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Mon 13 Aug 2018
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South Rostland Road (IC)
--- 24th of Calistril, Noon

Once you cleared the gate of Restov, you were reminded that a city this old often overgrows its walls.  Many businesses and homes of merchants lined the South Rostland Road close to the city.  As you moved farther away from Restov, the congestion quickly thinned and gave way to farmland clustered around the city for the protection it offered.  Most of the farmers tended to their animals, with not much to do in the fields.  This far north, they wouldn't plant for a few more weeks.  A freeze could still occur in early Pharast.

After about an hour of travel, the farms became much more sparse and other than the road itself, much of the territory looked like unspoiled wilderness.  There was still a little bit of snow on the ground, but shoots of grass were visible in some locations already.

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Mon 13 Aug 2018
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South Rostland Road (IC)
StormFeather kept his eyes open for trouble like a paranoid merchant... he knew the ways of bandits and brigands, and what sort of ambushes to be on the lookout for, and though he kept his tongue held, his eyes continued to roam the landscape for any such potential threats.  Every once in awhile, he'd pull his canteen for a small sip of water, and kept a hood over his head to keep the sun from his eyes.  He started to wish he knew a good song to sing on this trip, but truth was... he couldn't carry a tune if he had to, so never bothered to learn the words to any songs.
Chahna Drazzi
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Mon 13 Aug 2018
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South Rostland Road (IC)
Chahna looked around, but in less worried fashion like Stormfeather and in more excited and enthusiastic manner. So far from the northern coasts of Brevoy was quite the adventure for the young woman. But probably more exciting than the long road, farmland land and the countless trees was the company she found herself with. Young handsome nobleman, Mysterious Elven character, and a lady warrior.

She pondered about Istvan. He was from a major noble house in Brevoy but wondered about his relation to the head of the house. Without escort of guards, he must be far down in the line of succession, if in it at all.

The elf was... well, nice, she figured. Despite calling her a child. She had heard that Elves were elusive things, and Stormfeather did indeed live up to that reputation.

But the lady Winters had remained mysterious due to not talking much, to begin with. Chahna took it upon herself to rectify this situation.

"So... Lady Winters. Where are you from?" She inquired with a beaming smile on her face.

Knowledge: Nobility on Istvan
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Istvan Medvyed
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Tue 14 Aug 2018
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South Rostland Road (IC)
Istvan rode at the rear of the column, acting as a vanguard. He was mobile enough to rush to the front if need be, and figured his presence would protect the party's rear. He carried his lance upright, a small pennant with the Medvyed arms pinned to the top of it fluttering in the breeze. He glances over the rest of his small band. He could guess was Kendra was good at--at least, he could assume based on her armor and sword--but the other two were still a mystery to him.

OOC: Chahna, I think the DC to recall a line of succession is 20, so it looks like you'll have to ask him the old fashioned way, but it's probably reasonable to assume that a lot of people would have to die for him to become the Lord of House Medvyed
Kendra Winters
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Wed 15 Aug 2018
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South Rostland Road (IC)
Kendra liked the idea of being called, Lady Winters. "We've been around Restov and greater Brevoy. But our interest should focus on where we'll be going." She redirected the attention, "Enough about me... where are you from Chahna? Is it a secret? I'm good with secrets."
Chahna Drazzi
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Wed 15 Aug 2018
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South Rostland Road (IC)
Chahna looked at Kendra oddly, given the non-answer and assumption Chahna's origins were a secret. She shrugged pans smiled.

"It's not a secret, no." she shook her head "I'm from Winterbreak." she answered, but her olive toned skin hinted that her or her family's origins are from far south beyond Brevoy's borders.

"Uhmmm... Lord Istvan? If you don't mind me asking: where in relation are you related to the Lord Medvyed? It is always exciting to meet members of the great houses!"