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Sat 25 Aug 2018
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Character Creation Notes
All 1st Party Core & Supplemental Books are fair game. 3rd Party material is off limits. Period.

  • Stats: 25 Point Stat Buy
  • Traits: You can have up to two traits for free. You can take a Drawback in order to gain a third Trait.
  • Classes: Any Paizo character class; Unchained variants only by approval. You can customize your class with archetypes as desired.
  • Magic: You can choose normal or wordcaster magic classes, as you prefer.
  • Gear: The Piecemeal Armor rules mean you can buy single pieces of heavy armor or partial sets of armor at a discounted price.

  • Automatic Bonus Progression: None until 3rd level.
  • Hero Points: PCs start with 1 Hero Point.

  • Current Campaign Level: 2
  • Current Campaign Mythic Tier: 1

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