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General Knowledge
Months: Winter - Masym, Cece, Aerelm
        Spring - Helswe, Gerey, Frilda
        Summer - Brica, Arior, Andes
        Fall   - Elemed, Helmaer, Bursa
4 Weeks a month, 7 Days a week, 24 Hours a day, etc...

Date: Year Month Day  (1528 Frilda 16)

Country: Ebruxcia
Capital: Athra
Temperate Climate, 4 seasons.

Each country has 2 Trial Caves, and runs those trials twice a year. You can run the trials in between the ages of 14 to 16. Just depends on when your birthday is.
The trials are ran by the Military, the Adventurers Guild, and the Gears Commission. The Military maintains constant security for the caves.  The Guild provides additional security and medical support.  The Gears Commission provides administration to record who as taken the trials and what the Gear received was.  The Commission keeps a record of all known Gear users and abilities.


Dragonfolk, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Beast.

Dragonfolk, Elf, and Beast have a large differences within the respective races allowing for numerous mutations.

IE: Dragonfolk have different color variations, with or without wings or tails, some look pure human.

There is Slavery, but there are strict Laws protecting the slaves.  About 50% of slaves are Beastfolk, while the other races make up the rest.  Slaves can join the military and earn the right to be a citizen after 5 years service.

IE: For hurting or abusing another persons slave, It is a 1000 Gold fine, 5 days Jail, and any medical expenses incurred by the slave while injured.
    If you hurt or abuse your own slave you lose your rights to own slaves, and become the slave of the one you hurt.


1 OC = 1 Copper
10 Copper = 1 Silver
10 Silver = 1 Gold

OC or Old Currency is found in tombs, dungeons and ruins.  The Guild will convert these over for free.

The World is about 60% explored.


Council of 4
    4 Military Reps (Security, Defense, Intelligence, Guild)
    4 Business Reps (Construction, Armor Smiths & Tailors, Blacksmiths, General (Slave Trade, Inns, Taverns))
    4 Gears Commission Reps
    4 Clerics (Church of the Divine, Old Gods, Church of Science & Logic, Beast Worship)

The council creates laws based on the progress of society and the concerns of the caste.  Laws must be passed of unanimous decision of all 4 caste, with 3 caste reps vote for it.


There are 4 major religions

    Church of the Divine: Believes the Divine died creating the world, and the Gears are an extension of the Divine.
    Old Gods: Believes in the Old Parthenon of Gods (Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut, Alexander, POPO)
    Church of Science and Logic:  Believes there is more to the world to discover than just through blind faith.
    Beast Worship:  Common among the Beastfolk and DragonFolk.  They worship the animals from which they were gifted.  A Beast or Dragonfolk will never waste an animal it has hunted.


      There is Copper, Steel, Gold, Platinum, Mithral, Diamond and Admantine.
The Guild rankings are shown by wearing a tag made of the material on your neck.  Each rank has special privileges.

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