Yang city. It has an ancient heritage, and was founded by the combined efforts of two great families, the Yin and the Yang families, both of which occupy the position of royalty within the city itself, with equal status. Such is the emphasis on balance that the city essentially has two governing bodies, and mirroring bureaucratic organizations below them. As the city itself is split into the equally large Yin and Yang sectors, each 'government' and City Lord only holds jurisdiction within one sector, acting in partnership to represent the city as whole as the collective body known as the Yin-Yang Sect. Also for the purpose of balance, the Yin family passes down the position of Yang City Lord, while the Yang family passes down the position of Yin City Lord, further entwining the two families together, with the original founders having passed ruler-ship of each others vassal families to the other to represent their bond.

The city itself is a massive defensive formation, unsurprisingly forming a immense Yin-Yang symbol spanning approximately 60.000 square li (30.00 square kilometers). The Yin royal palace forms the yin within the larger Yang sector, while its mirror the Yang palace forms the yang within the larger Yin sector. The two major gates in and out of the cities are set where the swirling thinning formation points of yin and yang meet their greater counterpart at the outer wall, joining the sectors over each gate. These gates are known unsurprisingly as the Northern Yin Gate and the Southern Yang Gate and are massive bulwarks sheathed in scales of ki-infused meteor iron and opened and closed on ancient mechanisms.

With a population of roughly 120 million by most recent census, the city is a sprawling megaplex with distinct and heavily protected agricultural sectors, and though the city is possessed of fields and peacefully arranged parks and gardens belonging to cultivators and nobility, in equal measure one will find filthy packed slums teeming with the seedier side of humanity and everything in between. Horrible crimes and wondrous heroics are found in equal measure Yin-Yang City, the actions of mere mortals usually beneath the notice of the super-human cultivators that claim to walk above such worldly matters in their midst, cultivators who people know truthfully to sometimes be fickle and cruel in their arrogant contempt for those below them, particularly if offended.

In each sector, close to the Palaces of Yin and Yang, are the Cultivation Grounds, environments in the nexus of a series of intersecting dragon lines, suffused with varying layers of Natural Qi, highly nourishing for a cultivator's growth. Access is granted sparingly to those with sufficient ranking, and as such rankings are often the source of power struggles and dueling among the various cultivators who strive to improve their lot. Each Cultivation Ground also hosts a Hall of Folded Worlds, a building within which is only a great hall with many gates, each of which opens unto a complete another world when opened, created long ago by ancient cultivators. These worlds are used for various purposes, some to train cultivators, others to harvest resources, some are ancient tombs of near-forgotten elders, others are locked prison-scapes for particularly heinous criminals. If the Cultivation Grounds are difficult to enter, then the Halls of Folded Worlds are even harder to access without special dispensation, and they are heavily guarded by powerful elders.

Each sector boasts a substantial mercantile sector, each also hosting its own Auction Hall, where the greater treasures filtered through the markets are given up to the highest bidder. The Auction Hall has a powerful reputation, and very few dare throw their weight against them, as their reprisal has always been fierce and vicious.


Lore about the regions outside of the city is restricted by cultivation level and/or profession.

Outside the walls of the the city is untamed wilderness where demonic beasts roam freely, and such is the danger that cultivators below Xiantian realm are not permitted out unless traveling in a group. The Great Beasts are elder demonic beasts with ancient blood-lines and wield great power, on par with the cultivators of the Yin-Yang sect. This expansive territory surrounds Yin-Yang City and is known as the Greater Beast Reach.

The beasts tamed by the Beastmasters Hall all have origins in the Greater Beast Reach, and the Lesser Beast Reach is in fact an expanse of land within the city with various terrain types artificially formed that a cultivators tamed beast may roam freely at will. For certain periods it is cleared of tamed beasts, filled with wild ones, and cultivators may enter to either hunt or attempt to tame the demonic beasts within.

No merchants that bring wares to the city from distant places comes to Yin-Yang City without guards of generally at least Truth realm, unless they travel by aerial beast or artifact, which is typically a more costly enterprise either way, and sometimes subject to its own dangers. None-the-less, four times a year massive trade and supply caravans arrive and deposit goods, picking up goods designated by the local merchants and leaving once more with them to a place undisclosed to the general public. The threat of demonic beasts is such that these caravans are evidently almost always attacked, often multiple times, and tragically casualties are not an unknown. Sometimes whole caravans have been destroyed, which typically has a deep impact on the economy of the city.

The fact that the caravans come from and go to somewhere has always led to speculation about the nature of their trade allies, but by all accounts they seem human as well, by what little about them has gotten out from the merchants who trade with them, or the elder cultivators who have returned from beyond the walls. In a city of 120 million there have always been curious people, but the Greater Beast Reach is vast and dangerous, and the caravans are always carefully screened before leaving, making such exploration a distant fantasy without sufficient cultivation. Simply leaving and surviving the Greater Beast Reach on ones own is considered so impossible that one of the criminal forms of punishments for non-cultivators is banishment, which is considered on level with and possibly a rather cruel form of execution.

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Political Organizations in Yin-Yang city

Royal Families of the Yin-Yang Sect

Yin Royal Family
Current Family Head and Yin City Lord: Yin Mo Xue - Known as the Yin Spear Goddess
Branch Families: Yen, Qin, Yao

Yang Royal Family
Current Family Head and Yang City Lord: Yang Tien - known as the Yang Bladelord
Branch families - Yuan, Yan, Xing,

Noble Families

'Dwarf' families
 - 2 noble families
 - Both are Yin Vassal Families
  - Lo Family
      - Current Family Head: Lo Ming the Drunken Dragon
      - Branch Families: Qian, Jia

  - Jin Family
      - Current Family Head: Jin Feng - The Blue Meteor
      - Branch Families: Shi, Liu

'Elven' families
 - 2 noble families
 - Both are Yang Vassal Families
  - Wang Family
       - Current Family Head:  Wang Li
      - Branch Families: Lu, Lau,

  - Lin Family
      - Current Family Head:  Lin Mu -
      - Branch Families: Xiao, Zhang,

'Gnome' families
 - 1 noble family
 - Yin Vassal Family
    Wu Family
      - Branch Families: Chang, Yi, Shao, Fu, Yu
Notable Elders: Wu Zhou the Flying Sword, formerly Shao Zhou but became Wu Zhou upon being formally adpoted into the head family.

'Halfling' families
 - 1 noble family
 - Yang Vassal Family
   Gao Family
      - Branch Families: Choi, Qiao, Lou, Sheung, Lai
 - Notable Elders: Lou Liang

Noble families without inherited bloodline heritage (IE regular human)
  10 families

 - T'ien (Yang Vassal Family)
 - Peng (Yang Vassal Family)
 - Guo  (Yang Vassal Family)
 - Shen (Yang Vassal Family)
 - Zhao (Yang Vassal Family)
 - Xu (Yin Vassal Family)
 - Du (Yin Vassal Family)
 - Wei (Yin Vassal Family)
 - Cho (Yin Vassal Family)
 - Zheng (Yin Vassal Family

Law Enforcement Bureau

Beastmasters Hall

Alchemy Pavilion

Auction Guild Pavilion

Blacksmiths Guild

Merchant Guild

Demonic Tunist/Terpsichore Hall

Soul Painters Guild

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