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Wed 1 Aug 2018
at 20:20
Rules and Conventions
Rules and Conventions

1. Be respectful.  IF your character is gruff, that's fine, but always be respectful OOC.
2. Post at least once every weekday and try to post at least once on the weekend.  If more than three days go by without posting, I'll PM you to see what's up.  I really want this to be a fast paced game.  If you don't feel that you can keep up with this posting rate, then please don't RTJ.
3. If you need to bow out or take a leave of absence, let me know. I'll run your character until you get back, or find a suitable replacement if you're leaving the game.
4. Most importantly, have fun
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Thu 2 Aug 2018
at 01:46
Posting Conventions
Many Game Masters ask you for meaningful posts.  They will ask you not to post one line responses, etc.  I believe that there is a time and place for long flowing posts.  There is also a time and a place for a quick post that describes your next actions.  If you need to post, "Felgar moved behind the rat and attempted to hit it with his sword," that will be fine by me.

Try to keep all posts in third person, past tense.

Ensure that speech is in a color of your choice other than redRed is for OOC comments in the IC thread.  Speech should be your color.  Use color and italics if your character whispers.