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Stunts and more
Combat Stunts

Stunt pointsNamesDescriptions
1+SkirmishYou can move yourself or the target of your attack 2 yards in any direction for each 1 SP you spend. 
1Rapid ReloadYou can immediately reload a missile weapon
1Stay AwareYou take a moment to make sure youíre mindful of everything thatís happening around you. Make a TN 11 Perception test with the focus of your choice. If you succeed, the GM may either make you aware of some battlefield situation that has so far escaped your notice, or give you a +1 bonus to the next test you make. This bonus can never stack with any other test bonus other than from a focus, must be used on the very next test you make (even if youíre the defender in an opposed test), and expires at the end of your next turn even if you havenít used it by then 
2Knock ProneYou knock your enemy prone. Any character making a melee attack against a prone foe gains +1 bonus on the attack roll. Prone characters cannot Run and must use a Move action to stand up 
2Defensive StanceYour attack sets you up for defense. You gain a +2 bonus to Defense until the beginning of your next turn 
2DisarmYou attempt to disarm the target with your melee attack. You and your opponent must make an opposed attack roll. These attack rolls do not generate stunt points. If you win the test, you knock your enemyís weapon 1d6 + Strength yards away in a direction you nominate 
2Mighty BlowYou inflict an extra 1d6 damage on your attack 
2Pierce ArmorYou find a chink in your enemyís armor. Their armor rating is halved (rounded down) vs. this attack. 
2TauntYou insult or distract one opponent of your choice within 10 yards of you. You must make an opposed test of your Communication (Deception) vs. the targetís Willpower (Self-Discipline). If you win, the target suffers a Ė1 penalty on attack rolls and casting rolls on their next turn 
2ThreatenYou strike a threatening pose, challenging an opponent of your choice within 10 yards of you. You must make an opposed test of your Strength (Intimidate) vs. the targetís Willpower (Self-Discipline). If you win, they must attack you in some way (melee, missile, spell, etc.) on their next turn 
3Lightning AttackYou can make a second attack against the same enemy or a different one within range and sight. You must have a loaded missile weapon to make a ranged attack. If you roll doubles on this attack roll, you do not get any more stunt points 
4Dual StrikeYour attack is so strong it affects two targets. First, pick a secondary target. They must be adjacent to you if you are using a melee weapon or within 6 yards of your primary target if you are using a missile weapon. Apply the test result of your original attack roll to the secondary target (in other words, you only make one attack roll and apply it to both opponents). If you hit the secondary target, inflict your normal damage on them 
4Size the InitiativeYour attack changes the tempo of the battle. You move to the top of the initiative order. This means you may get to take another turn before some of the combatants get to act again. You remain at the top of the order until someone else seizes the initiative 
5Lethal BlowYou inflict an extra 2d6 damage on your attack 

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