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Game Rules & House Rules
Game Rules

1.  Let's have fun.  (Read:  Don't be a jerk.)

2.  No god-modding.  Please let other players have agency over their characters.

3.  Spoken words should be in color.  Thoughts should be in italic.  In-game-thread OOC should be kept to a minimum and be in orange at the bottom of a post.  This applies to rolls as well.

4.  Minimum post rate is 4 per week.  During combat please post daily.  If ~36 hours has gone by in combat without a post I reserve the right to post for you to keep the game moving.

5.  Flawless grammar and spelling is not required but please put in a modicum of effort.  I'll maek alot of misstakes to but a little effurt gose along weigh.

6.  If you're going to leave the game, please let me know.  I won't take it personally.  Life happens and not every game is for everyone and that's perfectly fine.

7.  If you're going to be absent for a period of time for whatever reason please let me know beforehand so that I can make posts as appropriate for you.  Generally such posts will be combat actions or otherwise important rolls.  Your character will effectively be "in the background" so that my involvement with your character is kept to a minimum out of respect to you.

8.  Any absences beyond 10 days without notice will likely result in your removal from the game around the two week mark.

9.  If I make a ruling that you disagree with I'm happy to discuss it with you.  You may just change my mind.  However, the ruling is the ruling at that time so that the game can continue.  Any future situations would be subject to any new/revised rules.

10. Please use your bio lines for AC, HP current/max, HD current/max and Passive Perception.  I will tag you as your race and class.

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Game Rules & House Rules
House Rules

Initiative is rolled by the GM.  I will use the highest modifier from the PCs and the highest modifier from the NPCs, making a single roll for each side.  The side with the highest result goes first.  This prevents the somewhat stale "players always go first" or "NPCs always go first" situation.

Surprise rounds obviously supersede this.

Forget about it.  Common sense applies here.

We're not tracking ammo.  The only exception is magical or otherwise "special" ammunition.  If something counts as a special type of limited ammunition, I'll let you know.

This does not apply to thrown weapons.  You don't have infinite hand axes or daggers.

More to come as needed.

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