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Tue 14 Aug 2018
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Scenario Creation
A good scenario, in addition to a strong concept, should have the following:

*Which armor and weapons books are in use
*What the surrounding terrain is like, including cover, how smooth or rough it is, and so forth.
*The starting situation of the two sides

Rule Switches
*Are extra effort options available?
*Are targeted locations in use?
*Is Gun-Fu or tactical shooting in use?
*Are the rules from Martial Arts in use?
*Are chase rules from Action in play?
*Are the optional wounding rules on High Tech 162 in play? (especially body hits)
*Are bleeding rules being used?
*Is technical grappling being used?
*Are simplified gun specialties from pyramid 65 in play?
*House rules should be specified!

Character creation
*A good scenario will have a strong concept for the opponents.
*Either stat out opponents or provide basic creation guidelines.
*Rough point cost and power guidelines
*what creation short-cuts are in use? examples include only writing down combat and skills, ignoring disadvantages, or only using templates from a listed source. Ignoring disadvantages is highly recommended.
*are cinematic advantages and skills in play?

(this is for my reference as much as anyone elses)

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