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1 | Lakebound Caravan - Outpost #145
"Hold for scan, please."

The Guardians each took a turn staring into the outpost soldier's scantron. The small handheld machine buzzed and whirred, it's laser emitting a bright red glow. No matter how often they went through checkpoints like these, they never seemed to get used to scantrons. During training, their trainer had described it as a small metal bird that could peer into their souls. To this day, they weren't really sure if that was meant to make it easier or harder to accept.

Not that it mattered. As field engineers, these checkpoints were part of every day life. Their lives consisted of one mission after another, travelling to outposts and villages within the Sphere to repair broken equipment of all kinds. While things like the scantron were certainly enough to make them uneasy, the work itself was a calling. Not everyone was able to make into the Guardian Engineer program. It was a mark of pride for those who could.

Once all three of them had been scanned, the outpost soldier relaxed a bit.

"Perfect, what brings you to 145?" the soldier asked.

"We're heading to Westport"

"Afraid not." the soldier answered curtly.

"Excuse me? We're an engineering detail. We're being sent out to fix their Sphere Tower. You should have gotten clearance from central by now."

"Yeah, you have clearance, but we can't let you through. The Lakebound road has been pure chaos lately -- raiders coming down from the badlands have made all our lives that much more troublesome. We lost a dozen folks just last week. No one is getting through until we get a force to march through the mountains and mess them up."

"That's fine, but we have to pass. This is a Sphere Tower we're talking about. Besides, we're Guardians, trained the same as you are. This is what we do."

"I feel you may not be taking this seriously. It's not a question of training. Many of those raiders I just talked about are ex-Guardians themselves. It really doesn't matter how many sit-ups you managed to crunch this morning. There are too many of them. We have our orders too. Only essential travel gets through while we wait for a force to be dispatched from central."

"And you don't consider us essential?"

"Me? It doesn't matter what I think. You have basic clearance, and that's not enough."

"We can't just head back to Boston to get clearance. That'll take days. We need to get through. This is a Sphere Tower we're talking about."

"That tower has been messed up for months. I'm sure another few weeks won't hurt it."

"Few weeks?! This is ridiculous."

"There are no freaks around here anyway. They're all gone. As far as I'm concerned, those towers are all dead tech."

"Those freaks you're talking about are not around precisely because of the towers. That's the whole point!"

"Look" the soldier shifted his tone."I get it. I really really do. But this is what it is. We sent for a force two weeks ago. Truth be told, when I saw you folks coming up the road, I thought maybe you were part of it. Regardless, you have two options right now. Either you wait around a bit, or you head back to Boston and try to get your clearance. We have a decent barracks here. Go grab a drink and sleep on it for the night."

They took a step back from the soldier, feeling their faces redden.

- Three Guardian field engineers (any gender)

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