Wizard Arena: Sergus vs Vincent   Posted by evileeyore.Group: 0
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Fri 26 Jul 2019
at 05:29
Wizard Arena:  Sergus vs Vincent
The Wizards begin in the center of their Portal megahexes, Sergus in Portal A, Vincent in Portal X  (Map B).  Both of you are in full health and topped up with FP and Powerstone energy!

Duellists, roll Initiative (that's a 1d roll), Vincent is at +1 from Combat Reflexes!

Derrick rolled a 6, VIVIT rolled a 5.  Derrick acts first...

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Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 15:22
Wizard Arena:  Sergus vs Vincent
The start signal sounds, and Sergus quickly starts casting invisibility, with an effective skill of 15 (-1 FP), using a 4 point power stone. Turn 1 of 3.