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Tue 19 Feb 2019
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Wizard vs. Bandits
Its an old game: Local Thugs set up on a bridge, and charge a "Toll" in the name of the local lord. Or occasionally in the name of the king. Or the town 10 miles down the road. Or occasionally "Because I say so!".

If someone is well armed, they'll usually let them pass. That's the problem with wizards. They always look so civilian. And then they start casting.

One 125 point battle wizard and one 75 point body guard will face off against two 75 bandits. The bandits start off on the near side of a 5 yard bridge over a 2 yard creek with banks 1 yard wide and 2 yards deep. The wooden bridge is 8 feet across, and has railing, as well as worn planking. The Road is 12 feet across, and dense forest lines its edges (vegetation you can't see through lines the edges, then you enter a space where you can't walk strait for 10 feet without bumping a tree or a branch of some sort.

The wizard is the 125 point battle wizard from fantasy. The wizard may drop military rank to buy 20 points of spells instead of 10.

The other combatants may use any 75 point Occupational Template from fantasy. Recommended are the archer, peasant adventurer, bandit, barbarian, knight, and wardancer.

Weapons and armor are from either basic or low tech. TL is 3, and Starting wealth is $1000, but only half of that can be spent on weapons, armor, or magic gear.The only magical gear available is power stones.

extra effort and hit locations are in play, as are the expanded maneuvers in martial arts.

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Wed 20 Feb 2019
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Wizard vs. Bandits
I'm in for one (or two) Bandit(s) and Dblade said he's good for a Bodyguard.

Fealtyseeker, you up for making a Battle Wizard?