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Character and World Info
I will open up private sheets soon but for now make one post Using the Following format

Hero Name
Real name

Describe your Look

Describe your abilities

Answer Backstory Questions

Include when we first came together question but don't answer yet,  and include Relationship Options but leave the blanks in
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Character and World Info
Playbook: The Outsider
Name: Rocket
Real Name: K'lara

Look: Woman, neon body, flashy clothing, no costume (this is more or less how everyone dresses)

Rocket is shorter than the average teenage human, about 5'1. She's got a thin, lithe figure, healthy for her physiology, but would make any self-respecting grandmother want to feed her several helpings of mashed potatoes. Her skin is naturally contoured with a light green and gold, and her eyes are as bright as emeralds. Her hair is a light turquoise color, braided on the side of her head and left to hang whichever way its pleases from a loose ponytail.

A gold-colored jeweled framework covers her arms and over her collarbones to secure her fitted, one-piece outfit. Her clothing is midnight blue, with gold flecked like stars over the bodice and down her thighs. A belt hangs loosely around her waist with several pockets.

Abilities: Flight, toughness, heliokinesis, alien weaponry

She wears rocket boots and a solar energy blaster on her right arm made of blue and gold material. On her left arm is a console for control of her tech. In her pockets are several scraps of discarded tech from her world. It's not going to do anybody any good there, but here, maybe she can pull off a miracle or two. She also possesses earrings that work as a universal translator, which does a remarkable job of parsing colloquial speech. She's rather fond of the Earth slang she's picked up through it.


• Where do you come from?
• Why did you come to Earth?
    On a dare. There may have been alcohol involved.
• Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)?
    Well, the portal back is kinda closed. But I can hang and have fun until I figure out how to stabilize it.
• Why do your people want you to come home?
    They are my family, for better or for worse.
• Why do you care about the team?
    They're cool AF (you humans have fun slang), and we have a good time!

When our team first came together...

We didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?


You’ve been learning about Earth by spending time with _____________.
You have a crush on ________________ but you keep it under wraps.

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Character and World Info
Playbook: Nova
Hero Name: Protean
Real name: Quintessence

Look:(Shifting, inorganic skin, fashionable clothing, no costume) Sometimes it may appear as a small fire on a lighter or candle. Other times it may be a little dust devil or cloud. Other times still it may just be a puddle that vibrates to talk. Other times still it may be a pile of sand or a smiling rock. It generally tries to limit itself to one element at a time though it may expand within that element. Earth can cover crystals, sand, and metals for instance. They would all be earth. Generally this means its body is almost always inorganic. If it is made from gasses, rocks, or water, none of those are organic. Neither are plasmas of fire for that matter.

It moves from form to form with ease giving little indication of any interest in genders except where they prove useful to what it is making. If forming into something with an hourglass waist and boobs that would make a real woman topple over or break a spine helps, that is what it will do. If appearing as an elderly man helps, that is what it will do. Most of the time though, it just doesn't pay attention to the genders. I mean what is the gender of a puddle? Of a candle flame?

Its "clothes" are similarly an affectation based on whim, but at least here it shows some sort of preference. Decking itself out in ornamentation tends to be its style when it makes its bodies. A crown of gems or colored flames aren't that hard to make when taking earthy or fiery forms. Shaping parts of itself out of chlorine, bromine, iodine, or trifluoronitrosomethane in airy forms isn't any harder than just using water vapor or dust. Precious metals and stones are as much earth as soil and plain rocks. Basically, it forms it appearance on what it thinks will be considered nice by the people viewing it.

While it can be most any size, it tends to be smallish most of the time. Size tends to increase with how much power it is bringing to bear and tends to offer less control. In an attempt to avoid massive damage when it makes mistakes, it tends to keep its standard forms smaller. Wandering around as a tornado the size of a building is all well and good until you bump into someone and toss them a few miles. As a dust devil no bigger than your leg, that is less worrisome. Also, small things tend to be considered cute. A great dane is handsome. A chihuahua is cute. Regular sized or smaller bunny, cute. A bunny the size of an adult human, less so. A dancing flame small enough to fit in your palm is cool. One that is bigger than you are starts getting worrisome.

Abilities: Elemental control

It can bend the elements to its will. This starts with embodying itself in one or more of them. It has considerable control of its body and can show great artistry with it if it so chooses. Once embodied, it can begin extending its control outside of its body. This can be anything from sparking fires and throwing fireballs from its body to parting the oceans by way of controlling the water or winds. It works best when what it is controlling is more simply conceptualized.

Fire, and plasmas in general, are pretty easy, but trying to push it to control heat or light independently would be more difficult. Heating up a material would be a blending of fire and that material. Controlling water is a rather straightforward idea. Controlling blood or mud by pulling on the waters and fluids in it a bit harder, but not much of a jump. Controlling liquid metals or lava would be a blending of earth (what it is made of) and the techniques of water. One might even toss in a blending of fire for lava if you are trying to keep it molten. Mud could fall into similar situation as it effectively controlled both the water and suspended solids at once. It could work more naturally with each but would have to coordinate both.

Controlling gelatin would be nearly impossible though as it tried to work out exactly what to bend to its will within the gelatin and how to do it. Its water and fluids are tied up. Its earthy solids aren't quite as solid as it would hope and are tied up in weird ways. It moves kinda like a solid, but feels a bit liquid. There just isn't a whole lot going right with it. Alcohol and oil are very similar to water, but don't feel quite right. This comes into play a lot with living things, their elements are too tied up in most cases to make direct effects to them a practical objective. Working with a single element in a way that that element normally behaves is the easiest. Blending them is harder and conceptual leaps are harder still.


• When did you first use your powers?
I came into existence with them. They are a part of me in much the same way as wings are a part of a bird or gills a part of a fish. Flight and breathing in water are powers, but they are just part and parcel of being a bird or fish. The same is true of my powers. The bird always had the power of flight, it only needed to learn how to use it. Like that little bird have a lot to learn about my powers.

• Who was the first person you accidentally hurt with your powers?
The little girl who discovered me shortly after creation. The night was dark, cold, and full of terrors for a kid out on her first camping trip. The campfire girls had been having a blast telling stories and having fun, but they had no more wood to burn and they didn't want to risk wandering off to find some more. The last embers and coals were growing dim. The air was growing cold and the sky dark. They wanted to continue their fun both to keep the fears of the dark away and because it was indeed fun. So, the girl that had found me and kept me in an Altoids tin, feeding me lint, showed me to the others. Only consuming lint, I was warm enough to act as a hand warmer for her but she begged me to restore the fire for her. I obliged, but in the process of flaring my powers, I heated up the tin in her hands too much.  They were minor burns, but they still hurt.

• Who, outside the team, helps you control your powers?
Its parents. While three out of four of them aren't overly interested in "control" they all help give insight into how they work with their particular element. Each one also tries to make it more like them in the process. They can't help it. They are intrinsically tied to their element and it colors their every view and interaction.

• Why do you continue to use your powers?
They are required for my continued existence. I like existing. I've existed my whole life and don't want to stop. That would be the most basic reason, but the more important one is that you stop learning if you stop trying. Every time I fail, I learn something. If I let mistakes and accidents take the wind out of my sails, I wouldn't ever grow. I'd just stagnate and existing would be all that I would do.

• Why do you care about the team?
They are a good group of people who keep me grounded while also being supportive. While others are trying to make me into them, the team allows me to be me without getting lost in myself.

When our team first came together...

We destroyed our surroundings in the fight. Where was it? What did we destroy?

We destroyed the villain's lab along with their prototype portal generator. Properly modified, it would have allowed for easy two way travel between Vleon and Earth, but in the process of trying to stop the horrors that the villain was trying to release from some other dimension, we ended up destroying the lab along with the notes and prototypes.


You hang out all the time with __________________ to blow off steam.
You once hurt ________________ when you lost control of your powers.

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Character and World Info
The Legacy 
Name: Honda
Real name: Yoshiro Shimazu

Without the armor and spear, Yoshiro Shimazu is a comparatively normal seeming Japanese-american youth. fairly tall for an asian, he stands at 180 cm (5'9"), with a lean, muscular body and broad shoulders. He is obviously well trained, as can be seen from his wiry muscles and balanced gait.
Coming from a strict and traditional household, he is very polite and somewhat rigid, always being straitbacked and leaning towards the military definition of "at ease" when he actually relaxes. There is always a sense of readiness about him whatever he does.
His black hair is kept fairly short, and an easily recognizable facial feature is his dark brown eyes, and the thick, defined eyebrows that rest above them.
Again as part of his upbringing, he is very subdued in most situations, saying little when it is not necessary and keeping his face schooled in a neutral if a bit severe expression.

When he wields his spear and armor Yoshiro's whole being changes, as a remnant of the spirit of Tadakatsu Honda awakens in him. He grows at least ten inches in stature, and exudes an air of nobility and danger.
His normally even and unremarkable voice deepens, an echo of the ancient warrior's strong baritone carries with every word, lending a commanding tone to all that he says.
The armor itself covers him almost completely, his face under the helmet likewise covered by a Men-Yoroi (Half-face mask), leaving only his eyes and forehead slightly uncovered.

Tonbokiri (Divine weapon)
- "Dragonfly cutter", one of the Three Great Spears, first wielded by Tadakatsu Honda in battle in the tumultuous Sengoku period of feudal Japan.
Said to be so sharp that a dragonfly that landed on it was immediately cut in half. The spear is indestructible, as far as the clan knows. Nothing has put a scratch on it up until now, and it has never needed maintenance beyond cleaning. It is perfectly balanced, can cut through almost anything, and appears in the wielders hand when called.
As times changed and harming or outright killing your opponents became less heroic, the weapons properties changed slightly. While it still cuts as well as ever, the wielder can with a thought make the weapon unable to cut skin.
Thus leaving it able to cut through their armor, while leaving them unmaimed.

Armor of Tadakatsu (magic armor)
- The armor worn by Tadakatsu has over the course of his life come to hold his spirit along with Tonbokiri. Like the spear it comes when the wielder calls it, appearing on his body. It carries the commanding and larger-than life presence of it's original master, and bestows inhuman toughness and durability to the wielder. While the armor can be broken, it always appears on it's armor rack back in the clan hall when either dismissed by or torn of the current Honda. So far, it has never been destroyed completely, any damage it takes slowly repairing itself over a course of hours.

Spirit of Tadakatsu (Mythic might)
- During his life Tadakatsu Honda fought in more than a hundred battles, proving himself a mighty warrior almost without equal. The fact that he never sustained a significant injury in combat and was never beaten by another samurai earned him the moniker "the warrior who surpassed death itself". His spirit lives on in his weapons and to a lesser extent in his clan, and he readily bestows his might to those he finds worthy.
All members of the clan are to some extent strengthened after passing the judgement of Honda, as they are meant to support his chosen, But only the chosen wielder is granted the true superhuman strength and battle instincts of the ancient master.

• When did you officially become a part of your legacy?
At the age of 5. As a member of one of the many families that make up the Clan, Yoshiro was tested by the spirit of Tadakatsu at age five. That was when he was deemed not only worthy of carrying the strength as a core member of the clan rather than a branch member, but was also deemed worthy of one day bearing the title of Honda. Since then he was trained every day for that very role, and at the age of 16, the same year the then wielder Kotaro turned 50, it was made public that both he and the Spirit thought it time to pass the mantle.

• What’s the greatest accomplishment of your legacy?
The greatest accomplishment of the Legacy was during world war 2, when the then wielder saved the emperor of Japan, who for a long period of time had been possessed by the Muramasa blade. In a stroke of genius, the blade had temporarily cast aside direct slaughter, to instead influence the emperor to create the fanatical behaviour that led to kamikaze pilots and similar practices.
Honda managed to fight the possessed emperor to a standstill and separate him and and the blade. This led to national recognition of Honda, but was only one of many showdowns between the legacy and Muramasa.

• How does the public perceive your legacy?
In Japan the legacy is to this day considered the epitome of heroism, culture and heritage.
And while it is viewed favorably in most of the world as well, it is also considered eccentric, as most every wielder has adhered so strongly to a largely outdated way of life and school of thought. While there is no doubt in the public's minds that Honda is a tireless defender of justice, most people also kinda think he should pull the stick out of his ass.

• How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero?
The legacy of Honda is founded on the principles of honor, valour and loyalty. Originally this was perceived as virtues directed towards ones lord and the people under ones protection. With the end of the samurai caste system, the legacy had to change over time, the concept of a single lord dying out, and the people under ones protection becoming anyone who needed it. There has been and still is much argument between old and young clan members as to who deserves protection, the younger generation generally leaning towards everyone, while the older have quite the list of people who should be left to rot.
The same groups often argue over just how much force Honda should apply against evildoers.
Some older members, especially those who lived through world war 2, believe a healthy dose of killing criminals is still perfectly acceptable.
Yoshiro is of the newer school of thought, adhering closely to the typical heroic ideals of not becoming judge, jury and executioner. He has been trained for those roles, however, and it is always at the back of his mind when he fights evil.

• Why do you care about the team?
Despite any faults, peculiarities or quirks they might have, they fight the good fight.
Motivations and ability is important, yes. But most important is the point where they are given a choice, and they choose to fight for those who cannot. That alone makes them worthy of friendship and loyalty. And they shall have it until they prove me wrong.

When our team first came together...
All things considered, we did well and impressed an established hero. Who was it?

You once got caught doing something that shames your legacy with ______________.
You trust ______________ and told them an important secret of your legacy.

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Re: Character and World Info
Playbook: The Beacon
Name: Donnybrook
Real Name: Dylan Breech

Look: Man, White, Smiling face, simple clothing, ?? costume

Dylan is slightly taller than average for his age, broad-shouldered from a lot of manual work, and has a wide smile with a couple of chipped teeth. With red hair and dark eyes, his Irish ancestry is pretty much in plain view. His movements are a little ungainly, though with practiced observation, someone might figure out that he's more lithe than he lets on; the awkward movements are largely an act, in tune with the drunken kung-fu he sometimes practices.

Abilities: Martial Arts, Acrobatics


• How did you gain your skills? - Practice, practice, practice! Some at school, some at home with siblings, some in a rooftop dojo with pretty sketchy safety practices and payments in gin.

• When did you first put on your costume? - A couple months ago. Still pretty new at all this.

• Who, outside of the team, thinks you shouldn’t be a superhero? Oldest brother Liam. It's a mixture of 'you're going to get yourself killed' and 'a real job would suit you'.

• Why do you try to be a hero? - The excitement! The so-called 'real world' is just so dull! Here, I can leap across rooftops and brawl with bad guys! And do you see the people I get to hang out with?

• Why do you care about the team? - They get it. They get why heroing is the best thing ever. And they've saved my bacon before, and I've saved some of theirs!

When our team first came together...

We found signs that this incident was just the start of something bigger. What were the signs?

____________________ is awesome, and you take every chance you get to hang out with them.
You’ve got to prove yourself to_____________________ before you feel like a real hero.
La Bomba
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Re: Character and World Info
Playbook: The Janus
Name: La Bomba
Real Name: Elena Dominguez

As Elena, she's an athletically built latina girl. She maintains simple hair styles, mostly pony tails. She's nice looking but not gorgeous. Her clothes are several years out of style - she clearly doesn't have a ton of money to spend on them.

Her costume is clearly handmade, consisting of an old hoody, yoga pants, and a balaclava.

Superhuman agility and strength, kinetic absorption, impossible movement (super speed and leaping after she builds up a kinetic charge, eventually she might develop it into flight if she can learn to release the energy in small bursts instead of one big one)

• When did you first put on the mask? Why?
A buncha gangbangers shot me and my sister. Somehow, I wasn't hurt. After taking her to the hospital, I went back to the hood and kicked some ass.

• Why do you keep a secret identity?
In my hood? First, there's the policia. They'd pick up a vigilante latina in a heartbeat. Then there's the gangbangers and drug dealers. There's always more a them, and they'd either come around harassing my family out of revenge or to try to be macho.

• Who, outside of the team, knows about your dual identity?
My sister, Lucia.

• Who thinks the worst of your masked identity?
That's a toss up between la policia and the gangbangers in the hood.

• Why do you care about the team?
There's only so many people with abilities. It's nice to have some your own age to hang with.

When our team first came together...
We saved the life of someone important, either to the city or to us. Who was it? Why are they important?

_____________________ knew you from your civilian life first.
You refused to tell ___________________ your secret identity when they asked