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Stage 2: Rules and Important Info
Game Rules

1. Above all, RESPECT is the most important word in any game that I run.

2. No Godmoding and/or Metagaming. Know that taking control of a character you do not have the right to, will result in a warning. Using information you acquired through unofficial and/or OOC methods is also a warning.

3. GM rulings are to be considered law. If you disagree with a ruling, please use PM with the GM to contest. Keep in mind that this should be rarely used and any abuse will result in dropping you from the game.

Posting Rules

- Third Person, Past Tense posting.

- While grammar and spelling are not of vital importance, please ensure it is something most people can read. In particular, use a spellcheck of some sort.

- There is a minimum limit of one substantial paragraph worth of content in your posts. "Substantial" is a flexible word.

- Please summarize your actions OOCly including a copy of the roll in a spoiler colored Orange.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Like this! GM Wrath continues to explain utilizing History.

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Stage 2: Rules and Important Info