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Character Types
The witching hours provides three character types, each with their own limited number of points, abilities and skills. examples and explanations of each of the character types is listed below. Each player will be awarded 2 character slots to build whichever sort of character type they wish for themselves, additional slots will be earned through in game actions OR by spending a crap-ton of experience points(which also improve your characters abilities and skills)

-Free Use
Attributes: 15 points
Abilities: 15 points
Drawbacks: up to 10 Points (this gives bonus points for abilities)
Skills: 20 points
Drama Points: 20(for those last second miracle shots)
Shmucks are above-average people with some degree of training who find themselves fighting the supernatural. They don’t have superpowers, but they start the game with more Drama Points, allowing them to survive against insurmountable odds. Most of the Season One Original Cast Members (other than Angel and Buffy) were shmucks. Other possibilities include detectives who can’t ignore the darkness around them, or FBI agents who believe “they” are out there.

-Free Use
Attributes: 20 points
Abilities: 20 points
Drawbacks: up to 10 Points
Skills: 30 points
Drama Points: 15
Champions lay down the smack. Use this Character Type to create serious action types. Demon hunters, soulful vampires, and your run-of-the-mill Groosalugg are Champion types; they have skills and abilities well above the norm. Outside the world of Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, tough special ops soldiers who “get the job done” are examples of this type.

Veteran Heroes
-Restricted (1 per account)
Attributes: 25 points
Abilities: 25 points
Drawbacks: up to 10 Points
Skills: 40 points
Drama Points: 25
These are full-fledged cinematic heroes, with incredible skills and abilities. Veterans should not be used alongside Champion and Shmuck characters, unless the GM wants to have a significant power gap between Cast Members. This is the Type you would use to create commandoes who take out machine gun nests with bailing wire and a knife, half-vampires who can survive in the sun, and martial artists who seem to defy gravity. Lest you get cocky with these worthies, however, remember that the GM will be ratcheting up the power level of the bad guys too.