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Character Creation
Here we will flesh out the party...

When you requested to join, you were asked for your character's name, class, and background. To complete character creation, please do the following (and please use the dice roller):

  1. Roll Attributes: Every character gets one attribute at 15 (+2). To get the remaining attribute values, roll 4d6 and take the best 3. Do this six times to get all of your attributes. Once everyone has done this, you can either a) choose to keep the array you rolled or b) use another character's array but with a 1 point penalty applied to one of the values (your choice). Then assign your array to your attributes as you wish. Note that each class has a Key Attribute and you must give it at least a 15 to keep from breaking the class. You'll almost always want to give it your highest value though, but you aren't required to.
  2. Luck: You start with 10 + half your level (rounded up), i.e. 12, unless your class says otherwise.
  3. Reroll Pool: You start with a number if dice equal to your level, i.e. 3, unless your class says otherwise.
  4. Roll HP: A level 1 character gets max HP for their class but must roll for levels 2-3. Remember to apply your Con modifier to every roll (and the 1st level max HP). For example, if you're a Level 3 Barbarian with Con 18 (+3), your starting hit points are 15 (6+6+3) + 2d6+6+3+6+3.
  5. Select skills in accordance with your class list
  6. Class Abilities: Go through your 1st-3rd level abilities and make choices as necessary, including coming up with one Unique Feature for 3rd level. If you pick from the examples (see Game Links), you don't need to run it by me; if not, then you do. If you make up your own or draw from other sources or classes, use the examples as a guide for what's appropriate. These also need to be unique in the party, in word and in spirit (which includes not taking a cross-class ability if that class is in the party) so as not to steal anyone's thunder. Make note of any boosts to aspects of your character (such as bonus to hit) from being level 3 rather than level 1.
  7. Suit up: In lieu of doing starting GP and buying things, each character gets their choice (from LFG list) of i) one standard (i.e. not magical or made of rare/special materials) melee weapon, ii) one standard range weapon, iii) one standard armor, iv) one shield, v) the Gear Pack for their class (see the Gear Pack resource under Game Links), and vi) 3d6 in excess GP. All choices are limited by what your class description allows (e.g. if you aren't allowed shields or heavy armor, those aren't choices for you). You may, if you wish, spend your excess GP, though it's not much. You'd be pretty much limited to common/uncommon equipment (LFG p.31), some combat gear, and maybe hirelings. For purchases, you must roll 1d6 (common item) or 2d10+10 (uncommon item) to see what the going rate is (and you can decide not to buy it after seeing how much it is).
  8. Party Bonds: Roll against the Party Bonds table (LFG p.28) for each other member of the party. At the end of all of this, each pair of characters will have two possible bonds and the pair should decide together which one makes the most sense for them. If it's the same, the choice is easy. If A and B have a bond that's the same as B and C, then A and C might want to take the same bond, if it makes sense or makes things more coherent. You can have more than one bond between two characters, so it can just be added to what A and C already decided. Tweak any bond, if you wish, to make it work for you both.
  9. Culture/Languages: You know how to read, write, and speak your native tongue plus Common and any additional languages equal to your Int modifier. The cultures of the Midlands (and thus the languages) are: Argosan, Karok, Nydissian, Varnori, and Thuel (see Midlands p.16, if you have it). If your Int mod is negative, then you only speak your native tongue, some Common, and cannot read or write. I don't expect to lean on language much (unless it's of interest or adds to the flavor significantly) and will try to run the game under the assumption that people get by on Common.

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