Monster Hunter Showdown: Feral Vampires in Warehouse.   Posted by Derrick.Group: 0
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Wed 29 May 2019
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Monster Hunter Showdown: Feral Vampires in Warehouse
A band of hunters has tracked down a nest of six feral vampires. They are sheltering from the sun in a warehouse when the Hunters find their location. Its high noon when the hunters enter. The vampires will be resting, but have good senses, danger sense, and are currently in a very dark place.

  • Extra Effort options are available, as are targeted attacks (especially important when attacking vampires).
  • The Rules from MH2 are in effect, including the chase rules.
  • No wounding or bleeding rules are in effect.
  • If you want to use a rule from martial arts, ask first! in general awesome options for the Hunters are allowed, but optional rules that effect all combat are not.

Any Three Hunters from the Pregens may be used, but I recommend using the warrior, the commando, and the techie. Gear should come from the basic set and from the Monster Hunters champion book. Note that the techie comes with a custom weapon that is a combination Ghost Blaster, Neural disruptor, and neutralizer: the BYRD GUN.

The warehouse is here:

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