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Tue 17 Jul 2018
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RTJ, Character Creation, and Post Formatting
Be warned, this is not a "first come, first serve" game. I am looking for strong players with strong, interesting character concepts. If you're answers below are monosyllabic... well, this might not be the place for you.

Character Name: Name you will be added to game by. Please include a given name and a surname for your character.
Group Role: Long range support, Short Range Striker, Melee brawler, etc. There will be a post to discuss and finalize this once players have been selected.
Personality: A short description of your character's general personality (3-5 Sentences maximum please)
Background: A short description of your character's history (3 paragraph maximum please). Please include where your character is from (ie, Earth/Mars/The Belt).

Have you played d20 before? Experience with a d20 system is not necessary. The system is simple to pick up and easy to use.

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Tue 17 Jul 2018
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Character Creation
See the second post in The Game System thread for creating your character.
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Wed 18 Jul 2018
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Post Formatting
Sometimes it can be difficult to focus on a large block of text, especially if you're trying to come up with a reply from your character. To make conversation between characters stand out (and ease strain on the DM's eyes) each character will choose (or be assigned if needed) a color for their speech.

You may choose any color found in the Styled Text menu, except Red and Royalred. Red is reserved for rules/titles and Royalred is reserved for NPC's. Also please consider bolding speech so that it stands out even more.

As stated, you can choose any remaining color in the menu, but do please keep readability in mind: Orange, Aqua, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Dark Green, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Coral, Goldenrod, Seagreen, Periwinkle, Lavendar, Rose, Grey. For example, if someone has already chosen Yellow, I would advise avoiding Goldenrod as they are visually pretty similar.

The majority of posts likely won't have any rolls or rules needed. However, for those where rules and rolls are called for they should be formatted as follows.

Make you're post. Say what you want to say, do what you want to attempt. At the end of your post place a Horizontal Rule (<hr>). Beneath the rule mark out your actions on separate lines. Are you moving? Where are you moving from and where are you moving to (there will be an image with a number/letter grid to make this easier). What action, if any, are you taking? Are you making a check; or an attack? If you are attacking, state which enemy you are attacking (will be numbered). Roll your dice (remember to add your bonuses) and paste it into the section, please italicize rolls. After the roll please include the Encounter DC (will be posted for all to see) and if the roll was a success or Failure. If a success, roll applicable Effort. When you have completed your turn, please include "End of Turn" in bold letters. if you have questions for the DM; ie "Can I check to see if this NPC is lying?" or "Does enemy #3 have any bonus from cover?" you may do that by inserting a private line at the end of the rules post.

Nikola runs around the corner, taking cover behind the wall, popping out to provide cover fire for the rest of the team.

"Move, move, move!" He yells as he squeezes off several rounds from his SMG.
Move Action from A4 - E7 to take cover.
Attack Action on Enemy #1.
15:27, Today: Nikola Hertz (Example) rolled 12 using 1d20+2.  Attack Roll. agianst Encounter DC 10. Success!
15:37, Today: Nikola Hertz (Example) rolled 5 using 1d6.  Weapon Effort - Damage.
End of Turn

[Private to GM: Does enemy #3 have any bonus from cover?]