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The Game System
The system is heavily base on the Index Card RPG system by Runehammer Games. It is a very stripped down version of the D20 system. It's easy to pick up and play and I'm going to explain how to do so in this post alone.

There are two parts to your character sheet. The top part represents you, the pilot, and will be used any time you are out of your Mobile Frame. The second, is your Mobile frame. Greater explanation about each of these will be in their own posts below. For now, we'll go into how to use the system in general.

How to Do Stuff
When it's your turn you'll be able to Move your Burst distance (this is when you need to move as far as you possibly can; we'll figure out your burst distance when we build your character/Frame), Move and take an action (Make a check using your stats/loot), or make an attempt (Which work like checks, only you get to add Effort!).

Checks and Attempts will have DC's set by me, the DM. In order to make things easy for both of us there are only three types of DC's. There's the Encounter DC, which I will post in the encounter's primary post. Unless I say otherwise this will be the target number for all of your rolls; checks, attacks, enemy defense, etc. Other than that there is an Easy DC (Encounter DC-3) and a Hard DC (Encounter DC +3).

Effort is where the game starts to get interesting. Whenever you are trying to achieve a goal; ie Hack a terminal, repair your frame, pick a lock, kill an enemy, etc. You'll roll you're d20+Loot versus the Encounter DC. If you succeed, you roll effort. There are 4 kinds of effort. Basic Effort: This represents just your physical/mental self with no assistance. Lifting, Pushing, Jumping, Climbing, Communicating, etc. Weapon Effort: Represents having aid from some sort of device. Fighting with a weapon is the most common, but also Hacking with a computer, using lock picks, etc. Tech Effort: Represents using advanced tools to achieve your goals. Using a rocket launcher to attack a vehicle or breaching charge to open a door. Ultimate Effort: Crit! When you roll a 20 on your attempt you will add whatever effort you are using normally, but you will also add an additional 1d12 of Ultimate Effort. This will help you overcome your task with great ease and speed.

Stat Checks
The most common rolls you will be making, other than attack rolls, will be stat rolls. There are six stats.

Strength (STR): Use for feats of raw strength. Hold on for dear life, Stop a rolling vehicle, Stand firm against howling wind, Hold a massive door open.
Dexterity (DEX): Use for feats of agility and dodging. Jump over an obstacle, Hide in shadows, Sneak up on a target, Dodge a grenade, Aim a gun.
Constitution (CON): Use for feats of physical constitution. Resist poison, Fight off being stunned, Resist freezing cold, Out-drink a bar-goer.
Intelligence (INT): Use for feats of the mind and knowledge. Defend against mind control, Remember the Password, Speak a second language, Remember a legend.
Wisdom (WIS): Use for feats of skill and intuition. Spot enemies from afar, Resist confusion with faith, Notice a trap, Intuit the thoughts of an opponent.
Charisma (CHA): Use for feats of personality and persuasion. Intimidate a guard, Resist brainwashing, Resist fear, Command a squadron to charge.

Loot is a pretty generic term. I can obviously mean stuff. Weapons, armor, equipment, food, etc. However Loot is also used to represent skills and abilities. For example, if your character has undergone the proper training, he might gain the Tracking Skill which makes tracking attempts an Easy DC. Or he may want the H. Weapons Skill which allows him to roll double his H. Weapon Effort when using certain weapons. Loot descriptions will look like this:

Handgun (Weapon, Move Range; Roll Weapon Effort. 12 shots before reload)
Sniper Rifle (Weapon, Burst Range+; 18+ Add Ultimate Effort. 6 shots before reload)
Ballistic Vest (Armor; Reduce bullet damage by 2)
Hack Bug (Item; Tiny stck-on module that decodes passwords or locked doors in 1 round)
Military Ration (Food; Basic Effort HP Recovery when eaten; Doesn't go bad)
Almost Got It (Skill; When lockpicking, roll Effort twice, take the higher result)
Penetrating Shot (Ability; When using a Burst Range Weapon shoot through object between you and the target).

Loot will be an ever-growing list with it's own post here in this Thread.

Death & Dying
Every game has to have rules in place for this contingency. So, here they are.

When reduced to zero hit points, you are now Dying. This means you are unconscious, bleeding out, and running out of time. On your next turn after being dropped, roll a d6. In that many of YOUR turns, you are irrevocably, stone cold, DEAD. Pray you don't roll a 1. One each of your turns during your dying countdown, roll a d20. If you get a natural 20, jump up miraculously with 1 hit point. It was just a flesh wound.

If you don't roll a 20, to stop the dying countdown an ally must reach you and help. They reach out, hold your head up, apply pressure, and say ďdonít die on me man!Ē They must make a WIS or INT roll to succeed. This simple act will halt the countdown, but you will remain out cold until healed with medical supplies, or rested and healed naturally.

However, If you take so much damage that you are reduced to -20 Hit Points or worse in a single hit, you are blown to pieces. There isnít even a corpse.

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Character Creation
As stated above, your character has Six stats, Hit points, Defense, 4 types of effort, and his move speed (Charge and Burst are determined by your Move).

Each of these can be increased by points. You have 10 points to begin with and will be rewarded additional points as the game progresses. Points are spent on a 1 for 1 basis. So if you wanted to increase your strength by 1, you would spent 1 point. If you wanted to increase your strength by 2 points you would spend 2 points. Move is increased by 5 feet per point spent. Keep in mind, that this is a balancing act. Each stat is useful and overloading on one will unbalance the others. Of course, if you want to do that, it's your choice.

Starting Scores
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma all start at +0. Hit Points start at 20. Defense starts at 10. Move begins at 30 feet. Charge is Move x2, and Burst is Move x5. All Effort starts at +0.

Starting Loot
Starting loot will consist of only one skill before play starts. These skills will be discussed with the DM and custom created for your character.

Further loot will all be gained within the game, this includes Mobile Frames.

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Mobile Frame Hanger
Mecha, known in this universe as Mobile frames, operate on a system called Chunks. In fact, all vehicles use this same system.

The first chunk chosen when designing the frame is the Frame Weight. Each Frame weight determines the Frame's base HP, How many additional Chunks the Frame has, it's Defense bonus, and it's Move distance. There are three catagories:

Light Frame: Light weight, fast frame; 5 HP/3 Chunks/+3 Defense/40ft Move
Medium Frame: Average weight, multipurpose frame;  10 HP/4 Chunks/+2 Defense/30ft Move
Heavy Frame: Heavy weight, sturdy frame;  15 HP/5 Chunks/+1 Defense/20ft Move

Chunks, like Loot, represent all other Frame equipment. Weapons, Armor, Additional systems such as Radar, Stealth systems, Anti-Missile Systems, Boosters, etc. Each chunk adds an additional 5 HP to your mobile frame.

Chunk Damage & Destruction
Frame damage is a little more in depth than "You've reached zero HP and your disabled." As noted above each chunk has 5 HP. When you take damage you get to determine how to allocate the damage to any chunks you have, including you're primary frame. if a chunk is reduced to zero HP it is considered disabled and unusable. If your primary frame chunk is disabled, roll a d6 (just like when you're pilot is dying). In that many of your turns, the Frame's power core will go critical and explode.

On each of your turn roll a d20 versus the Encounter DC. If you succeed you are able to recover Basic Effort Frame HP. Loot may change the type of Effort you can recover. Unlike pilots, this roll cannot be assisted by another player. If you are unable to to repair your frame before your time runs out you have one of two final actions to perform. You can Eject in which you are launched from your frame in an ejector seat while your frame goes critical and explodes (dealing 3x Ultimate Effort) to everything within it's Move distance. Or, you can make a Heroic Sacrifice in which you charge into the frey, using your frame to grapple the enemy of your choice, screaming over the radio for your friends to get clear. Unfortunately, ejecting is impossible while grappling, but your allies will talk of your final act for the rest of their days.

Chunk Table
Bolt Gun (Weapon; Weapon Effort. 3 round burst; Reload after 4 bursts)
Ion Grenade Launcher (Ultimate Effort within Charge Distance; Ammo 6)
Beam Sabre (Weapon; Melee weapon, Deals Weapon Effort, deals Tech on 18+)
Light Laser (Weapon; Never needs to reload, does Tech Effort)
Med Laser  (Weapon; Never needs to reload, does Tech Effort, Does Ultimate Effort on 18+)
Heavy Laser (Weapon; Never needs to reload, does Tech Effort, Does Ultimate Effort on 16+)
Assault Laser (Weapon; Never needs to reload, does Tech Effort, If you score a hit, fire again)
Gaus Rifle (Weapon; 3 round burst, 4 bursts before reload)
Particle Accelerator Cannon (Weapon; 1d4 shots, does Ultimate against frames, 12 shots before reload)
Light Rocket Pod (Weapon; 1d4 shots, Tech Effort)
Medium Rocket Pod (Weapon; 1d6 shots, Tech Effort)
Heavy Rocket Pod (Weapon; 2d4 shots, Tech Effort)
Light Missile Launcher (Weapon; Burst range, Ultimate Effot. One shot before reload)
Medium Missile Launcher (Weapon; Burst range, Ultimate Effot x2. One shot before reload)
Heavy Missile Launcher (Weapon; Burst range, Ultimate Effot x3. One shot before reload)
Light Railgun (Weapon; Tech at Move, Weapon at Charge, Basic at Burst+, 10 shots)
Medium Railgun (Weapon; Ultimate at Move, Tech at Charge, Weapon at Burst+, 6 shots)
Heavy Railgun (Weapon; Ultimate x2 at Move, Ultimate at Charge, Tech at Burst+, 4 shots)
Shotgun (Weapon; Move range, 10 ammo)

Repulsor Shield (Armor; +3 Armor; Deflect all Projectiles within Move Distance)
Ballistic Armor (Armor; Adds +3 Armor, Reduce ballistic damage by half)
Reactive Armor  (Armor; Adds +3 Armor, Reduce Missile damage by half)
Reflective Armor  (Armor; Adds +3 Armor, Reduce Energy damage by half)
Physical Shield (Armor; frame handheld, +2 Armor)
Arc Shield (Armor; frame handheld, +2 Armor, Ignore all Energy damage, 1 use, recharge 1d4 rounds)

Jump Jets (System; Ignore rough terrain)
Countermeasure (System; Missile attacks against you are HARD)
Overcharge Capacitor (System; Double energy weapon damage, roll d6, on a 1 weapon overheats for 1d4 rounds)
Custom leg Servos (System; Sacrifice 1d4 HP to move Burst and take an action)
Missile Lock (System; Allied missile attacks against the target are EASY for 1d4 rounds)
Missile Guidance System (System; +2 to hit with Missiles or Rocket Pods)
Short Range Radar (System; +1 to initiative, EASY roll when checking for surprise)
Long Range Radar (System; +2 to initiative, EASY roll when checking for surprise)
Targeting Computer (System; +1 to hit any target within Move range)
Flares & Chaff (System; roll d20 and beat missile attack roll to dodge all damage from missiles)
Life Support (System; Pilot can survive without air or water for d4 days)
Ammo Reload (System; one time reload for a ballistic weapon)

Chunks will be an ever growing list.

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Explosive Charge (Weapon; Stcky, Explodes when triggered or fired upon, Inflicts DOUBLE ULTIMATE at Move range)
Frag Grenade (Weapon; 3 count, Instant or 1 round fuse, Explodes for ULTIMATE damage, Move range)
Handgun (Weapon, Move Range; Roll Weapon Effort. 12 shots before reload)
Incinerator (Weapon, High-pressure flame unit, Cannot use in vacuum, Ignites targets, Move range)
Plasma Rifle (Weapon; Never needs to reload, Always does ULTIMATE when used in vacuum, does Tech Effort otherwise)
Rip Saw (Weapon; Fusion-powered chainsaw, Always does ULTIMATE against structures or objects, does Weapon Effort otherwise)
Smoke Grenade (Item, Throw to create a cloud of opaque smoke with Move radius for 1D4 Rounds)
Sniper Rifle (Weapon, Burst Range+; 18+ Add Ultimate Effort. 6 shots before reload)
Stun Gun (Weapon; Target can roll CON to resist, otherwise STUNNED for 2 Rounds)
Sword (Weapon, Melee; Roll Weapon Effort)

Ballistic Vest (Armor; +2 Armor, Reduce bullet damage by 2)
Corrosion-Proof Gloves (Armor; +1 Armor, Chemically treated leather that is immune to Acid or corrosion)
EVA Suit (Armor; +3 Armor, Breathe anywhere, Immune to fire, radiation, cold, and bio-agents)
Gilly Cloak (Armor; +1 Armor, A leaf-covered cape, Roll EASY on stealth in natural surroundings)
Life Vest (Item; Used to avoid swimming fatigue or drowning in rough water)
Winter Gear (Armor; +1 Armor, Disregard negative effects of extreme cold)
Mag Boots (Armor; +1 Armor, Walk on any surface if metallic with no DEX checks)

50í Rope (Item; 50 feet of sturdy rope coiled up)
EM Spool (Item; Activate then wait 4 Rounds, All electronics or electrics within Charge disabled for 4 Rounds)
First Aid Kit (Item; Bandages and Ointments for field dressing, consume to give a dying ally 5 HP)
Grav Anchor (Item, A gravity-powered spike that sticks with immense power, +10 STR sticks to any surface)
Hack Bug (Item; Tiny stck-on module that decodes passwords or locked doors in 1 round)
Huntng Snare (Item, Re-usable spring-loaded trap, If triggered will immobilize and do 1 damage)
Laser Cuter (Item; Do ULTIMATE effort against structures and objects within Charge range, can be used as a weapon in a pinch)
Mechanic's Tools (Item; Hammer, spanner, bits and pieces, roll EASY checks on mechanical tasks)
Medic Stretcher (Item; Carry a fallen ally with no STR checks)
Metal Cutters (Item; A large snip tool for cutting bars or chains, roll Ultimate Effort when doing so)
Micro-Jet (Item; a tiny, super powered thruster that can move up to 50 tons)
Nano-Winch (Item; 100 feet cable, Free slack or wind-in modes, +10 STR when pulling, Cable has 10 HP)
Pry Bar (Item; A 3 foot iron bar with one hooked end, roll EASY when forcing doors or crates)
Rapid Fire Module (Item; Attach to any ranged weapon, If you score a hit, fire again)
Ratchet Winch (Item; A length of chain bisected by a ratchet lever, pull VERY HEAVY objects)
Signal Flare (Item; A magnesium flare that burns bright yellow, even under water)

Military Ration (Food; Basic Effort HP Recovery when eaten; Doesn't go bad)
Stmulant Elixir (Food, On your next turn move Burst as if it was Move)

Skills & Abilities
Almost Got It (Skill; When lockpicking, roll Effort twice, take the higher result)
Penetrating Shot (Ability; When using a projectile Weapon shoot through object between you and the target).

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