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Tablet of Destinies: The Games of Divinity - Read This First
The Games of Divinity have been played by the immortal powers for aeons. Inside the Jade Splendor Dome the games manifest as a chessboard, a twisted, multi-dimensional board with ramps and balconies.  The pieces on the board, each as varied as the players controlling them move into position.

One player is defending a baby, clutching a rattlesnake in a tiny fist. Another moves a swarm of carved wooden hamburgers across the board, as they insinuate themselves into other armies. Three pieces seem to be combining their forces into an intricate pyramid, forming a new piece.

Moving between the pieces and the board are the players, immortals wearing masks concealing their identity. Each mask seems to represent an archetypes. One an exotic regal mask of The Prince, another a long-haired, bestial face for the Savage. The blood stained mask of War or is it the Martyr? Sometimes masks are exchanged, perhaps as part of the game. Rarely, are they removed. The players do not speak, but communicate via the movement of pieces.


Theogenesis of the Immortals is a game where you get to play a God. It's a unique game in that character creation is part of the game itself. You don't just build a character and then play. Character creation is play as you uncover and unlock additional resources and powers as you awaken along the path of immortality. The game is multi tiered and there are different ways to play and different strategies one might take.

Apotheosis - Advancement of the Immortal by taking Quests and earning Gifts. The research and planning of the immortals Quests is critical to the success of the aspirant. Thus the characters planning and  actions to advance in the ranks and levels of the immortal hosts is in private threads where the Immortal builds up their power base, secrets, achieve Quests to advance in Rank and achieve Greater Quests to advance in Level.

Adventuring - Besides advancing themselves and navigating the politics of the other immortals many immortals have their own lives that lead to amazing adventures. Traveling and exploring the multiverse even navigating the politics of the other immortals. An immortal as powerful as they may be have equally as powerful threats to deal with.

Creator Gods - There are those who take upon themselves a Genesis Quest to create a new Realm, a new World, perhaps in time your own Universe? For some immortals they do not make themselves known simply content to hide behind the scenes yet their influence can be felt. This is a game of world building in a shared universe where several games are being played out in a sandbox setting, a living campaign.

What is Legends & Chronicles?

Legends & Chronicles represents decades of collaborative gaming both online and off. This collaboration shapes the game with a wide range of options. Several games may be running at one time thus creating a living campaign setting a sandbox where player choices have an affect on their environment.

Legends & Chronicles has been D&D games, super hero adventures of DC, Marvel and Mutants & Masterminds, The previous immortal games on RPOL and off: Wrath of the Immortals, Conquest of the Immortals, Fate of the Immortals. Also Worlds of Darkness, Dark Secrets, so many games over the years.

This is just the next chapter.

What is Theogenesis?

Theogenesis from the Greek word "Theos" (God) is the name of a god game played on RPOL since 2005. It has spawned many other games by different Game Masters each reinterpreting the setting and rules system. Over the years each game grew a new World Tree upon which the immortals spawned their own legends.

Theogenesis of the Immortals is the birth of new Gods risen from Theogenesis of long ago.

This game is open to past players of the Theogenesis games or the Immortal games in the hopes that both will combine to create something new.

Request To Join (RTJ)


Give a brief writing example outlining the character, concept, brief backstory etc. It can be just an outline or a fully detailed backstory. Be sure to explain how you became an immortal? Were your parents gods? Discovered an artifact? What legendary quest led to your ascension?

If you are playing a character from a past game give me the low down on you, your Realm, Servants, Artifacts etc.


Also include your gaming level of experience. Let us know your experience with role playing games. What games have you played? Did you play Theogenesis before? What were your characters? Have you been a GM before? How long have you been playing on RPOL? What kinds of games you do like? Favorite settings? What would you like out of this game? That sort of thing.


What will your level of participation be? Do you expect to post daily? Weekly? Do you want to play in a group? Solo only? Are you interested in being a GM that's a possibility too.


There are several different kinds of threads in this game. Actual role playing threads are marked RP.

RP PUBLIC: A public thread is one that everyone can see. Here no one power holds sway over another although depending on the location their may be restrictions placed upon the immortal as to what they can do. Usually the plane of the mortals, your followers and minions but depending on the location their may be restrictions as to what you can do. You can be in as many of these threads as you want.

RP REALM: The personal realm of the immortal. You can be only in one at a time unless you have the Omnipresence Gift. Venturing into another immortals home uninvited is usually a bad idea.

RP SECRET: This thread is hidden. Can only access it by discovering its secret. An immortal's Realm becomes hidden and secret when they turn their Realm into their Home Plane (More on this later)

RP BROKEN: This thread exists outside the cycles of time and reality (examples are flashbacks, time travel or reality storms)  Like Secret threads you must be invited to be able to post. They may also be Secret or Public but unless you have been invited you cannot post in that thread.

RP ELDRITCH: These realms defy regular consciousness requiring the immortals full attention. You can only be in this thread and nowhere else.

Other threads are marked OOC (Out of Character) these are discussion threads to ask questions, make suggestions, chat with fellow players etc.

Play Nice

Any issues or concerns about another player should be done in private threads. No flame wars will be tolerated. Hostile or threatening language will not be tolerated. You will be removed from the game is you can't play nice. In other words don't be a jerk. You can only control the actions of your character. You may be allowed to control sidekicks, followers; a familiar that sort of thing.

A word of caution....

This game is about Gods and while it does draw from real world mythology it is in no way intended to offend anyone's personal belief system. It's a game of fantasy and mythology and not a place to discuss religion other than the fictional sense appropriate to the game. If you are worried about being offended discuss with me in private threads. I am not here to tear down anyone's beliefs but rather celebrate the diversity of our world's rich mythology.

A note on terminology….

“Demons to some, angels to others - Pinhead (Hellraiser)

This game uses the term Immortals instead of God. Why? Because characters come in many shapes and forms. Often the terms God, Demon, Deva, Angel are interchangeable depending on who is telling the story.  Usually “God” refers to one who is worshiped but many Angels, Demons and other spirit beings may be venerated. Many heroes of legend and folklore are considered immortals. Then there are the Ultraterrestrials alien beings of Godlike power but not necessarily considered true gods. To cover all of this we just use the term Immortal but these are the True Immortals. Those with the ability to wield the Omni Power, those able to participate in the Games of Divinity.

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